Date ReportedTime ReportedDate OccurredTime OccurredCase NoOffenseLocationDescriptionDisposition
1/2/20041/2/200404M-0001Vehicle DamageBetween 21st and 17th Streets on OliverVehicle struck by golf ball in the front windshield.Information Report
1/3/20041/3/200404C-0002Auto TheftLot #3Honda CRX stolen from lot.Under Investigation
1/6/20041/6/200404C-0004VandalismFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) threw full pop can from window and shattered windshield of Chevy truck, $300.00.Under Investigation
1/8/20041/8/200404S-0005Sick CallDeurksen Fine Arts CenterVictim took approx. 20 prescription pills in an apparent suicide attempt.Transported to hospital by EMS
1/9/20041/9/200404M-0009Lost PropertyLot #6Victim lost keys.Information Report
1/9/20041/9/200404C-0007Auto TheftLot #27Known male took keys to victim's maroon Saturn and took vehicle without permission.Vehicle recovered.
1/9/20041/9/200404M-0006Illegal Tag21st and OliverOfficer observed vehicle with an illegal tag.Tag confiscated and driver ticketed.
1/9/20041/9/200404M-0712AccidentSidewalk east of the Rhatigan Student CenterElderly driver drove on the sidewalk striking a concrete bench.No furter action needed
1/10/20041/10/200404C-0012Drive While SuspendedCricle Drive, DFACOne of the driver's involved in the previous accident had a suspended driver's license.License reinstated; no charges filed
1/10/20041/10/200404MA-0011Auto AccidentCricle Drive, DFACSentra was legaly parked when struck by a Suburban. Minor damage occurred.Reported to KDOT
1/10/20041/10/200404MA-0010Auto AccidentLot #9Maroon Mitsubishi was parked in stall when Grand Prix turned too wide and struck the MitsubishiReported to KDOT
1/12/20041/12/200404M-0008DisturbanceLot #27Unknown female used obscene gestures and profanity against a visitor to Wheatshocker apartments.Information Report
1/13/20041/13/200404C-0015VandalismLot #18Victim found all four tires on his truck.Under Investigation
1/14/20041/14/200404C-0021TheftAblah LibraryCell phone left in restroom was taken by unknown person(s).Under Investigation
1/14/20041/14/200404C-0018Drive While SuspendedPerimeter at Lot #19Suspect in above case was stopped, has a suspended license, no insurance and a warrant for parole violation. Suspect ran from officers. Arrested and booked into jail by Sedgwick County Sheriff DepartmentSummons issued
1/14/20041/14/200404C-0017Lewd BehaviorLot #7Victim reports an unknown W/M called her to his car, and when she looked inside, suspect was masturbating.Arrest, M/27. Summons issued for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior
1/15/20041/15/200404S-0016Sick CallFairmount Towers SouthVictim was suffering from alcohol poisoning.Transported to hospital by EMS
1/15/20041/15/200404S-0013Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsVictim was found unconscious in room. Checked by EMS and refused treatment
1/16/20041/16/200404M-0019Peeping TomJabara HallVictim repoted ceiling tiles being removed from a restroom in Jabara Hall. This is possibly related to similar incidents that occurred in 2002, with a known suspect.Under Investigation
1/17/20041/17/200404C-0020Theft Lot #21Digital camera, case, memory cards and four battery packs taken from under front seat of a Ford F150.Under Investigation
1/20/20041/20/200404C-0022VandalismAhlberg HallUnknown person(s) attempted to open office door, leaving pry marks.Under Investigation
1/22/20041/22/200404C-0023TheftRhatigan Student CenterPurse and contents taken from restroom.Under Investigation
1/23/20041/23/200404M-0028Miscellaneous ReportLot #27Officer sent to a handicap parking complaint. A city ticket was issued and the lisence tag confiscated as it was not registered to the vehicle.Ticket issued
1/23/20041/23/200404MA-0027Hit and Run AccidentLot #4A legally parked Ford Escort was hit on the left side rear bumper by an unknown vehicle. Minor Damage.Reported to KDOT
1/23/20041/23/200404M-0026Miscellaneous ReportKoch ArenaSomeone placed a magnet in line with the security magnets on a door. The magnet did not cause any problems or damage.Information Report
1/23/20041/23/200404MA-0025Auto AccidentLot #4White Nissan struck by driver of a gold Buick while attempting to park. Minor Damage.
