Date ReportedTime ReportedDate OccurredTime OccurredCase NoOffenseLocationDescriptionDisposition
1/3/20051/3/200505C-0003TheftMorrison HallUnknown person(s) took 5 packages of batteries from Central ServicesUnder Investigation
1/3/20051/3/200505C-0002TheftLot #4Unknown person(s) broke into two vehicles and took itemsUnder Investication
1/3/20051/3/200505M-0001Auto ImpoundLot #22An abandoned vehicle was towed off the lot.Vehicle towed to impound lot
1/4/20051/4/200505A-0004Auto AccidentAlumni Drive at Morrison HallTwo vehicles collided with each other in the roadway, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
1/5/20051/5/200505C-0005Harassing Phone CallsWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown persos making harassing phone calls.Under Investigation
1/6/20057:41 AM1/6/20057:30 AM05M-0006Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryMale was asleep at computer; pornography on the screen.Told to leave campus
1/7/20051/7/200505C-0009TheftWilner AuditoriumVisa credit card taken from purse; card used.Under Investiation
1/7/20051/7/200505M-0008Property DamageLot #15Window on vehicle shattered due to inclement weather.Under Investigation
1/7/20054:40 AM7/7/20054:40 AM05C-0007Drive Under the Influence3800 E. 16thDriver stopped for erratic driving. Failed field sobriety an breathalizer tests. Arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/20. Summons issued 2/04/05
1/8/20051/8/200505M-0010Suspicious CharacterWheatshocker ApartmentsEx-boyfriend refused to leave buildingBanned from building and escorted out
1/10/20051/10/200505S-0014Sick CallGrace Wilke HallSlip and fall on the iceTransported to hospital by EMS
1/10/20051/10/200505C-0013TheftMcKnight Art CenterUnknown person(s) removed two five-gallon gas cans from the area.Under Investigation
1/10/20051/10/200505C-0012TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) took unattended purse and contents, $9.00Under Investigation
1/10/20051/10/200505S-0011Sick CallJardine HallSlip and fall on iceTransported to hospital by EMS
1/12/20051/12/200505C-0018Bomb ThreatKoch ArenaUnknown male called a bomb threat for arena.Under Investigation
1/12/20051/12/200505M-0016Found PropertyNIARFound ammunitionPlace in evidence vault
1/12/20051/12/200505C-0015TheftWilner AuditoriumUnknown person(s) took unattended cell phone, $150.00Under Investigation
1/12/20053:15 PM1/12/20053:15 PM05M-0017DisturbanceAhlberg HallMale disturbing orientation session.Taken home by officer
1/14/20051/14/200505S-0022Sick CallHeskett CenterSubject fell and broke knee cap.Transported to hospital by EMS
1/14/20051/14/200505M-0021Suspicious CharacterMorrison HallSubject wearing o knife on waistTold to take it off and take it home
1/14/20051/14/200505M-0020Lost PropertyOn CampusWallet and contents lost somewhere on campusUnder Investigation
1/14/20056:20 AM1/14/20056:20 AM05M-0019Suspicious CharacterAblah LbraryMale viewing pornography on computerWarned and asked to leave
1/15/200510:51 PM1/15/200510:51 PM05C-0023TrespassingFairmount TowersMale arrested and booked into jail for violating No Trespass orderSummons issued 3/4/05
1/17/20051/17/200505C-0024VandalismSigma Phi Epsilon FraternityHouse was vandalized with a paintball gun and windows broken.Under Investigation
1/18/20051/18/200505M-0025HarassmentOn CampusReport of a subject stalking victimUnder Investigation
1/19/20051/19/200505C-0030TheftLot #16Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed CD player and damaged dash, $350.00Under Investigation
1/19/20051/19/200505C-0029TheftLot #5Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removved CD player and amp, $350.00.Under Investigation
1/19/20051/19/200505MA-0028Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
1/19/20051/19/200505M-0027Check WelfareWheatshocker ApartmentsReport on a missing studentStudent located in Colorado; everything is okay
1/19/20051/19/200505C-0026VandalismLot #4Unknown person(s) used a sharp object to scratch vehicle.Under Investigation
1/20/20051/20/200505S-0032Sick CallHubbard HallStudent fell ill and passed out, hitting headTransported to Student Health
1/20/20051/20/200505M-0031Suspicious CharacterOff CampusReport of a known panhandler in the areaUnder Investigation
1/20/20054:38 PM1/20/20044:36 PM05C-0033Drive While SuspendedLot #15Vehicle stopped for defective taillights; driver had a suspended driver's license.Summons issued 3/10/05
1/22/20051/22/200505C-0034Bomb ThreatKoch ArenaUnknown male called in a bomb threat during a basketball game.Under investigation
1/23/20051/23/200505C-0038RobberyDeurksen Fine Arts CenterUnknown male forcibly took cash and checks from juvenile.Under Investigation
1/23/20051/23/200505C-0037TheftLot #22Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed Nintendo game and gift certificate, $310.00Under Investigation
1/23/20051/23/200505C-0036TheftLot #3 NorthWindow broken out and dash CD player removed and cash taken, $2,020.00Under Investigation
1/23/20053:00 AM1/23/20053:00 AM05C-0035Drive Under the InfluencePerimeter Road at Lot #6Vehicle stopped for irratic driving; driver failed field sobriety and breathalizer tests. Driver arrested and booked into jail.Summons Issued 2/28/05
1/24/20051/24/200505C-0042TheftJabara HallUnknown person(s) took laptop computer, $800.00Under Investigation
1/24/20051/24/200505MA-0041Auto AccidentLot #7Two vehicles collided in the lotReported to KDOT
1/24/20051/24/200505C-0040TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took unattended bookbag, $281.00Under Investigation
1/24/20051/24/200505C-0039TheftMedia Resources CenterUnknown person(s) took data projector from a classroom, $2,600.00.Under Investigation
1/25/20051/25/200505C-0046Lost PropertyElilot HallSamsung cell phone lost in buildingUnder Investigation
1/25/20051/25/200505C-0045Theft, attemptedLot #4Moulidng on car pulled back in an attempt to enter vehicle.Under Investigation
1/25/20051/25/200505M-0044Suspicious CharacterKoch ArenaUnknown male asking questions of athletes.Male contacted; everything okay
1/25/20051/25/200505C-0043TheftLot #27Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and took MP3 player, $200.00Under Investigation
1/26/20051/26/200505MA-0056Auto AccidentLot #2 NorthTwo vehicles collided in the lotReported to KDOT
1/26/20051/26/200505MA-0055Hit and Run AccidentLot #2 NorthUnknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the areaReported to KDOT
1/26/20051/26/200505S-0054Sick CallLindquist HallStudent reported feeling illTransported to Hospital by EMS
1/26/20051/26/200505M-0053Vehicle Roll OutLot #3 SouthVehicle rolled out of a stall.Citation Issued
1/26/20051/26/200505M-0052Suspicious CharacterKoch ArenaUnknown male looking for a coach.Coach contacted; everything okay
1/26/20051/26/200505C-0051TheftLot #22Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and took indash CD player, damaging dash, $600.00Under Investigation
1/26/20051/26/200505S-0050Sick CallHughes Metropolitan ComplexStudent suffered a seizureTransported to hospital by EMS
1/26/20051/26/200505MA-0049Hit and Run AccidentLot #5Unknown vehicle hit a parked car and left area, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
1/26/20051/16/200505C-0048VandalismLot #4Unknown person(s) used a sharp object to scratch vehicle, $300.00Under Investigation
1/26/20051/26/200505C-0047TheftKoch ArenaUnknown person(s) removed a Gateway laptop computer, $1,500.00Under Investigation
1/26/20059:35 PM1/26/20059:20 PM05M-0057Suspicious CharacterLot #22Report of a male looking in carsGone on officer's arrival
1/27/20051/27/200505C-0059TheftMethodist Church LotUnknown peson(s) broke out two windows in an attempt to steal vehicle, $300.00Under Investigation
1/27/20051/27/200505C-0058VandalismLot #22Unknown person(s) slashed tires on a parked vehicle.Arrest warrant issued 5/20/2005
1/28/20051/28/200505MA-0061Auto AccidentLot #19Two vehicles collided in the lot, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
1/28/20051/28/200505MA-0060Auto AccidentRhatigan Student Center Loading DockVehicle hit the loading dock.Reported to KDOT
1/29/20051/29/200505MA-0062Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
1/30/20051/30/200505C-0064TheftLot #25Unknown person(s) took license plate from car,Under Investigation
1/30/20051/30/200505M-0063Suspicious CharacterKoch ArenaMale wandering building.Bought a ticket and left area
1/31/20051/31/200505M-0067Suspicious Character2200 N. BluffReport of a subject looking in cars.Gone on officer's arrival
1/31/20051/31/200505MA-0065Auto AccidentLot #19Car rolled out of a stall and struck another vehicle, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
1/31/20056:52 PM1/31/20056:52 PM05C-0066Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Gentry DriveVehicle stopped for an illegal turn; driver had a suspended driver's license. Driver arrested and booked into jailArrest M/32. Summons issued 3/10/05
2/1/20052/1/200505M-0076Suspicious CharacterLot #18Report of a vehicle sitting in the lot, occupied.Car left, no other information
2/1/20052/1/200505M-0075Miscellaneous Mischief3912 E. 21st #20Eggs thrown at house.Under Investigation
2/1/20052/1/200505M-0074Miscellaneous MischiefGamma Phi Beta SororityEggs thrown at the house by a passing vehicleUnder Investigation
2/1/20052/1/200505C-0073TrespassingRhatgan Student CenterSubject arrested for violation of no trespass letterArrest M/20. Prosecution declined 2/01/05
2/1/20052/1/200505C-0072TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsCash taken from roomUnder Investigation
2/1/20052/1/200505C-0071VandalismLot 3N.Vehicle keyed, $200.00Under Investigation
2/1/20052/1/200505C-0070VandalismLot #4Vehicle was keyed, $500.00Under Investigation
2/1/20052/1/200505M-0069Suspicious CharacterLot #5Report of a subject looking in carsTalked to and released
2/1/200511:08 PM2/1/200511:08 PM05C-0068Drive While IntoxicatedOatman Drive at 21st StreetVehicle stopped for erratic driving. Driver arrested and booked into jai.Summons issued 2/28/05
2/2/20052/2/200505MA-0080Auto AccidentLot #27Vehicle made an improper turn and struck another.Reported to KDOT
2/2/20052/2/200505M-0079Suspicious ActivityAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) handing out flyersUnder Investigation
2/2/20052/2/200505MA-0078Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Unknown vehicle struck another while parked in lot.Reported to KDOT
2/2/20052/2/200505A-0077Auto AccidentLot #20Vehicle backed into a light pole.Reported to KDOT
2/3/20052/3/200405C-0084No Proof of Liability InsuranceLot #27Driver failed to provide proof of insurance withn the twenty day time period.Summons Issued
2/3/20052/3/200504M-0082Suspicious CharacterAhlberg HallReport of a unknown male wandering around the buildingSubject gone on officers arrival
2/3/20052/3/200505M-0081Lost Property1700 Block of North YaleLisence plate missing from vehicle parked on the streetReferred to the Wichita Police Department for the report
2/3/20053:10 PM2/3/20043:10 PM05C-0083No Proof of InsuranceMike Oatman Drive at Perimeter RoadDriver stopped for running stop sign and did not have current proof of insurance.Summons issued 3/10/05
2/4/20052/4/200505A-0093Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at Gentry DriveOne vehicle hit rear bumper of another waiting to make a turn.Reported to KDOT
2/4/20052/4/200505C-0089VandalismEck Stadium - Bledsoe PlazaReport of skateboarders damaging the marble in the plaza, $500.00Under Investigation
2/4/20052/4/200505C-0088TheftLot #22Unknown person(s) entered unlocked vehicle and removed car stereo.Under Investigation
2/4/20052/4/200505S-0087Sick CallHeskett CenterStudent passed out in dance class.Refused treatement
2/4/20052/4/200505C-0086TheftMcknight Art CenterUnknown person(s) removed a walkman from an exhibit, $40.00Under Investigation
2/4/20052/4/200505M-0085Information ReportLot #1 SouthWitness reported a hit and run accident.Under Investigation
2/4/20057:05 PM2/4/20057:05 PM05C-0090No Proof of InsuranceLot #19Officer stopped vehicle following a complaint; juvenile driver did not have a license. Mother of juvenile could not provide insurance for the car.Summons issued 3/25/05 to juvenile for No driver's license; mother issued summons for allowing unlicensed driver to drive and no proof of insurance
2/5/20052/5/200505M-0094Lost PropertyWestside CenterWallet and contents Under Investigation
2/5/20052/5/200505M-0091Abandoned VehicleLot #20Vehicle marked for tow and personal belongings removed from vehicle.Under Investigation
2/5/200510:00 PM2/5/200510:00 PM05M-0092Suspicious CharacterLot #27Report of two intoxicated males trying to leave campus in a car.Officer stopped driver before they drive.
