Case NoDate ReportedTime ReportedDate OccurredTime OccurredOffenseLocationDescriptionDisposition
22-00271/22/202201:22 AM1/22/202201:22 AMOutside Assist1639 N OliverOfficers assisted WPD on a call off campusOfficer filed a report
22-00261/21/202210:45 AM1/21/202210:45 AMTrespass Notice Served1845 N FairmountIndividual served trespass noticeOfficer filed a report
22-00251/20/202206:01 PM1/20/202206:01 PMAuto Accident1845 N FairmountNon-injury accident involving a vehicle striking another parked vehicleOfficer filed a report
22-00241/20/202202:36 PM1/20/202202:15 PMSuspicious Character3301 E 21stReport of a suspicious character walking around Koch Arena and Student Athlete CenterOfficer filed a report
22-00231/20/202209:27 AM1/20/202209:27 AMAuto Accident1845 N FairmountNon-injury accident that happened in parking lotOfficer filed a report
22-00221/19/202206:26 PM1/19/202209:15 AMInformation1950 N Research PlIndividual reports finding a screw in the sidewall of tire on vehicleOfficer filed a report
22-00211/18/202202:18 PM1/18/202201:51 PMInformation2020 N PerimeterIndividual wanting to make report about another individual's behaviorOfficer filed a report
22-00201/18/202212:23 PM1/18/202212:23 PMSick and Cared For2020 N Perimeter RdWSUPD was called to Shocker Hall for the report of an individuals legs hurting.Officer files a report
22-00191/17/202209:14 PM1/17/202209:14 PMOutside Assist2200 N BelmontWSUPD assisted WPD with a suicidal person.Officer filed a report
22-00181/16/202207:46 PM1/16/202208:00 AMTheft of Property 4105 E Mike Oatman DrIndividual reports theft of a catalytic converter Assigned to investigations
22-00171/16/202201:08 PM1/16/202201:08 PMSick and Cared ForWiedemann Circle Older male was seen walking on the sidewalk by Wiedemann Circle bleeding from the mouthOfficer filed a report
22-00161/16/202202:23 AM1/16/202202:23 AMMental Health Emergency 2020 N Perimeter RdWSU PD responded to a welfare check at Shocker HallOfficer filed a report
22-00151/15/202201:19 AM1/15/202201:19 AMInformation1950 N research PlWSUPD was contacted by a hospital chaplain in reference to a student who was in a vehicle accidentOfficer filed a report
22-00141/13/202204:57 PM1/13/202204:57 PMSick & Cared For1985 N Research PlIndividual experiencing medical emergencyOfficer filed a report
22-00131/13/202212:39 PM1/13/202212:39 PMInformation1950 N Research PlIndividual reporting identity theftAssigned to investigations
22-00121/13/202211:49 AM1/13/202211:49 AMSick & Cared For3550 E WuShock DrIndividual requiring medical assistance inside RSCOfficer filed a report
22-00111/12/202211:50 PM1/12/202211:50 PMOutside Assist1551 N PiattOfficers assisted Park City PD and WPD on off campus callOfficer filed a report
22-00101/12/202209:00 PM1/12/202209:00 PMInformation3301 E 21stOfficers responded to a verbal disturbanceOfficer filed a report
22-00091/10/202211:38 AM1/10/202211:38 AMOutside Assist5008 E Kensington StWSUPD assisted WPF with an injury accident Officer filed a report
22-00081/7/202206:00 PM1/7/202206:00 PMOutside Assist1950 N Research PlWSUPD assisted WPD with obtaining surveillance video on a WPD caseOfficer filed a report
22-00071/7/202201:56 AM1/7/202201:56 AMOutside Assist13th and OliverOfficers assisted WPD with off campus callOfficer filed a report
22-00061/6/202212:00 AM1/6/202212:00 AMOutside Assist13th and YaleOfficers assisted WPD with call off campusOfficer filed a report
22-00051/5/202203:14 PM1/5/202211:30 AMDisturbance5015 E 29thOfficers took report of a disturbance Officer filed a report
22-00041/4/202203:23 AM1/4/202203:23 AMCriminal Damage to property1845 N FairmountOfficers discovered damages to a parked vehicleAssigned to investigations
22-00031/4/202201:31 AM1/4/202201:31 AMOutside Assist1637 N LorraineOfficers assisted WPD with off campus callOfficer filed a report
22-00021/1/202210:33 AM1/1/202210:33 AMSick and Cared for3301 E 21stIndividual needed medical assistance after slipping on icy sidewalk and hitting hitOfficer filed a report
22-00011/1/202202:17 AM1/1/202202:17 AMInformation2020 N PerimeterOfficers assisted individual with returning to dorm roomOfficer filed a report