1/23/20041/23/200404C-0024Theft of Lost/Mislaid PropertyRhatigan Student CenterWallet left at Fireside Lounge was gone when owner returned.Under Investigation
1/24/20041/24/200404MA-0032Auto AccidentLot #15Legally parked white Toyota PU was struck on the left side by a Black BMW while trying to park.Reported to KDOT
1/24/20041/24/200404S-0031Sick CallAhlberg HallVictim complained of stomach cramps and headache.Transported to hospital by EMS
1/24/20041/24/200404C-0029Assault1845 N. Hillside, Beta Theta Pi FraternityA fraternity member was hit in the nose during a scuffle with some non-fraternity members.Victim refused to testify; case cleared
1/25/20041/25/200404C-0036Vandalism Lindquist Hall, 1st floor loungeUnknown person(s) used a mattock tool to destroy and enter a vending machine, and removed some coins and product, $1,000.00Under investigation
1/25/20041/25/200404C-0035Domestic ViolenceWheatshocker ApartmentsGirlfriend shoved boyfriend during argument. The girlfriend, 20 years old was arrested and booked into jail.Prosecution declined
1/25/20041/25/200404C-0034Disorderly ConductFairmount TowersSuspect was drunk and causing problems. Suspect was arrested for hitting an officer and resisting arrest.Arrest, M/25. Summons issued
1/25/20041/25/200404C-0033AssaultFairmount TowersVictim was choked by a known suspect.Exceptional Clearance; victim does not wish to testify. This case was referred to the Dean of Students
1/26/20041/26/200404C-0041Drive While Suspended1800 N. HillsideOfficer observed vehicle driving southbound in northbound lanes of Hillside without headlights. Driver had a suspended DL and was arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, F/52. Summons issued for Drive While Suspended
1/26/20041/26/200403M-0040Vehicle DamageLot #13Victiim reports three scratches to paint of a Chrysler Sebring, $300.00Under Investigation
1/26/20041/26/200404MA-0039Hit and Run AccidentLot #14White GMC struck left rear quarter panel and partially tearing off the rear bumper of a tan Pontiac Sunfire. The GMC left the scene of the accident.Reported to KDOT
1/26/20041/26/200404MA-0038Auto AccidentLot #18A white Chevrolet PU backed into a legally parked green Pontiac. Minor Damage
1/26/20041/26/200404S-0037FallWallace HallOfficer slipped and fell on ice while unlocking doors. Officer suffered no apparent damage.Report taken
1/28/20041/28/200404S-0043FallKoch Arena LobbyVictim fell causing pain to lower back. Treatment refused; driven home by friend.
1/28/20041/28/200404M-0042Phone CallsWheatshocker ApartmentsVictim reports receiving unwanted phone calls from a registered sex offender.Suspect asked not to call again.
1/29/20041/29/200404MA-0049Auto AccidentWallace Hall Service DriveDodge Dakota backed into sidewalk light pole and knocked it over.Reported to KDOT
1/29/20041/29/200404MA-0048Hit and Run AccidentLot #2 WestChevrolet PU backed into Pontiac while it was parked.Minor Damage
1/29/20041/29/200404MA-0047Hit and Run AccidentLot #5Legally parked Explorer was struck by unknown vehicle.Minor Damage
1/29/20041/29/200404C-0046TheftUlrich MuseumUnknown person(s) stole victim's backpack from the gallery while the victim was working.Under Investigation
1/29/20041/29/200404MA-0045Hit and Run AccidentLot #9 WestA legally parked blue Mitsubishi was struck by an unknown vehicle while the owner was in class.Minor Damage
1/30/20041/30/200404C-0030TheftLot #18Chips and soda pop taken from back seat of Chrysler parked in lot, $70.00Under Investigation
1/30/20041/30/200404A-0044Auto AccidentLot #15A Jeep Cherokee hit the left rear of a parked Pontiac Van while attempting to park.Reported to KDOT