2/6/20056:55 PM2/6/20055:55 PM05M-0096InformationLot #16Report of keys being taken by anotherReporting party doesn't wish to pursue the case
2/6/20059:51 PM2/6/20059:51 PM05C-0095Drive While Suspended17th and OliverDriver stopped for making an illegal turn; driver had a suspended driver's license, possessed marijuana and open can of beer.Summons issued 6/3/05 for felony possession of marijuana, transport open container and drive while suspended
2/8/20052/8/200505M-0099Suspicious CharacterAhlberg HallReport of a male looking in officesUnder Investigation
2/8/20052/8/200505M-0098Traffic InfractionFairmount Street by Wilner AuditoriumVehicle left running with the keys inside.Citation Issued
2/8/20052/8/200505M-0097Lost PropertyLot #4Vehicle left purse in the lot; purse has not been locatedUnder Investigation
2/9/20052/9/200505MA-0101Hit and Run AccidentLot #10Unknown vehicle hit a parked car and left the area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
2/9/20052/9/200505M-0100Property DamageWSU Police StationAngry male student broke phone in lobby.Reported to Telecom
2/10/20052/10/200505C-0103TheftLindquist HallUnknown person(s) took backpack from office; contents minus the backpack and one textbook recoverdUnder Investigation
2/10/20057:55 PM2/10/20057:56 PM05C-0102BatteryHeskett CenterAn unknown male who was refused entry shoved an employee to gain entry into the building.Under Investigation
2/11/20052/11/200505M-0105DisturbanceWheatshocker ApartmentsArgument over loud musicUnder Investigation
2/11/200511:45 AM2/11/200511:00 AM05M-0104Suspicious CharacterJabara HallStaff member confronted male who was trying to enter officeMale left the area when confronted
2/14/20052/14/200605M-0106Lost PropertyLindquist Hall28 portraits were taken from a bench while a wall was being painted.Under Investigation
2/14/20052/11/200505M-0109Suspicious CharacterHenrion HallReport of a suspicious person hanging around the building.Identified and released
2/14/20052/14/200505M-0108Suspicious CharacterAhlberg HallReport of a male looking in officesUnder Investigation
2/14/20054:00 PM2/14/20051:00 PM05C-0107TheftLindquist HallChecks were forged from a checkbook that fell out of a pocketUnder Investigation
2/15/20052/15/200505M-0111Abandoned VehicleLot #2 NorthAbandoned vehicle towed from lotTowed to impound lot
2/15/20052/15/200505M-0110Abandoned VehicleLot #27Abandoned vehicle towed from lotTowed to impouind lot
2/16/20052/2/200505C-0114No Proof Liability InsuranceLot #27Driver did not present current proof of insurance within the required time frame.Summons Issued 6/24/05
2/16/20052/16/200505C-0113TheftDuerksen Fine Arts CenterUnknown person(s) took a bicycle from the bicycle rack.Under Investigation
2/16/20052/16/200505C-0112Outside CaseWSU Police StationReceived a letter signed BTK.Turned over to the Wichita Police Department
2/18/20052/18/200505A-0116Auto AccidentLot #27Two vehicles collided in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
2/18/20052/18/200505M-0115Abandoned VehicleLot #15Abandoned vehicle towed from the lot.Towed to impound lot
2/20/20052/20/200505S-0117Sick CallHeskett CenterMale hit head with another player during a basketball game.Treated at scene
2/21/20052/21/200505M-0124Check WelfareOff CampusChecking on the welfare of a student who was injured.Student was Okay; advised to seek medicalcare for injuries
2/21/20052/21/200505M-0123HarasssmentLot #1Student threatened with vehicle damage over a parking disputeUnder Investigation
2/21/20052/21/200505C-0122TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed laptop, books and bag from basement.Property recovered 2/22/05
2/21/20052/21/200505A-0120Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown vehicle struck a parked vehicle and left the area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
2/21/20052/21/200505M-0119Lost PropertyRhatigan Student CenterVictim reports dropping wallet ccontaining personal IDUnder Investigation
2/21/20052/21/200505M-0118Property DamageLot #27Unknown vehicle knocked the southwest fire hydrant off its base and broke the locking flange.Under Investigation
2/21/20053:05 PM2/21/20052:59 PM05C-0121Indecent Liberties with a MinorAblah LibraryOfficer reportss witnessing male fondling a minor female's breastsArrest, M/23. Charges filed 2/22/05
2/23/20052/23/200505M-0126HarassmentOn CampusReport of an on-going problem with another studentReferred to the Dean of Students
2/23/20052/23/200505C-0125TheftHubbard HallUnknown person(s) took bookbag and contents, $520.00Summons issued, F/44
2/24/20052/24/200505M-0131Outside Case3800 E. 17thReport of two students hit in the crosswalk on the city street.WPD handled the case
2/24/20052/24/200505M-0130TheftMcKinley HallUnknown person(s) took sunglasses clipped to backpack, $250.00Under Investigation
2/24/20052/24/200505M-0129Vehicle ImpoundLot #22Abandonded vehicle towed from the lotTowed to impound lot
2/24/20052/24/200505M-0128Vehicle Roll Out21st and ChatauquaVehicle rolled into the left front bumper of parked carUnder Investigation
2/24/20052/24/200505S-0127Sick CallPhysical PlantEmployee fainted from heat.Transported to Student Health
2/25/20052/25/200505M-0132AlarmEck StadiumPerson entered an alarmed area that they did not have access to.Asked to leave
2/26/20052/26/200505C-0135Telephone HarassmentWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person called resident repeatedly over a period of time.Under Investigation
2/26/20052/26/200505C-0134No Proof of InsurancePerimeter Road at Mike Oatman DriveDriver did not provide current proof of insurance in the required time period.Summons issued 3/25/05
2/26/20052/26/200505M-0133Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryMale found passed out in a restroomAsked to leave
3/1/20053/10/200505M-0160Suspicious CharacterOn CampusUnknown person asking for signatures on a petition and asking for personal informationUnder Investigation
3/1/20053/1/200505M-0137Suspicous CharacterLot #22Report of two males looking through cars.Contacted and warned not to return
3/1/20053/1/200505MA-0136Auto AccidentLot #22Vehicle hit by driver turning left in the lot.Reported to KDOT
3/2/20053/2/200505MA-0139Hit and Run Accident Lot #27Unknown vehicle struck a legally parked vehicle in the lot.Reported to KDOT
3/2/20053/2/200505MA-0138Hit and Run AccidentLot #1 SouthParked vehicle struck by another backing out a stall.Reported to KDOT
3/2/20052:40 PM3/2/20052:40 PM05M-0141Suspicious CharacterRSC CourtyardReport of a male creating distrubanceAsked to leave
3/3/20053/3/200505M-0140Suspicous CharacterAblah LibraryMale found sleeping in the 24 hour study lab.Escorted off campus and told not to return
3/3/20053/3/200505S-0144Sick CallJardine HallMale suffered from a seizure Taken home by a family member
3/3/20053/3/200505S-0143Sick CallLot #15911 report of a subject suffering chest pains in the parking lot. Upon EMS arrival, subject was gone.Took self to hospital for treatment
3/3/20053/3/200505MA-0142Auto AccidentLot #22Vehicle struck in left door while parked in lot.Reported to KDOT
3/4/20055:20 PM3/4/20055:20 PM05C-0145BatteryFairmount TowersFemale hit by a water balloon tossed from a fourth floor room, causing injury.Under Investigation
3/6/20056/6/200505M-0147Outside AssistFairmount TowersOfficers assisted WPD officers in arresting a suspect in a rape that occurred offf campus.WPD transported subject to jail
3/6/20055:20 PM3/6/20055:20 PM05C-0146Drive While Suspended21st and BluffVehicle stopped for exhibition of speed, driver had an expired driver's license.Summons issued 3/25/05
3/7/20053/7/200505M-0154Outside AssistFairmount TowersOfficers detained rape suspect for Wichita Police DepartmentWPD handled the case
3/7/20053/7/200505S-0153Sick CallCessna StadiumSubject fell while running hurdlesTransported to hospital by EMS
3/7/20053/7/200505M-0152DisturbanceJardine HallMale in area with a knife in belt.Gone on officers arrival
3/7/20053/7/200505C-0151TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) took billfold from unattended locker, $750.00Under Investigation
3/7/20053/7/200505M-0150Outside AssistWSU Police StationStudent arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Sedgwick CountyArrest F/37
3/7/20053/7/200505MA-0149Auto AccidentLot #4 SouthTwo vehicles collided in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
3/7/20053/7/200505M-0148Outside AssistWSU Police StationDetectives arrested student for an outstanding warrant out of IowaArrest. M/20
3/8/20053/8/200505M-0155Suspicious CharacterAhlberg HallReport of a possible stalking situationUnder Investigation
3/9/20053/9/200505C-0159TheftLot #21Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed billfold, $40.00Under Investigation
3/9/20053/9/200505M-0158Suspicious CharacterHeskett CenterReport of a male going into and out of women's locker roomUnder Investigation
3/9/20053/9/200505M-0157Inappropriate MaterialOn CampusInappropriate material posted on Kiosks around campusUnder Investigation
3/9/20051/5/200505M-0156Abandoned VehicleLot #22Abandonded vehicle towed from the lotTowed to impound lot
3/11/20053/11/200505M-0164Suspicous CharacterAblah LibraryReport of a male downloading pornography in the 24 hour study lab.Asked to leave and not return
3/11/20053/14/200505M-0162Suspicious CharacterHuman ResourcesReport of a subject acting strangeUnder Investigation
3/11/20053/11/200505S-0161Sick CallLot #13Student fell, suffering from broken teeth and scrapesTransported to hospital by EMS
3/11/20057:11 PM3/11/20057:11 PM05M-0163Suspicous CharacterWallace HallMale following a female student who has told the male to stop contacting her.Male contacted and told to stay off campus
3/12/20053/12/200505M-0166Suspicious CharacterWheatshocker ApartmentsReport of a person informing the front desk he was not the area bicycle thief.Under Investigation
3/12/20053/12/200505M-0165Suspicious ActivityOn CampusReport of a local TV station interviewing students without prior permissionAsked to stop filming
3/13/20053/13/200505S-0168Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsResident suffered from abdominal painsTransported to hospital by EMS
3/13/20053/13/200505C-0167Theft1740 N. Vassar Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternityUnknown person(s) took two leather coats and a key, $250.00Under Investigation
3/14/20053/14/200505C-0172TheftLot #22Unknown person conned student out of $20.00Under Investigation
3/14/20053/14/200505S-0171Sick CallOff CampusStudent requested transportation to Student Health for treatment of twisted ankle.Transported to Student Health
3/14/20053/14/200505M-0170Suspicious CharacterLot #2Report of a subject looking through cars.Contacted and asked to leave campus
3/14/20053/14/200505M-0169DisturbanceLindquist HallStudent became abusive and refused to leaveTaken to Dean of Students
3/15/20053/15/200505MA-0173Auto AccidentIsley LaneVehicle backed into a parked car, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
3/15/20053/15/200505C-0174BurglaryKoch ArenaUnknown person(s) entered room and took food and drink items, $50.00Under Investigation
3/16/20053/16/200505M-0176Suspicious CharacterLot #2Two males posting flyers on vehicles.Contated and asked to leave campus
3/16/20053/16/200505M-0175Suspicious CharacterKoch ArenaReport of a female asking for moneyUnder Investigation
3/17/20052/1/200505M-0178Abandoned VehicleLot #27Abandoned vehicle towed from the lotTowed to impound lot
3/17/20053/17/200505M-0177DisturbanceGrace Wilke HallStudent making injurous statments towards selfUnder Investigation
3/19/20053/15/200505M-0181AssaultLindquist HallVictim received a verbal threat from anotherUnder Investigation
3/19/20053/19/200505C-0180HarassmentFairmount TowersKnown person is continually harassing residentUnder Investigation
3/19/20051:25 PM3/19/20051:25 PM05C-0179Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Hubbard HallVehicle stopped for running stup sign, driver had a suspended driver's license.Summons Issued 4/12/05
3/22/20053/22/200505M-0182Suspicious CharacterKoch ArenaReport of several people playing basketball after hours.Under Investigation
3/23/20053/16/200505M-0183Property DamageLot #21Vehicle found with passenger side window broken out.Under Investigation
3/25/20053/25/200505M-0185Unsecured DoorMcKnight Art CenterDoor found unsecured to a storage areaOfficer secured door
3/25/20053/25/200505MA-0184Auto AccidentLot #8Two vehicles collided in the lot, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
3/25/200510:32 PM3/25/200510:32 PM05C-0186No Proof of Insurance21st and YaleVehicle stopped for defective headlights, driver had an expired driver's license and no proof of insurance.Summons issued 4/28/05
3/27/20053/17/200505C-0187Auto TheftLot #21Auto reported stolen from the lot, later recovered at 21st and WoodlawnUnder investigation
3/28/20053/25/200505M-0189Property DamagePublications BuildingReport of a damaged window of the east side of the building.Under Investigation
3/28/20059:40 AM3/1/200512:01 AM05M-0188Harassing Phone CallsJabara HallThe ex-husband of an employee's wife is making threatening phone calls to him at workUnder Investigation
3/29/20053/28/200505C-0194TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took unattended cell phone, $120.00Under Investigation
3/29/20053/18/200505C-0193TheftLot #21Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed audio equipmentUnder Investigation
3/29/20053/29/200505M-0192Property DamageBrennan HallPhysical Plant Employee was trimming trees when a branch fell and damaged tire on a bicycle.Under Investigation