1/30/20041/30/200404M-0052Suspicious CharacterLot #5Unknown male tried to grab female when she refused an invitation to go to a party. Information Report
1/30/20041/30/200404C-0051TheftRhatigan Student Center, Room 008Cash and two credit cards taken from wallet located under a desk, $140.00Under Investigation
1/30/20041/30/200404MA-0050Hit and Run AccidentLot #9 EastVehicle struck while parked in lot.Minor Damage
1/31/20041/31/200404C-0056TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) removed wallet from unsecured locker, $146.00Under Investigaton
1/31/20041/31/200404A-0055Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at Wheatshocker DriveVehicle slid on icy road and over curb striking a light pole.Reported to KDOT
1/31/20041/31/200404A-0054Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at New Perimeter RoadOfficer was stopped in right turn lane with emergency equipment on when Brown Toyota slid on ice and ran into the rear of the police vehicle.Reported to KDOT
1/31/20041/31/200404A-0053Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at BluffFord Taurus slid on icy curve, went over curb and struck and knocked down light pole.Reported to KDOT
2/2/20042/2/200404C-0061TheftJardine HallSound equipment was taken from the media room, $2,636.Under Investigation
2/2/20042/2/200404M-0060DisturbanceLot #11Two females were fighting in the parking lot. Conflict resolved; report made
2/2/20042/2/200404MA-0059Auto AccidentLot #4A white Jeep backed into a maroon Buick while it was stopped in traffic.Minor Damage
2/2/20042/2/200404C-0058VandalismJardine HallUnknown person(s) damaged the 1st floor restroom door.Under Investigation
2/3/20042/3/200404M-0062Suspicious SubstanceGrace Wilke Hall, Room 105A coffee cup containing a unknown green leafy substance was found on a shelf in the office.Report made
2/4/20042/4/200404C-0067Harassing Phone CallsFairmount Towers NorthVictim receiving threatening phone calls.Under Investigation
2/4/20042/4/200404S-0066FallMorrison HallVictim slipped on stairs and fell.Transported to hospital by EMS
2/4/20042/4/200404A-0065Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at New Perimeter RoadTwo vehicles collided at intersection.Reported to KDOT
2/4/20042/4/200404M-0064Lost PropertyOn CampusWallet and contents lost somewhere on campus, $5.00Under Investigation
2/4/20042/4/200404MA-0063Auto AccidentLot #4One vehicle hit another.Reported to KDOT
2/5/20042/5/200404C-0073TheftMcKnight Art CenterBookbag taken from studio space. The bag was found around the corner from studio minus two text books.Under Investigation
2/5/20042/5/200404MA-0072Auto AccidentEither WSU Campus or 21st and WoodlawnPontiac Grand Am struck while parked in lot on WSU campus or near an establishment at 21st and Woodlawn.Report Filed
2/5/20042/5/200404M-0070Lost PropertyWSU CampusVictim reports losing keys somewhere on campus.Report filed
2/5/20042/5/200404S-0069FallRhatigan Student CenterVictim slipped and fell on wet floor.Refused treatment and went home.
2/5/20042/5/200404S-0068Sick CallBrennan HallVictim felt depressed and suicidal. Referred for treatement, released to friends.
2/6/20042/6/200404A-0071Auto AccidentGentry Drive at Lot #13Ford Escort was southbound on street, when a Toyota Camry going eastbound from lot couldn't stop and hit the Escort.Reported to KDOT
2/7/20042/7/200404C-0076Outside CaseMcKnight Art CenterSuspect arrested on outstanding city warrant.Arrest, M/34
2/7/20042/7/200404C-0075TheftHeskett Center, Men's Locker RoomProperty taken from a secured locker, $7.00Under Investigation
2/7/20042/7/200404S-0074FallKoch ArenaVictim stepped down wrong and twisted right knee.Victim refused EMS, treated with an ice pack.
2/7/20049:15 PM2/7/20099:15 PM04C-0077Drive While Suspended1800 N. OliverOfficer observed vehicle driving without headlights. Driver hd a suspended license and an oustanding city warrant. Arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, F/19. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
2/8/20042/8/200404S-0082FallPhysical Plant CompoundVictim twisted right knee running from stray dogs.Treated at scene, refused ambulance
2/8/20042/8/200404MA-0081Hit and Run AccidentLot #16Parked Ford Explorer hit by unknown vehicle.Minor Damage
2/8/20042/8/200404MA-0080Auto AccidentLot #7Lexus struck by Explorer backing out of stall.Minor Damage
2/8/20042/8/200404S-0079Sick CallFairmount TowersVictim was ill due to alcohol intoxication.Transported to hospital by EMS
2/8/20042/8/200404M-0078Outside Case 1600 N. VassarOfficers assisted the Wichita Police Department with a pedestrian hit and run accident.Handled by WPD
2/9/20042/9/200404MA-0094Auto AccidentLot #27Blue Honda struck a Silver Oldsmobile while parking.Minor Damage
2/9/20042/9/200404C-0086TheftJabara HallNokia cellphone was taken from room.Under Investigation
2/9/20042/9/200404M-0085Hazardous Materials SpillWallace Hall Wind TunnelHydraulic fluid leaked in the south end of the wind tunnel. Wichita Fire Department and Haz-Mat team responded.Spill cleaned and report filed
2/9/20042/9/200404MA-0084Auto AccidentLot #9 EastParked vehicle struck by another.Minor Damage
2/9/20042/9/200404M-0083Lost PropertyGeology BuildingVictim left cell phone on desk, and when he returned it was gone.Report filed
2/10/20042/10/200404S-0091Sick CallJabara HallVictim felt ill.Transported to hospital by EMS
2/10/20042/10/200404S-0090Sick CallElliot HallVictim felt sick after taking medication.Taken to Student Health
2/10/20042/10/200404MA-0088Auto AccidentLot #4A Silver Honda backed into a Silver Nissan which was southbound in the aisle.Minor Damage
2/10/20042/10/200404MA-0087Auto AccidentLot #9 WestA Yellow Jeep backed into a Green Acura while it was standing in the aisle.Reported to KDOT
2/10/20042/10/200404C-0089Drive in Violation of RestrictionsLot #4Subject involved in an accident was driving without corrective lenses.Report Filed
2/11/20042/11/200404MA-0092Hit and Run AccidentLot #1 NorthParked vehicle struck by unknown vehicle.Minor damage
2/12/20042/12/200404MA-0093Auto AccidentLot #27Two vehicles collided in lot. Minor Damage
2/13/20042/13/200404M-0095Outside AssistLot #27Vehicle stopped for a defective headlight. Driver had an outstanding city warrant.Arrest, F/36
2/15/20042/15/200404C-0098VandalismAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) used a sharp object to scratch a computer monitor, making it unusable, $500.00Under Investigation
2/16/20042/16/200404S-0099Sick CallDeurksen Fine Arts CenterVictim reports having chest pains.Transported to hospital by EMS
2/16/20042/16/200404C-0098TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterUnknown person(s) stole purse and contents, $8.00Under Investigation
2/18/20042/18/200404C-0101TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took victim's bookbag while he was sleeping on a bench in the library, $240.00Under Investigation
2/18/20042/18/200404C-0100TheftLot #21Unknown person(s) removed a Kansas lisence tag from a parked vehicle.Under Investigation
2/19/20042/19/200404C-0104TheftMcKinley HallA Professor reports the theft of a test from his office desk.Under investigation
2/19/20042/19/200404M-0102Traffic Violation 21st and YaleA 1999 Ford Explorer stopped for having an improper tag.Driver cited, tag kept and turned in as evidence.
2/20/20042/20/200404M-0103Open DoorWoodman Alumni CenterUnknown person(s) left the south door standing open. Door secured; information report.
2/20/20042/20/200404M-0106DisturbanceWallace HallA report on an upset student in the hallway.Information report
2/20/20042/20/200404M-0105VandalismMethodist Church Parking LotVictim reports a dent in the driver's side bed of his 1994 Ford pickup, $800.00Under Investigation
2/21/20042/21/200404C-0107Drive While Suspended1400 N. BelmontOfficer observed a vehicle with a headlight burned out. Upon stopping, discovered the driver had a supsended driver's license. Driver arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, F/20. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
2/22/20042/22/200404C-0108TheftLot #15Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed dash stereo, $155.00Under Investigation
2/24/20042/24/200404M-0115Suspicious PersonChild Development CenterStaff shown photograph of non-student asleep in computer lab, and recognized him as a person who regualarly asks for money.Report filed
2/24/20042/24/200404C-0111TheftLot #2Unknown person(s) used a blunt object to break out passenger window of a 1998 Jeep, and removed CD player, $150.00Under Investigation
2/24/20042/24/200404M-0110Suspicious PersonJabara Hall Computer LabNon-student found asleep in lab at 6:20am. Subject identified and asked to leave.Information Report
2/25/20042/25/200404M-0114Suspicious ActivityRhatigan Student CenterUnknown male placed his crotch on victim's head.Under Investigation
2/25/20042/25/200404M-0113Lost PropertyWSU CampusVictim left DL and Visa credit card in back pocket of slacks and noticed them missing a week later.Report made.