3/29/20053/29/200505MA-0191Hit and Run AccidentLot #7Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
3/29/20053/29/200505MA-0190Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
3/30/20053/30/200505M-0196Suspicious CharacterOn CampusReport of a female being followed by a male in a vehicle.Under Investigation
3/30/20053/30/200505C-0195VandalismLot #7Unknown person(s) broke out window of a parked vehicle.Under Investigation
3/31/20053/31/200505M-0198Property DamageLot #15Vehicle windshield broken by a softballUnder Investigation
3/31/20053/31/200505M-0197Abandoned VehicleLot #9 EastAbandoned vehicle towed from the lotTowed to impound lot
4/1/20054/1/200505C-0200Bomb ThreatEngineering BuildingUnknown person called a bomb threat into the Engineering Building.Under Investigation
4/1/20054/1/200505S-0199Sick CallLindquist HallStudent reports suffering from an asthma attack.Transported to hospital by EMS
4/2/20054/2/200505MA-0201Hit and Run AccidentLot #19Unknown vehicle hit another while parked in lotReported to KDOT
4/3/20054/3/200505MA-0203Auto AccidentLot #7Two vehicles backed into each other.Reported to KDOT
4/3/20056:15 PM4/3/20054:00 PM05C-0202TheftJabara HallStudent left wallet in restroom, and was missing when returned.Under Investigation
4/4/20054/4/200505A-0210Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Vehicle stuck vehicle then drove awayReported KDOT
4/5/20053/19/200505S-0205Public AccidentKoch Arena sidewalkFell and twisted ankle on broken crosswalkUnder Investigation
4/5/20054/5/200505M-0204DisturbanceWheatshocker ApartmentsOfficers stood by to prevent a disturbance.Under Investigation
4/5/20054/5/200505C-0207TheftAhlberg HallUnknown person(s) removed desk size sculpture from desk, $150.00Under Investigation
4/6/20054/6/200505M-0209Property DamagePerimeter Road Vehicle struck by a golf ball.Under Investigation
4/6/20054/6/200505MA-0206Auto AccidentLot #4Vehicle backed into another.Reported to KDOT
4/6/20053:45 PM4/6/20053:45 PM05C-0208Drive with Expired LisencePerimeter Road at Mike Oatman DriveVehice stopped for running stop sign; driver had expired license.Drivers license renewed; no charges filed
4/8/20054/8/200504MA-0215Injury AccidentLot #2 WestTwo vehicles collided with each other, passenger suffered minor injuries. Refused treatment by EMSReported to KDOT
4/8/20054/8/200505S-0211Sick CallIntersection of 21st and HillsideDriver became ill and pulled over side of roadEMS called; transport refused
4/8/200510:30 AM4/8/20053:40 AM05M-0212Suspicious CharacterLot #7Unknown person(s) followed female student off campus and then onto campus.Under Investigation
4/8/20051:40 PM4/8/200511:00 AM05C-0213Aggravated AssaultWheatshocker ApartmentsResident threatened with a steak knife.Under Investigation
4/8/20057:17 PM4/8/20057:15 PM05C-0214Disorderly ConductCessna StadiumMale struck in the face during a fightProsecution declined 5/17/05
4/8/20059:24 PM4/8/20059:20 PM05C-0216Aggravated BatteryCessna StadiumFour males involved in a fight over a sister, one injurySummons issued for one male
4/9/20054/9/200505C-0218TheftLot #4Vehicle broken into and in-dash stereo and laptop stolen, $2,510.00Under Investigation
4/9/20058:05 PM4/8/20058:05 PM05C-0217No Proof of InsuranceLot #2 WestInvolved in an accidentSummons issued for No Proof of Insurance 6/30/05
4/10/20054/10/200505MA-0219Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
4/12/20054/12/200505S-0225Sick CallKoch ArenaFemale went into labor.Transported self to hospital
4/12/20054/12/200505S-0223Sick CallKoch ArenaHyperglycemia.Transported to hospital by EMS
4/12/20054/12/200505S-0222Sick CallKoch ArenaSeizureTransported to hospital by EMS
4/12/20054/12/200505C-0221VandalismPizza Hut BuildingUnknown person(s) tore out two screens and storm windows from the building.Under Investigation
4/12/20054/12/200505M-0220DisturbanceLot #4Dispute over a parking stall.Under Investigation
4/12/200510:25 PM4/12/200510:10 PM05C-0224TheftLot #24Unknown male seen leaving vehicle where a large amount of change was missing from the console.Under Investigation
4/13/20054/12/200505C-0232TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person(s) removed bicycle from bicycle rack.Under Investigation
4/13/20054/13/200505C-0230TheftLot #4Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed property, $250.00.Under Investigation
4/13/20054/13/200505M-0229Suspicious CharacterPhysical Plant WarehouseReport of an ex-employee making harassing phone calls.Under Investigation
4/13/20054/13/200505M-0228Suspicous CharacterDevlin HallReport of a subject going through the classrooms.Under Investigation
4/13/20054/13/200505C-0227TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) took clothes from an unsecured locker.Under Investigation
4/13/20054/13/200505S-0226Sick CallKoch ArenaVictim suffered from a diabetic seizure.Transported to hospital by EMS
4/14/20054/14/200505S-0231Sick CallMcKinley HallEpileptic seizure.Transported to hospital by EMS
4/14/20059:12 PM4/14/20059:12 PM05C-0233Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Lot #9Vehicle stopped for crossing the center line, driver had a suspended license.Arrest, M/20. Summons issued 7/19/05 for Drive While Suspended
4/15/20051:00 PM1/12/200510:59 AM05C-0239ForgeryRhatigan Student Center BookstoreForged check received for booksArrest warrant issued 7/28/05
4/16/20054/16/200505C-0234TheftMetropolitan ComplexUnknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed items from the glove box, $165.00.Under Investigation
4/17/20054/17/200505S-0240Sick CallJardine HallChest pain and shortness of breathEMS called, refused treatment
4/17/20054/17/200505M-0238ThreatAblah LibrarySecond hand report of a threat against another.Under Investigation
4/17/20054/17/200505C-0237VandalismLot #24Unknown person(s) broke out passenger side window; nothing mssing.Under Investigation
4/17/20054/16/200505C-0236VandalismLot #24Unknown person(s) broke out passenger side window; nothing missing.Under Investigation
4/17/20054/17/200505C-0235TheftLot #24Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed items, $570.00.Under Investigation
4/18/20054/18/200505C-0242TheftJabara HallUnknown person(s) removed laptop and case from office, $657.00Under Investigation
4/18/20054/18/200505S-0241Sick CallHeskett CenterPossible pregnancy complicationsTransported to hospital by EMS
4/19/20054/19/200505C-0248VandalismLot #3 NorthUnknown person(s) broke out passenger side window.Under Investigation
4/19/20054/19/200505M-0247Property Damage4200 E. 21st StreetBaseball hit windshield of vehicle.Report Filed
4/19/20054/19/200505C-0246TheftLot #15Unknown person(s) took hangtag from parked vehicle.Under Investigation
4/19/20054/18/200505A-0245Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Unknown vehicle struck a parked vehicle and left the area.Reported to KDOT
4/19/20054/19/200505C-0244Traffic InfractionPerimeter Road at Lot #112Vehicle stopped for running a stop sign; driver had no proof of insurance and an expired tag.Summons issued 6/22/2005
4/19/20054/19/200505MA-0250Hit and Run AccidentLot #14Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
4/19/20057:48 PM4/19/20057:48 PM05C-0243No Proof of InsurancePerimeter Road at Lot #7Vehicle stopped for illegal backing; driver had no proof of insurance and an illegal tag.Summons Issued, 6/22/2005
4/19/200510:07 PM4/19/200510:07 PM05C-0249Driving Under the InfluenceLot #19Driver stopped for irratic driving.Prosecution declined
4/20/20054:50 PM4/20/200511:00 AM05C-0251TheftEngineering BuildingUnknown person(s) took biycle from bicycle rack, $102.00Under Investigation
4/21/200511:16 PM4/21/200511:16 PM05M-0253DisturbancePerimeter Road at Mike Oatman DriveDriver of vehicle following another in an attempt to get money for an unpaid bill.Under Investigation
4/22/20054/22/200505C-0252TheftMethodist Church LotUnknown person(s) removed a cell phone and pool equipment from a vehicle, $2,500.00Under Investigation
4/22/20054/22/200505A-0254Auto AccidentLot #16 SouthTwo vehicles collided with each other in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
4/24/20054/24/200505S-0255Sick CallKoch ArenaBloody nose.Treated at scene
4/25/20054/24/200505C-0258TheftLot #7Unknown person(s) took bicycle from rack, $110.00Under Investigation
4/25/20054/25/200505M-0257Suspicious CharacterRhatigan Student CenterUnknown male was seen trying different cards in the ATM machineUnder Investigation
4/25/20054/25/200505M-0256ThreatLot #13Unknown male threatened to damage vehicle over parking stall disputeUnder Investigation
4/26/20054/26/200505M-0263DisturbanceWheatshocker ApartmentsConfrontation over the use of the fire lane for loading/unloadingUnder Investigation
4/26/20054/26/200505MA-0262Auto AccidentLot #9 WestA vehicle struck another while backing of a parking stall, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
4/26/20054/26/200505C-0261TheftJabara HallUnknown person(s) used bolt cutters to cut lock and remove bicycle, $70.00Under Investigation
4/26/20053/25/200505C-0260ForgeryController's Office - Jardine HallForgery stemming from an identity theft case.Prosecution declined 7/28/05
4/26/20052:39 AM4/26/20052:30 AM05C-0259TheftLot #19Two males took several pieces of personal and WSU property, $900.00. Males arrested and booked into jail.Arrest M/ 20, 21. Charges filed 8/26/05
4/30/20054/30/200505S-0265Sick CallHeskett CenterInjured kneeRefused treatment
4/30/20054/30/200505S-0265Sick CallHeskett CenterInjured kneeRefused treatment
5/1/20055/1/200505M-0266DisturbanceWheatshocker ApartmentsArgument between husband and wife. Husband threatened to hurt self.Transported to hospital for evaluation
5/2/20055/2/200505S-0268Sick Call3219 E. 21stIndividual suffered from a seizureTransported to hospital by EMS
5/2/20055/2/200505C-0267VandalismPizza Hut BuildingUnknown person(s) entered the building and discharged a fire extingisherUnder Investigation
5/2/200510:50 PM5/2/200510:50 PM05C-0269No Proof of InsurancePerimeter Road at Mike Oatman DriveDriver stopped for running stop sign, driver had no drivers license, no proof of insurance and an illegal tag.Summons Issued 6/2/2005
5/3/20055/3/200505M-0276Abandoned PropertyGrace Wilke HallTwo bicycles impounded after being abandoned by their riders.Bicycles Impounded
5/3/20055/3/200505MA-0275Hit and Run AccidentLot #22Unknown vehicle struck a parked vehicle and left the area.Reported to KDOT
5/3/20055/3/200505C-0273TheftMcKnight Staples GalleryUnknown person(s) removed a piece of artwork, $350.00Art returned
5/3/20055/3/200505C-0272VandalismLot #4Unknown person(s) damage door handle of vehicle.Under Investigation
5/3/20055/3/200505C-0271Auto AccidentGarvey International Center Parking LotTwo vehicles collided with each other, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
5/3/20055/3/200505C-0270InformationDFACReport on a missing alto saxaphone, unknown how long it has been missing, $178.00Under Investigation
5/3/20058:58 PM5/3/20054:30 PM05M-0274BatteryBraeburn Golf CourseFemale reports an unknown male grabbing her while she walked across the golf course.Under Investigation
5/4/20055/4/200505MA-0278Hit and Run AccidentChild Development Parking LotUnknown vehicle struck side of parked car and left area.Reported to KDOT
5/6/20055/6/200505MA-0279Auto AccidentLot #13One vehicle backed into anotherReported to KDOT
5/7/20055:15 PM4/7/20055:15 PM05C-0277No Proof Liability InsuranceLot #27Driver failed to provide current proof of insuranceSummons Issued 6/22/2005
5/8/20055/8/200505M-0281BatteryKoch ArenaInjury caused to an arm during a basketball gameUnder Investigation
5/8/20055/8/200505M-0280Outside Case1724 N. Roosevelt CourtAssisted Wichita Police Department with a highway robbery caseWPD handled the case
5/9/20055/9/200505M-0287Ouside Assit1700 N. RooseveltOfficers assited the Wichita Police Department with an armed robberyWPD handled the case
5/9/20055/9/200505C-0286BatteryOff CampusPassenger attacked the Shuttle Bus driverUnder Investigation
5/9/20055/9/200505M-0285TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) took an unattended purseUnder Investigation
5/9/20055/9/200505C-0284TheftMcKinley Hall GreenhouseUnknown person(s) took a 7-foot lemon tree.Under Investigation
5/9/20055/9/200505MA-0283Auto AccidentLot #2One vehicle backed into the other.Reported to KDOT
5/9/20055/9/200505M-0282Suspicious CharacterWheatshocker ApartmentsSeveral juveniles hanging around the bicycle racks.Under Investigation
5/10/20055/10/200505M-0288Recovered Vehicle1749 N. YaleVehicle reported stolen from Derby, KS recovered in the lot.Derby PD handled the case
5/11/20055/11/200505S-0290Sick CallEck StadiumDifficulty breathingTransported to hospital by EMS
5/11/20055/11/200505M-0289Disturbance1749 N. YaleArgument over personal property two people each hadUnder Investigation
5/13/20055/11/200505C-0293VandalismLot #16 SouthUnknown person(s) used a sharp object to scratch vehicle.Under Investigation
5/13/20055/6/200505M-0292Suspicious CharacterHeskett CenterReport of person asking inappropriate questionsUnder Investigation
5/13/20055/13/200505MA-0291Auto AccidentPerimeter Roat at Yale StreetVehicle turning into traffic hit an oncoming vehicle.Reported to KDOT
5/14/20055/13/200505MA-0303Auto AccidentLot #27Vehicle backed out of a stall and hit another in the aisle.Reported to KDOT
5/14/20055/13/200505C-0305AssaultJabara HallA threat of bodily harm was made against a patron of the computer lab.Under Investigation