2/25/20042/25/200404C-0112BurglaryBraeburn Golf CourseUnknown person(s) pried off padlock from door of shed, nothing missing.Under Investigation
2/25/20042/25/200404MA-0118Hit and Run AccidentLot #5Parked vehicle hit by unknown vehicle. Reported to KDOT
2/25/20042/25/200404S-0116Public AccidentKoch ArenaCheerleader accidentaly bumped in head and suffered bruised nose.Treated at scene.
2/26/20042/26/200404M-0121Miscellaneous ThreatRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person made a verbal threat towards a student.Report filed
2/26/20042/26/200404S-0120Occupational AccidentLot #4Officer cut leg on a piece of metal on a car bumper.Treated at scene.
2/26/20042/26/200404S-0119Public AccidentHeskett CenterVictim reports hurting knee while at the Heskett Center.Transported to hospital by EMS.
2/27/20042/27/200404C-0123VandalismLot #15Unknown person(s) keyed parked vehicle, $500.00 damage.Under Investigation
2/27/20042/27/200404MA-0117Auto AccidentLot #1SouthBlack Taurus stopped ahead of an emply stall, backed up and hit Black Camaro in the traffic lane behind. Damage estimated to Camaro at $900.00Report Filed
2/28/20042/28/200404M-0122Lost PropertyWSU CampusStudent lost hes Motorola cell phone somewhere on campus.Report Filed
2/28/20042/28/200404S-0125Sick CallKoch ArenaSpectator felt ill during game.Rested and returned to watching game.
2/28/20042/28/200404S-0124Sick CallKoch ArenaSpectator exerted self too much after recent surgery.Rested and watched game.
3/1/20043/1/200404MA-0129Auto AccidentLot #14Silver Chevrolet PU backed into parked Black Honda Accord. Damage under $500.00Report Filed
3/1/20043/1/200404S-0128Public AccidentHeskett CenterCheerleader fell during practice routine.Transproted to hospital by EMS
3/1/20043/1/200404MA-0127Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles struck each other, damage under $500.00Report Filed
3/1/20043/1/200404S-0126Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsResident experienced difficulty breathing.Received breathing treatment; no further treatment required
3/2/20043/2/200404C-0133Auto TheftLot #5Student reports the theft of her 1988 Cutlass Supreme.Under Investigation
3/2/20043/2/200404S-0132Public AccidentSidewalk west of Jardine HallStudent tripped and fell and injured face and left hand.Taken to Student Health
3/2/20043/2/200404M-0131InformationLot #12Vehicle removed by construction company when left in lot.Vehicle Towed
3/2/20043/2/200404M-0130TrespassingFairmount TowersSubject was stopped after begging for money from residents.Served with trespass letter, warned about coming on campus again
3/3/20043/3/200404C-0134No Proof of InsuranceLot #4Driver in an accident cited for No Proof insurance did not provide proof in required time.Exeptional Clearance; insurance provided
3/5/20043/5/200404C-0140TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) cut lock and removed wallet from locker, $40.00Under Investigation
3/5/20043/5/200404C-0139TheftWallace HallUnattended purse removed from Graduate Research Lab, no cash loss.Under Investigation
3/5/20043/5/200404C-0138TheftJabara HallUnknown person(s) removed purse from office. Purse later recovered in men's restroom minus wallet. Wallet later recovered in trash at Ablah library minus cash., $130.00Under Investigation
3/5/20043/5/200404M-0137Suspicious CharacterJabara HallSubject caught sleeping in computer lab.Told to sleep at home and to stay out of lab
3/5/20043/5/200404S-0136Sick CallHeskett CenterVictim suffered from abdominal cramps and difficulty breathing.Transported to hospital by EMS
3/5/20043/5/200404C-0135VandalismLindquist HallPosters concerning Gay Rights were removed from an office door and urinated on. This crime has been classified as a hate/bias crime.Under Investigation