5/14/20055/14/200505C-0296TheftOutside the Geology BuildingUnknown person(s) removed camera bag with camera and accessories, $468.00Under Investigation
5/14/20055/14/200505M-0295Property Damage21st and OliverA golf ball hit the windshield of a passing vehicleReport Filed
5/14/20055/14/200505MA-0294Auto AccidentLot #27One vehicle backed into another.Reported to KDOT
5/16/20055/16/200505MA-0298Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
5/16/20055/16/200505MA-0297Auto AccidentLot #27One vehicle backed into anotherReported to KDOT
5/17/20055/17/200505C-0302Traffic InfractionLot #4Vehicle stopped for an expired tag.Summons issued 7/22/05
5/17/20055/17/200505C-0301Sick CallEck StadiumSubject suffered from a seizureRefused Treatment
5/17/20055/16/200505C-0300TheftHeskett CenterWallet and contents taken from officeUnder Investigation
5/17/20055/17/200505M-0299Outside Assist17th and HillsideOfficers assisted the Wichita Police Department with the report of shots fired.WPD handled the case
5/18/20055/18/200505C-0304Expired TagsMike Oatman Drive at Perimeter RoadVehicle stopped for expired tags.Summons issued 7/25/2005
5/19/20055/19/200505MA-0306Hit and Run AccidentLot #21Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
5/20/20055/20/200505C-0307TheftPresident's HouseUnknown person(s) removed two plants from the yard, $200.00Under Investigation
5/21/20055/21/200505S-0308Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsSubject suffered from an anxiety attackTransported to hospital by EMS
5/22/20055/22/200595C-0310Traffic InfractionPerimeter Road at Mike Oatman DriveVehicle stopped for an illegal license plate.Summons Issued 7/19/2005
5/22/20055/22/200505M-0309DisturbanceFairmount TowersReport of a fight in the hallway.Under Investigation
5/23/20055/20/200505C-0311BurglaryLindquist HallUnknown person(s) removed a locked cash box containing $20.00 cash from office.Under Investigation
5/25/20055/25/200505S-0314Sick CallKoch ArenaSubject suffered from a seizureRefused Treatment
5/25/20055/25/200505C-0313Suspicious CharacterJabara HallSubject would not leave the computer labUnder Investigation
5/25/20055/25/200505M-0312DisturbanceJabara HallStudent reports being harassed in the computer labUnder Investigation
5/26/20055/26/200505M-0317Property DamageDevlin HallWindow related window damage to the buildingUnder Investigation
5/26/20055/23/200505C-0316VandalismLot #4Unknown person(s) used a sharp object to scratch rear bumper of vehicle.Under Investigation
5/26/20055/26/200505C-0315TheftAhlberg HallThink Pad with a DVD/CD drive missing, $500.00Under Investigation
5/27/20055/27/200505M-0319Telephone HarassmentHughes Metropolitan ComplexReport on phone calls from either an ex-boyfriend or ex-employee.Under Investigation
5/27/20055/27/200505M-0318DisturbanceColeman Tennis ComplexReport of a verbal argumentEverything checked out okay
5/28/20055/28/200505S-0337Sick CallCessna StadiiumHeat related illnessRefused treatment
5/28/20055/28/200505S-0326Sick CallCessna StadiumHeat related illnessTransported to hospital by EMS
5/28/20055/28/200505M-0325Found PropertyLot #3 NorthOfficer found three red gym matsTurned into Lost and Found
5/28/20055/28/200505M-0324Lost PropertyCessna Stadium or Eck StadiumLost walletUnder Investigation
5/28/20055/28/200505S-0323Sick CallCessna StadiiumHeat related illnessTreated at scene
5/28/20055/28/200505S-0322Sick CallCessna StadiumHeat related illnessTreated at scene
5/28/20055/28/200505S-0321TheftCessna StadiumWallet missing, possibly taken from pocketUnder Investigation
5/28/20055/28/200505S-0320TheftMarcus Welcome CenterWallet taken from office and credit card usedUnder Investigation
5/29/20055/29/200505M-0328Outside Assist1734 N. GentryOfficer assisted Wichita Police Department with a party where minors were drinkingWPD handled the case
5/31/20055/31/200505S-0330Sick CallFairmount TowersResident suffered from diabetic complicationsTransported to hospital by EMS
5/31/20055/31/200505A-0329Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
6/1/20056/14/200505C-0351TheftLot #7Wallet and textbook taken from auto parked in lot.Under Investigation
6/1/20056/1/200505S-0332Sick CallFairmount Towers NorthResident suffered from a diabetic seizure.Transported to the hospital by EMS
6/1/20056/1/200505M-0331Lost PropertyOff CampusReport of a Shocker Card lost off campusUnder Investigation
6/1/20056:27 PM6/1/20056:27 PM05C-0333No Proof of InsurancePerimeter Road at Lot #7Driver stopped for running stop sign; driver had no current proof of insurance.Summons Issued 7/22/2005
6/2/20056/2/200505M-0334Check WelfareWSU Police StationSubject upset over previous situation, mental health concernUnder Investigation
6/3/20056/3/200505M-0336VandalismCorbin Education CenterBroken light bulbs from two exterior polesReclassified to a miscellaneous case; damage is storm related
6/3/20056/3/200505S-0335Sick CallKoch ArenaLacerationRefused Treatment by EMS
6/6/20056/6/200505MA-0338Hit and Run AccidentLot #9 WestVehicle struck by unknown vehicle while parked in lotReported to KDOT
6/6/20056/6/200505M-0337Auto ImpoundLot #2EVehicle impound from lotVehicle towed
6/7/20056/7/200505M-0340Auto ImpoundLot #27Vehicle impounded from lot.Vehicle towed from lot
6/7/20056/7/200505S-0339Sick CallHubbard HallSubject sufferrng from severe abdominal painRefused treatment from EMS
6/8/20056/8/200505C-0341TheftBrennan Hall bicycle RackUnknown person(s) took bicycle from rack, $50.00Under Investigation
6/9/20056/9/200505MA-0342Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles struck each other in the lot.Reported to KDOT
6/9/20056:54 PM6/9/20056:54 PM05C-0343No Proof of InsurancePerimeter Road at Lot #4Officer saw vehicle run stop sign; driver could not provide proof of insurance.Insurance provide 6/24/05; no further action will be taken on this case
6/10/20056/10/200505C-0345Harassment by TelephoneWheatshocker ApartmentsResidents receiving phonecalls from former acquaintence.Under Investigation
6/10/20056/10/200505M-0344HarassmentWoodman Alumni CenterEmployee having problems with ex-boyfriend.Under Investigation
6/11/20056/11/200505M-0346DisturbanceHubbard HallJuvenile dismissed from ACT test; parent upset.Under Investigation
6/12/20056/12/200505M-0349DistrubanceJabara HallOngoing verbal dispute between two individuals.Under Investgation
6/12/20056/12/200505MA-0348Auto AccidentLot #2 WestTwo vehicle struck each other in the lot.Reported to KDOT
6/12/20056/12/200505C-0347Disorderly ConductDelta Upsilon FraternityDrunk male repeatedly trespassed at the house.Taken home by officer
6/13/20056/10/200505M-0350Abandonded VehicleLot #27Adandonded vehicle towed from lotVehicle towed
6/14/20056/14/200505C-0352VandalismDeurksen Fine Arts CenterDamage to window caused by skateboardersUnder Investigation
6/15/20056/15/200505S-0353Public AccidentCessna StadiumFall that resulted in a leceration.Taken by private vehicle to hospital.
6/17/20056/17/200505S-0354Public AccidentLindquist HallFall that resulted in cut to right forearmRefused treatment
6/18/20056/18/200505M-0356Auto ImpoundLot #27Abandoned vehicle towed from lot.Vehicle towed from lot.
6/19/20056/19/200505M-0355Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryMan fouind on women's restroomTold to leave and not return
6/20/20056/20/200505MA-0359Hit and Run AccidentLot #2 EastUnknown car struck another while parked in lot.Reported to KDOT
6/20/20056/20/200505M-0358Lost PropertyLot 15 bus boothSubject left I-20 Immigration papers in booth, later found them missimgAdvised to notify INS
6/20/20056/20/200505M-0357Theft of Lost or Mislaid PropertyWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person(s) took unattended cell phone and using it for personal use.Under Investigaton
6/22/20056/22/200505C-0361TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) removed digital camera from an unlocked cabinet.Under Investigation
6/22/20056/22/200505M-0360Suspicious CharacterFairmount TowersSubject loud and upset on the phone.Talked to and sent away.
6/23/20056/23/200505C-0364TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took a red mountain bike from bike rack, $50.00Under Investigation
6/24/20056/24/200505M-0363Suspicious CharacterAhlberg HallSubject trying door handles on doors in hallways.Under Investigation
6/24/20056/24/200505MA-0362Auto AccidentLot #21Two vehicles struck each other, damage over $1,000.Reported to KDOT
6/25/20056/25/200505M-0366Property DamageDevlin HallOuter pane of glass broken on window.Under Investigation
6/25/20056/25/200505M-0365Malicous MichiefAblah LibraryUnknown person deficated on the floor of the men's restroom.Under Investigation
6/27/20056/27/200505C-0368Hit and Run Accident and Drive While SuspendedLot #2 EastIdentified run driver of an accident had a suspended driver's licenseSummons Issued 11/4/05
6/27/20056/27/200505M-0367Suspicious CharacterJabara HallMale urinating on a treeTold to leave campus
6/28/20056/28/200505C-0371TheftJabara HallUnknown person(s) took blue and red bicycle and lock from bicycle rack, $70.00Under Investigation
6/28/20056/28/200505M-0370Suspicous CharacterJabara HallSubject in computer lab that had been warned before about staying out of lab.Told to stay out of lab again
6/28/20056/28/200505C-0369TheftWestside CenterHP data projector, $2,700.00Under Investigation
6/29/20056/29/200505M-0374Check WelfareJabara HallJuveniles left unattended in a classroomProfessor will allow them to stay as long as they are quiet
6/29/20056/29/200505M-0373Ouside AssistLot #4Assist city in locating a driver in a hit and run accident that occurred at 21st and Oliver.WPD is handling the case
6/29/20059:34 PM5/12/20059:34 PM05C-0372No Proof of Liability InsuranceWest of Jabara HallDriver stopped for driving on sidewalk; driver could not provide current proof of insuranceSummons issued 7/25/05
6/30/20056/30/200505S-0375Sick CallRhatigan Student CenterStomach painDrove self to doctor
7/1/20057/1/200505C-0380TheftJabara Bike RackUnknown person(s) took a blue girls mountain bike from the bike rack.Under Investigation
7/1/20056/30/200505C-0379Traffic InfractionLot 9 WestSubject driving a stolen vehicle eluded officersUnder Investigation
7/1/20057/1/200505C-0378VandalismHeskett CenterPossible fireworks used to blow out bottom of a toilet.Under Investigtion
7/1/20057/1/200505A-0377Auto AccidentLot 14 and Gentry DriveVehicle turning out of lot struck a southbound vehicle.Reported to KDOT
7/1/20057/1/200505M-0376Suspicious CharacterJabara HallMale sleeping in a restroomWarned and told to leave campus
7/5/20057/5/200505C-0383TheftLlot #22Unknown person(s) removed WSU parking decal from vehicle.Under Investigation
7/5/20057/5/200505C-0382TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) took wallet from unsecured locker.Under Investigation
7/5/20057/5/200505MA-0381Auto AccidentLot #15Two vehicles collided with each other, minor damage.Reported to KDOT
7/6/20057/6/200505S-0386Public AccidentWallace HallSubject received minor cut on forearm.Went to Student Health for treatment
7/7/20057/7/200505C-0385TheftNeff HallUnknown person(s) removed computer and a tripod from office, $750.00Under Investigation
7/7/20057/7/200505C-0384Harassment by TelephoneGrace Wilke AnnexUnknown male leaving sexually explicit messages.Under Investigation
7/7/20057/7/200505C-0389No DL in possessionPermimeter at Harvard RoadDriver ran stop sign and did not have drivers license with them.Driver provided current driver's license
7/7/20057/7/200505C-0387TheftFiske HallUnknown person(s) removed bicycle from bike rack, $400.00Under Investigation
7/9/20057/9/200505C-0390BatteryAblah LibraryUnknown male threw book at patron striking them on the shoulder.No injury; under investigation
7/10/20055:05 PM7/10/20055:00 PM05C-0391TheftAblah LibraryTwo juvenile took purse from patron; property recovered.Prosecution declined 7/19/05
7/11/20057/11/200505M-0393Lost PropertyOn CampusWallet and contentsUnder Investigation
7/11/20057/11/200505C-0392TheftGrace Wilke AnnexUnknown person(s) took headset and handset from study lab, $345Under Investigation
7/12/20057/12/200505MA-0394Auto AccidentLot #!5Two vehicles struck each other, damage over $1,000Reported to KDOT
7/14/20057/14/200505M-0397Check WelfareWheatshocker ApartmentsIntoxicated resident was trapped inside the fence of a AC generator.Resident extricated and escorted to his room
7/14/20057/14/200505C-0396TheftLot #9 EastUnknown juveniles took university-owned scooter and crashed into a vehicle in the lotUnder Investigation
7/14/20057/14/200505C-0395TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed unattended backpack left outside the library.Under Investigation
7/15/20057/15/200505C-0399TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took walletUnder Investigation
7/15/20057/15/200505S-0398Public Accident17th StreetOfficer fell off bike and hurt arm and shoulder.Receiving treatment
7/17/20057/17/200505C-0400Auto ImpoundLot #2 EastAbandoned vehicle impoundedVehicle towed to impound yard
7/18/20057/18/200505A-0403Injury AccidentOatman DriveTwo vehicle accident with an injuryInjured party taken to hospital by EMS
7/18/20057/18/200505C-0401VandalismAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) wrote on the walls Under Investigation
7/18/200510:22 PM7/18/200510:22 PM05C-0402Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Wheatshocker LaneVehicle stopped for defective tailights; driver had a supsended driver's license.Arrest, F/20. Charges filed 11/4/05
7/19/20057/19/200505C-0404Vehicle FireLot #16Toyota MR2 caught on fire in lot.WFD responded and put out fire.
7/20/20057/20/200505C-0406TheftJabaraUnknown person(s) took teal blue bicycle from rack; $500.00.Under Investigation
7/20/20057/20/200505C-0405TheftMarcus CenterUnknown person took weedeater from rear of scooter, @269.00Arrest Warrant issued M/39
7/22/20057/22/200505C-0414InformatiionJabara HallReport of a large amount of water on the floor of a men's restroom.Reported to Physical Plant
7/22/20057/22/200505C-0413DistrubanceDelta Upsilon HouseOfficers help clear out a group of unwanted guests.Officers cleared out the guests.
7/22/20057/22/200505C-0412DistrubanceBeta Theta Phi HouseOfficers cleared out a group of unwanted guests from party.Officers removed guests from the party
7/22/20057/22/200505C-0411VandalismLot #22Unknown person(s) possibly used a key to scratch the side of a car, $1,000.Under Investigation
7/22/20057/22/200505C-0410Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryReport of a male viewing pronography on the computer and touching himself.Warned and escorted ouit of the building
7/22/20057/22/200505C-0409TheftCorbin Education CenterUnknown person(s) took computer and software from office, $1,015.Under Investigation
7/22/20057/22/200505C-0408Unattended DeathWheatshocker ApartmentsResident found deceased in room.Under Investigation
7/22/20057/22/200505A-0407Auto AccidentPerimeter at Alumni Drive SouthTwo vehicles struck each other, damage under $1,000.00Summons issued for improper lane change 11/4/05
7/23/20057/23/200505C-0419Outside Assist1855 N. HillsideOfficers assisted WPD by bringing victims to suspect location for identification.WPD handled the case
7/23/20057/23/200505C-0418InformationVarious Campus LocationsReport on various doors found unlocked and broken.Reported to Physical Plant
7/23/20057/23/200505C-0417InformationOmega CourtResidents expressing appreciation for extra patrols in the area.Thanks appreciated
7/23/20057/23/200505C-0416InformtionPhysical PlantReport of a Diahatsu found unlocked.Checked and secured
7/23/20057/23/200505C-0415InformationNIARReport on doors found unlocked.Under Investigation
7/24/20057/24/200505C-0421Suspicious CharacterColeman Tennis CourtTennis coach wanted person out of the area.Warned to not come back.
7/24/20057/24/200505C-0420Drive While SuspendedLot #3Drivers stopped for improper turn and found to have suspended license.Summons issued 11/4/05
7/25/20057/13/200505C-0427Suspicious CharacterMorrison HallReport of a person acting suspiciously.Gone when officers arrived
7/25/20057/25/200505C-0426Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryReport of a male viewing pornography on a computer. Male had the smell of alcohol on his breath.Warned and told to leave the study lab
7/25/20057/25/200505C-0425Lost PropertyLot #21Report of a lost parking decal.Under Investigation
7/25/20057/25/200505A-0424Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle struck a parked vehicle in lot, damage over $1,000.Reported to KDOT.
7/25/20057/25/200505C-0423Harassing Phone CallsElliot HallReport of obscene phone callsUnder Investigation
7/25/20057/25/200505C-0422VandalismBeta Theta PiDrunk individual threw couch off the balconyHouse did not want to press charges
7/26/20057/26/200505C-0435No Proof of InsuranceLot #2One of the drivers of above accident could not provide current proof of insuranceDriver provided proof of insurance 9/8/05
7/26/20057/26/200505A-0434Auto AccidentLot #2Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
7/26/20057/26/200505A-0433TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) took a box set of Hewlett Packard books, $41.00Under Investigation
7/26/20057/26/200505C-0431Suspicious CharacterLot #6Report of males in a vehicle casing cars in the lot looking for toolsUnder Investigation
7/26/20056/13/200505C-0430Lost PropertyOn CampusReport of the loss of a key ring with 12 -14 keysUnder Investigation
7/26/20057/26/200505C-0429InformationLot #25Report on lot lights being outNote sent to Physical Plant for repair
7/26/20057/26/200505C-0428Suspicious CharacterAblah LibrarySubject sleeping in the 24 hour study lab.Warned and asked to leave
7/26/20053:00 PM7/26/20053:00 PM05C-0432Battery - DVWheatshocker ApartmentsA argument between spouses resulted in the arrest of the male half, who also possessed marijuanaArrest M/23. Summons issued 7/28/05
7/27/20057/27/200505A-0437Auto AccidentLot #17Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
7/27/20057/27/200505C-0436Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryReport of a male sleeping in the 24 hour study labWarned and asked to leave
7/28/20057/28/200505C-0438Harassing Phone CallsOff CampusPrank calls received to an on-campus numberUnder Investigation
7/28/200510:10 PM7/28/200510:06 PM05C-0439TheftLot #18Male caught breaking into a vehicle. Male arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/24. Charges filed 9/27/05
7/29/20057/28/200505C-0440Auto TheftLot #271988 HondaUnder Investigation, vehicle recovered on 7/30/05
7/30/20057/30/200505C-0443Suspicious CharacterGamma Phi Beta SororityMale in a vehicle loitering in the area.Asked to leave
7/30/20057/30/200504C-0442Outside Assist4000 E. 17thFemale told officer of an attempted abduction; later found to be falseFalse report
7/30/20057/30/200504C-0441Outside Assist17th and VassarDog hit by a carAnimal Control called
7/31/20057/31/200505C-0445Officer AssistWheatshocker ApartmentsOfficer stood by while subject removed items from a room.Items successfully removed
7/31/20057/31/200505S-0444Sick CallRhatigan Student CenterSubject suffered from severe chest painsTransported to hospital by EMS
8/1/20058/1/200504C-0448Outside Assist1716 N. GentryAssisted Wichita Police Department with a strong arm robberyWPD handled the case
8/1/20058/1/200505C-0447Suspicious CharacterLot #18Report of a male walking through the lotGone on officer's arrival
8/1/200512:01 AM8/1/200512:05 AM05C-0446Outside AssistEck StadiumWPD and WSU officers checked area of Eck Stadium for a 911 hangup with a possible disturbance.Officers found nothing when they arrived
8/2/20058/2/200505A-0451Auto AccidentMike Oatman Drive at 21st StreetVehicle hit a traffic sign along the street, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/2/20058/2/200505C-0450TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) took an unattended laptop an check from the lounge area, $1,300.00Under Investigation
8/2/20058/2/200505A-0449Auto AccidentLot #27Vehicle hit a fire hydrant and knocked it off its base, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/3/20058/3/200505C-0452Outside CaseWilner AuditoriumTwo credit cards reported stolen from cases by the Wichita Police Department were found.Turned over to the Wichita Police Department
8/5/20058/5/200505C-0458Outside CaseLot #7Skateboarder arrested on an outstanding warrantArrest, M/22
8/5/20058/5/200505C-0457DisturbanceBetween Geology and Engineering BuildingsSkateboardersOne arrested for an outstanding warrant; 2 released to parents
8/5/20057/31/200505A-0456Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/5/20058/4/200505C-0455VandalismJardine and McKinley HallsRestroom mirrors scratchedUnder Investigation
8/5/20057/31/200505C-0454DisturbanceBetween Geology and Engineering BuildingsSkateboardersWarned and asked to leave
8/5/20058/5/200505C-0460Check WelfareHughes Metropolitan Complex Parking LotSuicical subject in a carTransported to hospital by EMS
8/5/20058/5/200505C-0459Outside Case1760 N. GentryOfficers assisted Wichita Police Department with an armed robberyWPD handled the case
8/5/20058:39 AM8/4/20058:32 AM04C-0453TheftLot 19/Eck StadiumMale caught trying to steal a weedeater. Male arrested and booked into jail.Arrest M/42. Warrant issued 8/19/05
8/6/20058/6/200505C-0463DisturbanceDelta UpsilonOfficers asked to assist in clearing unwanted guests from a party.Unwanted guests asked to leave
8/6/20058/6/200505C-0462DisturbanceWheatshocker ApartmentsOngoing argument between roommates.Referred to Housing
8/6/20058/6/200505C-0461DisturbanceJabara HallSubject didn't have a Shocker Card to use the computersTaken to library to get a shocker card and taken back to Jabara
8/7/20058/2/200505C-0465Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Subject hit fire hydrant and failed to report accident; also driving in violation of restrictions on license, damage over $1,000Summons Issued 11/7/05
8/8/20058/8/200505A-0464Hit and Run AccidentLot #13An unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area; property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/9/20058/9/200505C-0466Suspicious CharacterBetween Human Resources and Rhatigan Student CenterPanhandler asking for moneyUnder Investigation
8/10/20058/10/200505A-0467Hit and Run AccidentLot #13Unknown vehicle struck another while parked in lot, damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/12/20058/12/200505C-0468Check Welfare1625 N. YaleWPD and University Offices check on the welfare of a very intoxicated male.Subject taken home
8/13/20058/13/200504C-0469TheftJabara HallHousekeeping staff reports the theft of three rolls of toilet paper.Under Investigation
8/14/20058/14/200505C-0471InformationMorrison HallSmall dog trapped in a window well.Animal Control called
8/14/20058/14/200505C-0473BurglaryWilner AuditoriumUnknown person entered office and used computer without permissionProsecution declined 8/17/05
8/14/20058/14/200505A-0472Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown vehicle struck a legally parked car in the lot, damage under $1,000.Reported to KDOT
8/14/20058/14/200505C-0470Possession of MarijuanaFairmount TowersTwo males admitted to smoking marijuana to housing offiicials.Under Investigation
8/15/20058/5/200505C-0474Suspicious CharacterKoch ArenaSubject tried to enter coaches office; non-student,Escorted off campus
8/16/20058/16/200505A-0477Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Unknown vehicle struck another while parked in the lot.Reported to KDOT
8/16/20058/16/200505A-0476Auto AccidentLot #14Two vehicles struck each other in the lot, damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/16/20058/16/200505C-0475BurglaryWilner AuditoriumSuspect caught crawling out of an office window, had a palm pilot in his pocket.Arrested, booked and charged M/19
8/17/20058/17/200505C-0480Disorderly ConductWheatshocker ApartmentsArgument between two males and a female.Under Investigation
8/17/20058/16/200505C-0479HarassmentOn CampusKnown female changed enrollment informationReferred to Dean of Students
8/17/20058/1/200505C-0478TheftHeskett CenterPower washer sometime during the last two weeks, $900.00Under Investigation
8/18/20058/18/200505A-0484Auto AccidentLot 9 EastTwo vehicles struck each other in the lot, damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/18/20058/18/200505C-0483Traffic OffenseLot #5Vehicle stopped for careless driving and running a stop sign. Driver did not have proof of insurance.Case Unfounded; citation issued
8/18/20058/18/200505C-0482FireDeurksen Fine Arts CenterFire in elevator.Extinguished; everything okay
8/18/20058/18/200505C-0481Sick CallFairmount TowersResident passed out and vomiting from drinking too much.EMS called; refused treatment
8/19/20058/19/200505C-0487Consumption by a MinorOmega CourtParent complained that daughter came home drunk from a fraternity partyUnder Investigation
8/19/20058/17/200505C-0485TheftMcKinley HallUnknown person(s) removed laptop and check from office.Under Investigation
8/20/20058/20/200505C-0486Consumption by a MinorFairmount TowersResident drunk; had been at fraternity party.Left in charge of roomate