3/8/20043/8/200404MA-0141Hit and Run AccidentLot #4A parked Black Ford Mustang was struck on the left side by an unknown vehicle.Reported to KDOT
3/9/20043/9/200404S-0144Sick CallLindquist HallVictim became semi-conscious because of low blood sugar.Transported to hospital by EMS
3/9/20043/9/200404C-0143TheftHenrion HallUnknown person(s) took victim's bookbag containing art tools, $200.00Under Investigation
3/9/20043/9/200404M-0142Vehicle DamageLot #4Victim's vehicle was scratched by the door a vehicle parked next to it in the lot.Report Filed
3/10/20043/10/200404C-0147VandalismLot #18Unknown person(s) broke out driver's side window of 1995 Ford Escort, $200.00Under Investigation
3/10/20043/10/200404C-0146VandalismLot #7Victim reports a scratch along the driver's side of parked vanUnder Investigation
3/10/20043/10/200404C-145TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterUnknown person(s) removed victim's bookbag from practice room. Bookbag recovered in Wiedemann Hall minus a few pieces of candy.Under Investigation
3/11/20043/11/200404C-0150TheftWiedemann HallUnknown person(s) removed unattended bookbag from practice room, $150.00Under Investigation
3/11/20043/11/200404M-0149Lost PropertyNeff HallVictim left purse in classroom, when she returned later it was gone. Purse later turned into Lindquist Hall.Case Unfounded
3/11/20043/11/200404S-0148Occupational AccidentRhatigan Student CenterEmployee stood up and twisted back.Transported to hospital by EMS
3/12/20043/12/200404A-0151Injury Pedestrian AccidentPerimeter road crosswalk between Fiske and Henrion HallsRed Geo Metro struck pedestrian in crosswalk, but did not stop.Under Investigation
3/13/20043/13/200404C-0154TheftLot #24Unknown person(s) broke into Jeep and removed amplifier, $1,100.00Under Investigation
3/13/20043/13/200404C-0153TheftLot #25Unknown person(s) broke out rear driver's side window and removed car stereo, 60 CD's and wallet, $250.00Under Investigation
3/13/20043/13/200404C-0152TheftLot #25Unknown person(s) opened rear sliding window of parked vehicle and removed personal CD player and one CD, $20.00Under Investigation
3/15/20043/15/200404C-0158TheftDifferent Locations across campusUnknown person(s) used a key to unlock Pepsi machines and removed dollar bills, $1,562.00Under Investigation
3/15/20043/15/200404C-0157TheftClinton HallUnknown person(s) removed black bag containing purse from classroom while it was left unattended, $91.00.Unfounded; friend had picked up bag; nothing is missing
3/15/20043/15/200404C-0156BurglaryJabara HallUnknown person(s) entered locked office and removed loptop computer and carrying case, $420.00Under Investigation
3/15/20043/15/200404C-0155No Proof of InsuranceHarvard and Permiter RoadsDriver previously cited for No Proof of Insurance failed to produce proof of insurance within required time limit.Charges Filed
3/16/20043/16/200404M-0163Suspicious CharactersClinton HallReport of people trying to enter Clintion Hall after hours.Report Filed
3/16/20043/16/200404M-0162DisturbanceAblah LibraryA subject was talking loudly and using profanity against a student. Subject was escorted from building
3/16/20043/16/200404A-0161Auto AccidentLot #4Maron Chrysler Sebring failed to yeild right-of-way to a west bound Gray 4 door Honda.Reported to KDOT
3/16/20043/16/200404MA-160Auto AccidentLot #14White Dodge Neon making a turn into a parking stall backed into by a Black Ford 4dr.Report Filed
3/17/20043/17/200404MA-0166Hit and Run AccidentLot #6Parked red Honda 2dr hit by unknown vehicle.Reported to KDOT
3/17/20043/17/200404C-0165TheftBraeburn Golf CourseUnknown person(s) removed a 3' X 4' parking sign from the lot, $60.00Under Investigation