8/20/20058/20/200505C-0488Suspicious CharacterJabara HallMale looking at porn in the lab.Told to leave building
8/21/20058/21/200505C-0493Suspicous Character17th and HarvardSubject asking for money from residents.Warned and asked to leave area
8/21/20058/21/200505C-0492BurglarySigma Phi Epsilon 1740 N. VassarUnknown person(s) entered house while residents were sleeping and removed trophies, $510.00Under Investigation
8/21/20058/21/200505A-0491Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Parked vehicle struck by an unknown vehicle, damage under $1,000.Reported to KDOT
8/21/20058/21/200505C-0490BatteryBeta Theta Pi 1845 N. HillsideSubject lied to enter party, then started fight when asked to leave.Summons issued 10/7/05
8/22/20058/22/200505C-0499Drive While SuspendedLot #13Vehicle stopped for defective headlights; driver had suspended driver's license.Arrest, F/20
8/22/20058/22/200505C-0498Lost PropertyHeskett Center or Hubbard HallPurse and contents lost somewhere in either building.Under Investigation
8/22/20058/22/200505C-0497TheftLot #4Unknown person(s) took four hubcaps from parked car, $300.00Under Investigation
8/22/20058/22/200505C-0496Criminal TrespassJabara HallSubject arrested for violating no trespass order.Arrest, M/20
8/22/20058/22/200505A-0495Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle struck parked vehicle and left area.Reported to KDOT
8/22/20058/22/200505C-0494VandalismLot #27Unknown person(s) broke out driver's side window and attempted to take a CD receiver, $200.00.Under Investigation
8/23/20058/23/200505C-0501TheftWallace HallUnknown person(s) removed laptop from office, $1,500.00Under Investigation
8/23/20058/23/200505C-0500Drive While SuspendedLot #4Officer stopped driver whom he knew driver's license was suspended.Arrest, M/42
8/24/20058/24/200505C-0503Case voided by officer
8/24/20058/24/200505A-0502Hit and Run AccidentLot 2 WestUnknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, damage under $1,000Reported to KDOT
8/25/20058/25/200505A-0489Auto AccidentLot 2 WestTwo vehicles struck each other in the lotReported to KDOT
8/25/20058/25/200505A-0504Auto AccidentLot #16Two vehicles struck each other in the lot, damage over $1,000.Reported to KDOT
8/26/20058/24/200505A-0507Hit and Run AccidentLot #19Unknown vehicle struck parked vehicle and left area, damage under $1,000.Reported to KDOT
8/26/20058/26/200505C-0506Theft of Lost or Mislaid PropertyLot #16Wallet and contents, $30.00Under Investigation
8/26/20058/26/200505C-0505VandalismLot #7Unknown person(s) scratched the side of a vehicle with an unknown object, $100.00Under Investigation
8/26/20058/22/200505C-0510TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterMusical instruments checked out but never returned, $7,549.00Under Investigation
8/26/20058/26/200505C-0509Suspicious CharacterDeurksen Fine Arts CenterUnknown subect making obscene remarks to students.Under Investigation
8/27/20058/27/200505C-0515Outside Assist1845 N. HIllside Beta Theta Pi FraternityFraternity ticketed for not having a cabert lisence for their party.WPD handled the incident
8/27/20058/27/200505C-0514TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed unattended laptop, book and ID card, $606.00.Under Investigation
8/27/20058/27/200505C-0513Criminal TrespassRhatigan Student CenterKnown subject with a no trespass order reported in the building.Arrest Warrant Issued 10/7/05
8/27/20058/27/200505C-0512Disturbance1720 N. Vassar Delta Upsilon FraternityUnknown males asking for money and cigarettesDriver contacted and advised he would not be back
8/27/20058/27/200505C-0511Disturbance1740 N. Vassar Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternityFraternity asked for help evicting two unwanted guests from a party.Told to leave
8/28/20058/28/200505C-0517Found Property2603 Nl. FountainTwo insurance cardsTurned into Lost and Found
8/28/20058/28/200505A-0516Auto AccidentLot #27Two vehicles struck each other in the lot, damage under $1,000Reported to KDOT
8/29/20058/29/200505C-0519TheftWallace HallThree unattended textbooks, $360.00Suspect charged and in custody 10/12/05
8/29/20058/29/200505C-0518TheftAblah LibraryUnattended bookbag and contents, $65.00Under Imvestigation
8/30/20058/30/200505C-0524Auto TheftGarvey Center LotUnknown person(s) took 1989 Pontiac LeMans from the lot.Recovered at 17th & Hillside; under investigation
8/30/20058/30/200505C-0523TheftLot #1Unknown person(s) removed tires, wheels and lugnuts from vehicle, $160.00.Under Investigation
8/30/20058/30/200505C-0322TheftLot #19Unknown person(s) removed lug nuts from vehicle, $8.00Under Investigaiton
8/30/20058/30/200505C-0521TheftLot #2WSU parking permit and handicap placard, $10.00Under Investigation
8/31/20058/31/200505C-0508Case number issued but report voided
8/31/20058/31/200505C-0520Auto AccidentLot #7Two vehicles collided with each other, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/31/20058/31/200505A-0529Hit and Run AccidentLot #1 SouthUknown vehicle struck a parked car and then left area, damage under $1,000.00.Reported to KDOT
8/31/20058/31/200505C-0528Drive While Intoxicated4000 E. 17thOfficer stopped vehicle for driving on the wrong side of the road; driver was drunk and driving on a suspended license.Arrest, M/42
8/31/20058/31/200505A-0527Auto AccidentLot #3 SouthTwo vehicles struck each other in the lot, damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
8/31/20058/31/200505C-0526Theft1845 N. Hillside Beta Theta Pi FraternityUnknown person(s) entered car and removed a Sony CD player, $200.00Under Investigation
9/1/20059/1/200505C-0532RobberyNorth of Wheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown black male forced victim at knifepoint, loss of $25.00Under Investigation
9/1/20059/1/200505C-0531TheftWallace HallBookbag and contents; books sold back at Books to Go; $615.00Suspect charged and in custody, 10/12/05
9/1/20058/30/200505C-0530Information ReportAblah 24 hour study labPossible theft of a keyboard; lock prevented the theft.Under Investigation
9/2/20059/2/200505A-0533Injury Accident - PedestrianPerimeter Road at HarvardPedestrian hit by car.Reported to KDOT
9/3/20059/3/200505C-0534TheftLot #26Unknown person(s) broke rear window and removed CD player, $250.00Under Investigation
9/4/20059/4/200505C-0537TheftLot #22Unknown person(s) broke out driver's side window and took CD plater, $600.00.Under Investigation
9/4/20059/4/200505C-0535Suspicious CharacterLot #25Panhandler asking for money.Taken to McDonalds
9/5/20059/4/200505C-0536TheftLot #22Unknown person(s) broke out driver's side window and attempted to take out in-dash CD player, $500.00Under Investigation
9/5/20059/1/200505C-0540VandalismLot #9 WestUnknown person(s) used a sharp object to scratch paint on side of car, $1,200.00Under Investigation
9/5/20059/5/200505C-0539TheftLot #2 NorthUnknown person(s) entered unlocked vehicle and attempted to steal a CD player, $295.00Under Investigation
9/6/20059/4/200505C-0538TheftFairmount TowersRed bicycle taken from the bicycle rack, $59.00Under Investigation
9/7/20059/4/200505C-0543TheftLot #22Unknown person(s) broke out window and removed CD plaer, $135.00Under Investigation
9/7/20059/6/200505C-0542Suspicious CharacterMcKinley HallReport of a former student who kept staring through the window into class.Under Investigation
9/7/20059/7/200505A-0541Auto AccidentReported to KDOT
9/8/20059/7/200505A-0547Auto AccidentAhlberg HallPolice vehicle struck a handrail near buildingReported to KDOT
9/8/20059/3/200505C-0546Harassing Phone CallsWheatshocker ApartmentsResident receiving unusual messages.Under Investigation
9/8/20059/8/200505C-0545DisturbanceHeskett CenterSubject became lound and angry with staff.Officers calmed him down; everything OK
9/8/20059/7/200505A-0544Hit and Run AccidentLot #13Unknown vehicle struck a parked car in lot and left area, damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/9/20059/2/200505C-0549TheftLot #1 NorthKansas license tag taken from parked vehicle.Under Investigation
9/9/20059/9/200505A-0458Auto AccidentWSUPD LotTwo vehicles struck each other in lot, damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/10/20059/10/200505C-0550Suspicious Character1744 Roosevelt CourtUnknown person was knocking on windows.Under Investigation
9/11/20059/11/200505C-0551Check Welfare1714 N. FairmountCheck on subject who was threatening suicide.Found and determined not to be a threat to self or others.
9/12/20059/8/200505C-0553Auto ImpoundLot #1 SouthAn abandonded vehicle was towed out of the lot.Towed to Auto inn
9/12/20059/11/200505C-0552Theft3912 E. 21st #30Unknown person(s) entered car and took cd player/radio, $90.00Under Investigation
9/13/20057/27/200505C-0556TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person(s) took digital camera from room, $362.00Suspect replaced camera; case cleared 9/30/2005
9/13/20059/13/200505A-0555Auto AccidentLot #1Two vehicles struck each other, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/13/20059/13/200505A-0554Auto AccidentLot #16Two vehicles struck each other, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/14/20059/14/200505C-0558VandalismLot #22Unknown person(s) broke out the rear window of parked car, $250.00Under Investigation
9/14/20059/14/200505A-0557Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles struck each other in the lot, property damage over $1000.00Reported to KDOT
9/15/20059/14/200505C-0559VandalismLot #18Unknown person(s) drove into volleyball pole and knocked it down; $300.00Under Investigation
9/16/20058/31/200505C-0562TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterCheckbook taken from building; later reovered.Under Investigation
9/16/20059/16/200505A-0561Auto AccidentLot #15Two vehicles struck each other in the lot; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/16/20059/16/200505A-0560Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles struck each other in the lot; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/17/20059/17/200505C-0563Consumption of Alcohol by a mInor4000 E. 21st Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Resident drank too much alcoholTransported to hospital by EMS
9/18/20059/18/200505C-0564Property Damage4700 block of east 17thGolf ball hit windshield of vehicle; $300.00Information Report
9/19/20059/19/200505A-0567Hit and Run AccidentLot #17Unknown vehicle struck another and left area, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/19/20059/19/200505C-0566TrespassingLot #7Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and left religious materialUnder Investigation
9/19/20058/9/200505C-0565TheftAhlberg HallUnknown person(s) took number from credit card and used it for purchases.Under Investigation
9/20/20059/20/200505A-0570Auto AccidentLot #20Two vehicles struck each other; property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/20/20059/20/200505C-0569Disorderly ConductMcKnight Art CenterSubject was loud and angry, inchoherent and agitated. Arrested for disorderly conduct.Arrest Warrant Issued 11/7/05
9/20/20059/20/200505C-0568HarassmentLindquist HallKnown person leaving unwanted gifts for victim.Under Investigation
9/21/20059/21/200505C-0572TheftLot #7Lisence plate from parked vehicle in lot.Under Investigation
9/21/20059/21/200505C-0571Property DamageLot #16Vehicle had a dent the door from the adjacent car.Under Investigation
9/22/20059/22/200505C-0574Disorderly ConductAblah LibrarySubject was loud and profane and threw a chairUnder Investigation
9/22/20059/22/200505C-0580TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took unattended purse, $161.00Case unfounded 9/26/05; purse located with contents intact.
9/22/20059/22/200505C-0579TheftLot #9 WestUnknown person(s) entered vehicle and took bowling bag,a nd tried to take CD player from dash, damaging the dash, $90.00Under Investigation
9/22/20059/22/200505C-0578TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took unattended cell phone, $150.00Under Investigation
9/22/20059/22/200505C-0577TheftLot #8Unknown person(s) took parking decal from unlocked vehicle parked in lot.Under Investigation
9/22/20059/22/200505C-0576Suspicious PersonPolice DepartmentUnknown male stood in the doorway.Under Investigation
9/22/20059/22/200505A-0575Auto AccidentLot #2Two vehicles collided with each other; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/22/20059/22/200505C-0573TheftWilner AuditoriumUnknown person(s) tried to enter vending machine.Under Investigation
9/23/20059/23/200505C-0583FireLot #4Truck bed liner caught on fire from hot coals on a grill; $450.00Fire put out
9/23/20059/23/200505C-0582Information ReportLot #24Officer served a no trespass letter to subject.Letter served
9/23/20059/20/200505C-0581Altered Tag17th and FairmountOfficer stopped vehicle with an altered 30-day tag.Tag seized
9/23/20059/23/200505C-0586VandalismBlake HallWindow shot out with a pellet gunUnder Investigation
9/24/20059/23/200505C-0585Outside AssistLot #23Assisted city with a gang-related apprehension on a theft from an auto.WPD handled report
9/25/20059/25/200505C-0584Disorderly ConductOmega Court
9/25/20059/22/200505C-0588Theft of Lost or Mislaid PropertyLot #22Wallet and contents lost in the lot, not turned into lost and found, $33.00Under Investigation
9/25/20059/25/200505A-0587Hit and Run AccidentLot #16Unknown vehicle struck another and left area; property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/26/20059/26/200505A-0591Auto AccidentLot #14Two vehicles struck each other in lot; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/28/20059/21/200505C-0590Telephone HarassmentWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person making profane and sexually oriented phone calls.Prosecution declined 10/4/05
9/28/20059/28/200505C-0594Aggravated RobberyDuerksen Fine Arts CenterStudent robbed at knifepoint in a practice room.Under Investigation
9/28/20059/28/200505C-0593HarassmentLindquist HallGraduate Teaching Assistant being harassed by studentUnder investigation
9/28/20059/28/200505C-0592TheftFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) removed compter from room.Under Investigation
9/29/20059/29/200505C-0596Traffic Infractions21st and BelmontOfficer stopped vehicle for expired tag, driver also had no driver's license in possession or proof of insurance.Summons Issued 12/08/05
9/29/20059/29/200505A-0595Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Unknown vehicle struck two vehicles in lot and left area; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
9/30/20059/30/200505C-0597Drive While Suspended21st and Old ManorVehicle stopped and driver had a suspended drivers lisence.Summons Issued 12/08/2005
10/1/200510/1/200505C-0598BatteryWheatshocker ApartmentsEx-boyfriend attacked new boyfirend.Arrest warrant issued
10/2/200510/2/200505C-0601Suspicous CharacterFairmount Towers CommonsSuspect found sleeping in the commons.Asked to leave
10/2/200510/2/200505C-0600Drive on Restricted LicensePerimeter road at Wheatshocker LaneDriver stopped and was driving on a learner's permit without a licensed driver.Summons Issued 12/21/2005
10/2/200510/2/200505C-0599Drive While SuspendedLot #9 EastDriver stopped for an expired tag; driver was suspended.Summons Issued, 12/08/2005
10/3/20059/27/200505C-0603TheftOn CampusUnknown person(s) took parking decal from car.Under Investigation
10/3/20051/1/200505C-0602Identity TheftOff CampusVictim reports being the victim of identity theftUnder Investigation
10/4/200510/4/200505C-0608Suspicious Character3812 E. 21st #30 Kappa Sigma FraternityTwo juveniles looking in cars in lot.Gone on officers arrival
10/4/200510/4/200505A-0607Auto Accident18th and ChautauquaSuspect from above case crashed into pole and wrecked car.Reported to KDOT
10/4/200510/4/200505C-0606Trespass18th and ChautauquaSuspect chased off campus for criminal trespass; wrecked car, returned and was arrested.Charged by DA's office 10/20/2005
10/4/200510/4/200505C-0605TheftAhlberg HallBicycle seat taken from bicycle in rack.Under Investigation
10/4/200510/4/200505A-0604Auto AccidentLot #9 EastTwo vehicles struck each other in the lot.Reported to KDOT
10/5/200510/5/200505C-0611Lost PropertyOn CampusLost keys and WSU ID card somewhere on campusUnder Investigation
10/5/200510/4/200505C-0610ThreatLot #14Threats made over parking stall dispute.Prosecution declined 10/13/2005
10/5/200510/5/200505A-0609Auto AccidentLot #1Two vehicles struck each other in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/6/200510/6/200505C-0677TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) took unattended wallet; $25.00Under Investigation
10/6/200510/6/200505C-0613Suspicious CharacterGeology BuildingUnknown male frequenting building, showering and eating food from lounge. Suspect gone on officers arrival.Under Investigation
10/6/200510/6/200505C-0612Information17th and HolyokeWitness saw a male pointing a handgun at another in the parking lot. Gone when officers arrived.Under Investigation
10/7/200510/7/200505C-0620BatteryLot #2 WestFight in retaliation for urination in a vehicle.Prosecution declined 10/12/05
10/7/200510/7/200505C-0618VandalismLot #2 WestSuspect kicked door and urinated inside vehicle.Prosecution declined 10/12/05
10/7/200510/7/200505C-0617Expired License TagPerimeter Road at Lot #6Officer stopped vehicle for running stop sign; vehicle had expired tag and no proof of insurance.Summons Issued 12/06/2005
10/7/200510/6/200505C-0616TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) removed the Sigma Phi Epsilon banner from the building, $70.00Under Investigation
10/7/200510/7/200505A-0615Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles collided with each other; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/7/200510/7/200505A-0614Auto AccidentLot #16Two vehicles collided with each other; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/8/200510/7/200505C-0619Outside Assist116 N. MeadStudent had purse/contents from off-campus site.WPD took report
10/8/200510/8/200505C-0622No Proof of InsuranceLot #27One of the driver's of the above case had no proof of insurance.Charges Pending
10/8/200510/8/200505A-0621Auto AccidentLot #27Two vehicles collided with each other; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/9/200510/9/200505A-0624Auto AccidentLot #9 EastTwo vehicles collided with each other in the lot; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/10/200510/9/200505D-0629BatteryHeskett Center Soccer FieldsVictim struck in the faceUnder Investigation
10/10/200510/7/200505C-0628TheftHubbard HallGymbag and contents taken from office; later recovered minus Shocker Card.Under Investigation
10/10/200510/7/200505C-0627TheftBraeburn Golf CourseClubcar and golf cart taken, $28,500.00Impounded by WPD
10/10/200510/10/200505A-0625Pedestrian AccidentPerimeter Road at FairmountVehicle struck pedestrian in crosswalk; minor injuries.Reported to KDOT
10/11/200510/11/200505C-0633Suspicious CharacterJabara HallSubject viewing porn on a computer in the 24 hour lab.Told to leave
10/11/200510/11/200505C-0632Auto AccidentLot #22Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot; property damage under$1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/11/200510/11/200505C-0631Outside Assist4000 E. 21st Phi Delta Theta FraternityAssit city with a subject who was trying to stop a drunk freind drive.WPD handled the case
10/11/200510/11/200505C-0630Suspicious PersonSouth of the Physical PlantVictim thought she was being followed by subject.Subject ID'd and let go
10/12/200510/10/200505C-0635TheftFairmount Towers SourthUnknown person(s) took blue bicycle from bike rack, $35.00Under Investigation
10/12/200510/12/200505C-0634Suspicous CharacterJabara HallSubject viewing pornography on a computer in the 24 hour lab.Warned and removed from building
10/13/200510/13/200505C-0639Suspicious CharacterFairmount Towers CommonsPossible panhandler in the buildingAsked to leave
10/13/200510/13/200505C-0638TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took jacket with wallet; $125.00Under Investigation
10/13/200510/12/200505A-0637Hit and Run AccidentLot 9 WestTwo vehicles collided in the lot; property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/13/200510/13/200505C-0636Outside Case17th and HarvardOfficers arrested subject on outstanding warrantArrest M/25
10/14/200510/14/200505C-0646Drive While Suspended3200 E. 17thOfficer stopped vehicle for expired tags, driver had a suspended drivers license, and no proof of liability insurance.Summons issued 12/08/2005
10/14/200510/14/200505C-0644TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed red and silver mountain bike from rack; $60.00Under Investigation
10/14/200510/14/200505C-0643InformationWheatshockerOfficers stood by while Athletic department recoverd some property from a room.Property recovered
10/14/200510/13/200505C-0641TheftBraeburn Golf CourseJuveniles took golf carts on a joy ride; recovered at Fairmount Park by WPDJuveniles arrested
10/14/200510/13/200505C-0640VandalismLot #27Unknown person(s) broke out window and took CD player; $250.00Under investigation
10/15/200510/15/200505C-0647Battery - DVLot #2Report of estranged husband pushing wife in the parking lot.Prosecution declined 11/18/2005
10/16/200510/16/200505C-0651Drive While Suspended3200 E. 17thDriver stopped for failure to have child restrained properly; driver had a suspended drivers licesnse.Summons Issued, 12/08/2005
10/16/200510/15/200505A-0650Hit and Run AccidentLot #22Unknown vehicle struck another in the lot; property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/16/200510/16/200505C-0649Drive While Intoxicated3200 E. 17thDriver stopped for erratic driving; driver refused to submit to testing.Arrest, M/54
10/16/200510/16/200505C-0648Posession of MarijuanaLot #25Subject possessed marijuana and posessed alcohol by a minorSummons Issued, M/20
10/17/200510/17/200505C-0656Expired Tag4600 E. 21stVehicle stopped for an expired tag.Prosecution declined 11/4/05
10/17/200510/17/200505C-0655TrespassWiner AuditoriumKnown suspect violated no trespass orderArrest, M/35
10/17/200510/17/200505A-0654Hit and Run AccidentLot #13Unknown vehicle struck another while parked in the lot; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/17/20059/19/200505C-0653InformationMorrison HallOfficers stood by while equipment was being locked up.Equipment locked
10/17/200510/17/200505C-0652Suspicious CharacterClinton HallCheck on homeless person in the buildingAsked to leave.
10/18/200510/18/200505C-0642TrespassFairmount TowersKnown person violated no trespass order.Charged by DA's office, 10/20/2005
10/19/200510/19/200505C-0659Traffic StopPerimeter Road at Gentry DriveDriver stopped for expired tags.Summons Issued 1/17/2006
10/19/200510/19/200505C-0657Outside Assist2700 E. 21stAssisted city with a DUI; driver had outstanding warrants.WPD handled the case
10/20/200510/20/200505C-0661Drive While SuspendedLot #10Vehicle stopped for an expired tag; driver had a suspended driver's license.Summons Issued, 12/08/2005
10/20/200510/20/200505C-0660TheftFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) took green Huffy bike from the South Tower bicycle rack.Under Investigation
10/21/200510/21/200505C-0664Traffic StopPerimeter road at Lot #16 SouthDriver stopped for failing to drive on the right side of the road.Charges Pending
10/21/200510/21/200505C-0663Check WelfareFairmount TowersOfficer checked on resident who was depressed and upset.Transported to Hosptial by EMS
10/21/200510/18/200505C-0662TheftBrennan Hall Bicycle RackUnknown person(s) took secured bicycle from bicycle rack; $170.00Under Investigation
10/22/200510/22/200505C-0667Suspicious CharacterWheatshockerSubjects stopped who were selling magazines in the residence hall.Asked to leave
10/22/200510/22/200505C-0666BurglaryWheatshockerUnknown person took a computer from a locked roomUnder investigation
10/22/200510/22/200505C-0665Battery1740 N. Vassar Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternityA fight broke out after unwanted guests asked to leave; alcohol involved. Three people arrested and booked into County Jail.Arrest M/21, M/21, M/24
10/23/200510/23/200505C-0668Outside CaseJabara HallSubject was found viewing porn on the computers in the 24 hour lab. Arrested on outstanding warrants and booked into the County Jai.Arrest M/24
10/24/200510/24/200505C-0671Auto AccidentLot #13Two vehicles collided in the parking lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/24/200510/24/200505C-0670Auto AccidentPerimeter at Lot #2Two vehicles collided at the intersection; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/24/200510/21/200505C-0669TheftBrennan Hall Bicycle RackUnknown person(s) took bicycle and lock from bicycle rack; $70.00Under Investigation
10/25/200510/25/200505C-0675Traffic ViolatinPerimeter at Lot #5Veicle stopped for expired tags; driver failed to show proof of insurance.Charges Pending
10/25/200510/25/200505A-0674Auto AccidentReported to KDOT
10/25/200510/25/200505C-0673Miscellaneous MischiefFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) burned paper in the south elevator in the South Towers.Under Investigation
10/25/200510/25/200505C-0672Check WelfareLot #24Subject slumped over the wheel of a car with the lights on. Subject intoxicated.Turned over to the Vice-President of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity
10/26/200510/26/200505C-0679TheftLot #8Unknown person(s) took wallet from a car in lot; $57.00Under Investigation
10/26/200510/26/200505A-0678Auto AccidentLot #7Two vehicles collided with each other; Property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
10/26/200510/26/200505C-0676Outside Assist4300 E. 21stOfficers assisted city in looking for a suspect in a traffic accident.WPD worked the case
10/27/200510/27/200505C-0684Traffic Viiolations21st and BluffVehicle ran a red light, and driver had no proof of insurance.Summons Issued 12/16/2005
10/27/200510/27/200505C-0683TheftClinton HallUnknown person(s) took bicycle from the rack, possibly unlocked at timeUnder Investigation
10/27/200510/27/200505C-0682TheftLot #18Wallet taken from a car in the lot.Under Investigation
10/27/200510/27/200505C-0681Lewd and Lascivious BehaviourLot #19Male was masturbating in his carSummons Issued 1/18/2006