3/17/20045:12 PM3/17/20045:15 PM04C-0164TheftRhatigan Student Center BookstoreMale caught with three DVD's under his coat as he attempted to leave the store without paying for them. Male arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/24. Summons issued 6/17/04 for theft
3/19/20043/19/200404C-0170TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) removed victim's unattended wallet while he was playing basketball, $55.00.Under Investigation
3/19/20043/19/200404s-0169Public AccidentHenrion HallStudent cut finger on a metal shim while making a plaster mold.Taken to Student Health for treatment
3/19/20043/19/200404A-0168Auto AccidentLot #15Black Honda Civic stopped in aisle was struck by a Blue Chevy Lumina as it turned into the aisle.Reported to KDOT
3/20/20043/20/200404C-0172VandalismFairmount Towers SouthThree unknown juveniles broke a window while throwing rocks at the building.Under Investigation
3/20/20043/20/200404M-0171Lost PropertyJabara SidewalkVictim lost cell phone somewhere between Jabara Hall and apartment.Report Filed
3/20/20049:40 PM3/20/20049:40 PM04C-0173Drive While Revoked1800 N. HillsideVehicle stopped for defective taillights; driver had a revoked driver's license. Driver arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/22. Summons issued for Drive while revoked
3/22/20043/22/200404C-0175Harassing Phone CallsBrennan HallAn ex-boyfriend is making numerous phone calls and hanging up when the phone is answered.Under Investigation
3/23/20043/23/200404MA-0177Auto AccidentLot #22Physical Plant Diahatsu rolled out its stall and struck a Black Pontiac Grand Am, damaging the left side of the vehicle.Reported to KDOT
3/23/20043/23/200404MA-0176Auto AccidentIsley LaneWhile Lincoln SUV backed into a Brown Ford, which was legally parked.Reported to KDOT
3/23/20041:19 AM3/23/20041:19 AM04C-0174Driving Under the InfluenceLot #7Officer investigated an illegally parked vehicle with the engine running; driver reported he had been drinking. Driver arrested and booked into jailArrest, M/42. Summons issued for Driving under the influence
3/24/20043/24/200404M-0178Lost PropertyAblah LibraryA Tanzanian passport was lost sometime between 1/7/03 and 12/15/03.Report Filed
3/28/20043/28/200404C-0179TheftJabara Hall bicycle rackRed mountain bicycle was taken from bicycle rack, $50.00Under Investigation
3/29/20043/29/200404C-0182TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took unattended cell phone, $250.00Under Investigation
3/29/20043/29/200404M-0181Suspicous CharacterFairmount TowersKnown nonstudent approaching residents in the parking lot asking for money.Information Report
3/29/20043/29/200404M-0180HarassmentFairmount TowersStudent reports unwanted attention and harassment by another student.Referred to the Dean of Students
3/31/20043/31/200404M-0190Miscellanous ReportSidewalk by Geology BuildingReport of skateboardersSkateboarders ID'd and released
3/31/20043/31/200404C-0189Theft Rhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) removed an unattended wallet left near a computer station location on the first floor, $8.00Under Investigation
3/31/20043/31/200404C-0188TheftCampus Credit UnionVictim reports an unathorized charge deducted from her checking account.Under Investigation
3/31/20043/31/200404M-0187Disorderly ConductCampus Credit UnionCustomer became disruptive over an overdrawn checking account.Report filed
3/31/20043/31/200404M-0186Damage ReportLot #4Student reports a scratch on the passenger side of her vehicle.Report filed
3/31/20043/31/200404C-0185Outside AssistFairmount TowersCity detective requested a student be transported to the city building for questioning. Student complied.