10/27/200510/20/200505A-0680Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown vehicle struck another and left area without reporting the damage.Reported to KDOT
10/28/200510/28/200505C-0690HarassmentWheatshocker ApartmentsMale demaning to speak to victim. Gone on officers arrival.Under Investigation
10/28/200510/28/200505C-0689Traffic ViolationsLot #10Vehicle stopped for an expired tag and failed to show proof of insuranceSummons Issued 12/08/2005
10/28/200510/28/200505C-0686Drive While SuspendedLot #7Vehicle stopped and driver had a suspended driver's lisence.Summons Issued, 12/16/2005
10/28/200510/28/200505C-0685Harassing Phone CallsFairmount TowersHarassing phone calls received from unknown person; victim changed phone numberUnder Investigation
10/29/200510/29/200505C-0691Information1720 N. Vassar Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternityOfficers assisted with clearing out a party.Officers asked people to leave
10/29/200510/29/200505C-0692Attempt to Evade and EludePerimeter Road at Lot #5Vehicle ran a stop sign, and ran from officers when tried to stop.Summons Issued, 12/08/05
10/31/200510/31/200505C-0694Drive While SuspendedHillside and StadiumVehicle stopped for having a headlight out; driver had a suspended drivers license.Arrest, F/21
10/31/200510/31/200505A-0693Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Unknown vehicle struck another while parked in the lot; property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/1/200511/1/200505A-0698Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot; property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/1/200510/31/200505C-0697TheftHenrion HallUnknown person(s) cut chain on bicycle and took it, $180.00Under Investigation
11/1/200511/1/200505C-0696Suspicious PersonRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person looking over the shoulder of victim while using the computer.Under Investigation
11/1/200510/25/200505C-0695TheftJabara HallUnknown person took unattended laptop and accessories; $1,280Under Investigation
11/2/200511/2/200505C-0701InformationOn CampusEx-girlfriend felt she was being stalked by ex-boyfriend.Boyfriend told to stay away from girlfriend
11/2/20058/17/200505C-0700ForgeryRhatigan Student CenterCounterfeit $50.00 passed during registrationReferred to the Secret Service
11/2/200511/2/200505A-0699Hit and Run AccidentLot #13One vehicle struck parked vehicle and left the area without reporting the accident; Property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/3/200511/3/200505C-0703Theft of Lost or Mislaid PropertyRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) removed an unattended purse and contents, $70.00.Under Investigation
11/3/200510/27/200505C-0702Vehicle ImpoundLot #4Vehicle towedVehicle towed from lot
11/7/200511/7/200505C-0706BurglaryWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person(s) removed laptop and other miscellaneous items from room; $1,260.00Under Investigation
11/7/200511/7/200505A-0705Auto AccidentLot #5Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/7/200511/7/200505A-0704Auto AccidentLot #27Two vehicles collided with each other in the parking lot; property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/8/200511/8/200505C-0708Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Jabara HallAfter checking a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, driver had a suspended driver's license.Arrest, M/23
11/8/200511/8/200505C-0707Traffic ViolationPerimeter Road at Fairmount St.Driver ran stop sign and refused to stop for officer.Citation Issued
11/9/200511/8/200505C-0714Suspicous CharacterJarding HallReport of a subject aacting in a bizzare manner.Talked to and released
11/9/200510/12/200505C-0709Hit and Run AccidentLot #19Driver failed to report an accident and provide proof of insurance.Summons Issued 1/17/2006
11/10/200511/10/200505C-0717Theft1740 N. Vassar Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternityUnknown person(s) took computer from house; $500.00.Under Investigation
11/10/200511/8/200505C-0716VandalismLot #18Unknown person(s) broke out rear window of vehicle, unknown reason, $200.00Under Investigation
11/10/200511/10/200505C-0715TheftLindquist Hall bicycle rackUnknown person(s) took a secured red mountain bike, $100.00.Under Investigation
11/11/200511/11/200505C-0718Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Isley LaneVehicle stopped for an expired tag; driver found to have an expired driver's license and an active warrant. Summons Issued 1/17/2006
11/13/200511/13/200505C-0719Battery DVLot #12An argument between boyfriend and ex-girlfriend; boyfriend arrested for striking the girlfriend. Boyriend arrested and booked into jailCase cleared, victim refused to testify
11/14/200511/14/200505A-0720Pedestrian AccidentPerimeter Road at Yale StreetA motorist struck a pedistrian crossing the street, pedistrian refused medical treatment.Reported to KDOT
11/15/200511/15/200505C-0723Lewd and Lascivious BehaviorWheatshocker ApartmentsPhysical Plant employess observed resident masturbating in room while they were working.DA declined to prosecute 11/29/05
11/15/200511/15/200505C-0722RunawayBrennan HallRunaway was staying with girlfriend in the residence hall.Taken to Juvenile Detention Facility
11/15/200511/15/200505C-0721Harassing Phone CallsFairmount TowersResident receiving annoying phone callsUnder Investigation
11/16/200511/16/200505C-0726InformationOff CampusUnknown male posing as a WSU officer threatened to shut down a web site.Under Investigation
11/16/200511/15/200505C-0725Theft1740 N. Vassar Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternityUnknown person(s) broke out window and removed MP3 player, speakers and amp from locked vehicle, $2,150.00Under Investigation
11/16/200510/25/200505C-0724TheftDuerksen Fine Arts CenterUnknnown person(s) took drumsticks and case from room, $524.00.Under Investigation
11/17/200511/17/200505C-0729InformationWheatshocker ApartmentsReport of possible drug use by roommate.Under Investigation
11/17/200511/17/200505C-0728Possible ID TheftFairmount TowersPersonal information was given over the phone during pre-registration leading to possible identity theft.Under Investigation
11/17/200511/17/200505C-0727TheftMcKinley HallUnknown person(s) took several wallets and contents left unattended in a classroom, $70.00.Under Investigation
11/18/200511/18/200505C-0732Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Lot #1SouthVehicle stopped with possible stolen tag; driver had a suspended license and had no proof of insurance.Arrest, M/30
11/18/200511/18/200505A-0731Hit and Run AccidentLot #16Unknown person struck parked car, property damage over $1,000.00.Reported to KDOT
11/19/200510/19/200505C-0730TheftRhatigan Student Center BookstoreUnknown person used fraudulent credit card to purchase a computer over the internet, $1,073.00Under Investigation
11/20/200511/20/200505C-0733ThreatLot #1 SouthThreat over parking before a basketball game.Under Investigation
11/21/200511/21/200505A-0739Auto AccidentLot #10Two vehicles collided in the lot.Reported to KDOT
11/21/200511/21/200505C-0738TheftLot #9EUnknown person(s) removed stereo faceplate and CD's from unlocked vehicle, $150.00.Under Investigation
11/21/200511/21/200505C-0737VandalismDeurksen Fine Arts CenterUnknown person(s) scratched gang graffiti into a door.Under Investigation
11/21/200511/21/200505C-0736Traffic InfractionMike Oatman Drive @ Perimeter RoadVehicle stopped for an expired tag.Prosecution declined 12/09/2005
11/21/200511/18/200505C-0735TheftLot #4Unknown person(s) took wallet that fell from victims pocket while exiting from vehicle, $20.00Under Investigation
11/21/200511/21/200505A-0734Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown vehicle struck parked vehicle in the lot; property damage under $1,000,00Reported to KDOT
11/22/200511/22/200505C-0740DisturbanceLot #16Two people engaged in a verbal argument.Under Investigation
11/26/200511/26/200505C-0741TheftPerimeter Road at FairmountUnknown person(s) took cash from vehicle, $14.00.Under Investigation
11/27/200511/26/200505C-0743TheftLot #26Unknown person(s) took items from vehicle.Under Investigation
11/27/20059/15/200505C-0742TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person(s) took secured red Pacific bicycle from the bicycle rack; $70.00.Under Investigation
11/28/200511/28/200505C-0746InformationPolice StationComplaint about officer behaviorUnder Investigation
11/28/200511/28/200505C-0745VandalismLot #16SUnknown person(s) broke rear window of van parked in lot; $150.00Under Investigation
11/28/200511/28/200505A-0744Auto AccidentLot #19Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot.Reported to KDOT
11/29/200511/29/200505A-0748Auto AccidentLot #9WTwo vehicles collided with each other in lot, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/29/200511/29/200505A-0747Auto AccidentLOt #19Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/30/200511/30/200505A-0752Hit and Run AccidentLot #21Unknown vehicle struck another while parked in the lot, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/30/200511/30/200505C-0751Drive While SuspendedLot 1NorthDriver had a suspended driver's license.Prosecution declined 12/05/05
11/30/200511/30/200505A-0750Auto AccidentLot #5Two vehicles collided in the lot, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
11/30/200511/30/200505A-0749Auto AccidentLot 1 NerthTwo vehicles collided with each other, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
12/1/200511/30/200505A-0753Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle struck another while parked in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00.Reported to KDOT
12/3/200512/3/200505C-0755TheftLot #5Unknown person(s) removed bumper covers from parked vehicle, $600.00Under Investigation
12/3/200512/3/200505C-0754Harassing Phone CallsWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person making harassing phone calls to resident.Under Investigation
12/4/200512/4/200505A-0756Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown vehicle struck another while parked in the lot; property damage under $1,000.00.Reported to KDOT
12/5/200512/2/200505C-0757VandalismLot #4Vehicle scratched with a key over a possible parking dispute.Under Investigation
12/6/200512/6/200505C-0759Expired License Tags3800 E. 16thVehicle stopped for not having headlights on; had an expired license tag and driver did not have proof of liability insurance.Summons Issued /19/2006
12/6/200511/30/200505C-0758VandalismLot 3 SouthUnknown person(s) keyed car in several different lots over different time periods.Under Investigation
12/7/200512/7/200505A-0763Auto Accident21st Street at Mike Oatman DriveTwo vehicles collided with each other; property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
12/7/200512/7/200505C-0762DisturbanceCommerce BankStudent refused to leave the area.Handled by the officers
12/7/200512/7/200505A-0761Auto AccidentPerimeter Road by Hubbard HallTwo vehicles collided with each other.Reported to KDOT
12/7/200512/7/200505C-0760TheftBrennan IIUnknown person(s) took cash from a cash register, $35.00Under Investigation
12/8/200512/8/200505C-0766Suspicious PackageFiske HallProfessor received an unsolicited package. Package was a book from another professor.Everything OK
12/8/200512/8/200505A-0765Auto AccidentLot #16 SouthTwo vehicles collided in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
12/8/200512/8/200505A-0764Auto AccidentLot #13Two vehicles collided in the lot, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
12/11/200512/11/200505A-0767Injury AccidentLot #7Two vehicles collided with each other; minor injury/damage.Reported to KDOT
12/12/200512/12/200505C-0771Child in Need of CareAblah LibraryJuvenile and Adult engaged in sexual activity in a restroom.Male released to parent; female released
12/12/200512/12/200505C-0770Outside AssistKappa Sigma Fraternity 3912 E. 21st. #30Assisted WPD with obtaining information about a vitim for a case.Handled by WPD
12/12/200512/12/200505C-0769BatteryLot #4Verbal argument turned into a physical fight betwween two females.Under Investigation
12/12/200512/12/200505A-0768Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles collided with each other in the lot, property damage under $1,000.00Reported to KDOT.
12/14/200512/14/200505C-0773Drive While SuspendedGentry Drive at Lot #14Vehicle stopped for failure to yield the right-of-way and crossing the yellow line; driver had a suspended license.Summons Issued 2/8/06
12/14/200512/14/200505C-0772Auto AccidentLot #7Two vehicles collided in the lot, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
12/15/200512/15/200505A-0776Hit and RunLot #4Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage over $1,000.00Reported to KDOT
12/15/200512/15/200505C-0775Computer CrimeUlrich MuseumHackers entered the security system for the museumUnder Investigation
12/15/200512/15/200505C-0774Outside Case4200 E. 17thAssisted WPD with a student who was involved in a battery.Handled by the WPD
12/16/200512/16/200505C-0777VandalismLot North of Fairmount TowersHousing Mantentence truck was damaged from a tossed bottle.Under Investigation
12/19/200512/19/200505C-0779Animal BiteClinton HallPet brought into the building bit co-worker; did not break skinUnder Investigation
12/19/200512/19/200505C-0778Suspicious LetterEngineering BuildingLetter received from a possibe former studentUnder Investigation
12/21/200512/21/200505C-0783Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Preferred Health Systems DriveVehicle ran stop sign; driver had a suspended license.Arrest, F/32
12/21/200512/15/200505C-0782Auto ImpoundLot #27Abandoned vehicle towed out of the lotTowed to Auto Inn
12/21/200512/20/200505C-0781Suspicious LetterAhlberg HallOffice received a profane letter from a jailed convictUnder Investigation
12/21/200512/21/200505C-0780Suspicious CharacterLot #8PanhandlerGone on Officers Arrival
12/22/200512/5/200505C-0786Lost PropertyAblah LibraryCell phone lost somewhere in the libraryUnder Investigation
12/22/200512/21/200505C-0785VandalismDuerksen Fine Arts CenterWindow glass broken out in studio doorUnder Investigation
12/22/200512/22/200505C-0784VandalismWheatshocker ApartmentsChemical fire extinguisher dischargedUnder Investigation
12/24/200512/24/200505C-0787Animal ReportAblah LibraryMale reports being chased onto campus by two pit bullsTaken home by officer
12/27/200512/27/200505C-0788Outside Assist1732 N. YaleAssited city in searching for a suspicious characterWPD handled the case
12/29/200512/29/200505C-0789Outside AssistLot #2 NorthReport of a male threatening suicideWPD took custody of the male