3/31/20043/31/200404M-0184Miscellaneous ReportFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) cut the wire to fire alarm on a west door of the north tower.Information Report
3/31/20043/31/200404MA-0183Auto AccidentLot #15White Chevy PU exited a service drive and struck a silver Honda Odyssey.Report filed
4/1/20044/1/200404M-0191Suspicious CharacterCampusKnown male approaching students and asking for moneyReport Filed
4/1/20046:02 PM4/1/20046:02 PM04C-0192Drive While Suspended17th and HarvardOfficer paced a speeding vehicle, driver had suspended driver's license. Arrested and booked into jailArrest, F/50. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
4/3/20044/3/200404M-0200Outside AssistLot #15Assisted WPD with the arrest of an individual.WPD arested and booked suspect in jail
4/3/20044/3/200404M-0198Vehicle DamagePerimeter Road at Wilkins StadiumA softball hit the sunroof of a vehicle driving by the softball stadium, breaking the glass. Driver and passenger received minor cuts.Report filed
4/3/20044/3/200404M-0197FireWest side McKnight Art CenterGrass fire west side of McKnight.WFD put fire out; not an arson
4/3/20044/3/200404C-0195Theft Lot #2EUnknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed items and damaged vehicle, $1,050.00Under Investigation
4/3/20047:55 PM4/3/20047:55 PM04C-0199Drive While Suspended1800 Block North HillsideOfficer stopped vehicle for defective taillights; driver had a suspended driver's license. Arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/45. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
4/4/20044/4/200404C-0202Theft Lot #27Vehicle entered and two subwoofers and an amplifier stolen, $750.00Under Investigation
4/4/20044/4/200404C-0201VandalismGolf Maintenance ShopPossible damage to fenceUnder Investigation
4/5/20044/5/200404MA-210Hit and Run AccidentLot #6Unknown vehicle struck parked Silver Mazda damaging the front and rear passenger doors.Report Filed
4/5/20044/5/200404MA-0206Hit and Run AccidentLot #13Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left area, property damage under $500.00.Reported to KDOT
4/5/20044/5/200404C-0205TheftPhysical Plant CompountKeys left in scooter.Unfounded; keys found elsewhere.
4/5/20044/5/200404C-0203HarassmentLindquist HallReport of harassing emails and phone calls from a past acquaintance.Under Investigation
4/6/20044/6/200404M-0193Attempt to ContactOff CampusAsked to contact student who had not called home for some time.Student Contacted; asked to call home.
4/6/20044/6/200404C-0204AssaultSidewalk west of Wallace HallReport of two unknown males hitting student in the face.Under Investigation
4/8/20044/8/200404M-0209Miscellaneous ReportBrennan HallRequest for officers to escort ex-employee from building.Report filed
4/8/20044/8/200404M-0207VandalismLot #22Resident reports that unknown person(s) poured tobacco juice over the top of parked car.Report filed.
4/9/20044/9/200404C-0213VandalismLot #7Unknown person(s) keyed the side of a Toyota Camry.Under Investigation
4/10/20044/10/200404C-0211Criminal Use of WeaponsWheatshocker ApartmentsA molotov cocktail was thrown and caught grass on fire.Under Investigation
4/12/20044/12/200404M-0212FightHeskett CenterA fight broke out during a basketball game in the heskett center.No one wanted to file charges, report filed
4/13/20044/13/200404C-0215VandalismLot #4Unknown person(s) attempted to enter vehicle causing damage.Under Investigation
4/13/20044/13/200404MA-0214Auto AccidentLot #14Red Chevy Beretta struck Silver Jaquar as it backed out of a stall.Reported to KDOT
4/14/20044/14/200404M-0196Information ReportOff CampusStudent making the police department aware of a report made with the Wichita Police Department.Report Filed
4/14/20044/14/200404C-0194TheftOn CampusUnknown person(s) removed approximately 45 election signs from various locations on campus.Under Investigation
4/14/20044/14/200404C-0219VandalismLot #4Unknown person(s) scratched an obscenity into the side of victim's parked vehicle.Under Investigation
4/14/20044/14/200404M-0128Miscellaneous InformationOn CampusReport of an individual possibly dealing drugs on university property.Under Investigation
4/14/20044/14/200404C-0217TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed an unattended wallet from vending area. Charges have been made on debit card in wallet.Under Investigation
4/14/20044/14/200404M-0216Phone CallsJardine HallAn office telephone was used to make a threatening phone call to a cell phone of an office worker.Under Investigation
4/15/20044/15/200404C-0224TheftMcKnight Art CenterUnknown person(s) removed backpack from classroom. Backpack found later with two textbooks missing, $165.00Under Investigation
4/15/20044/15/200404M-0223Suspicious CharacterHenrion HallUnknown male entered classroom and scared victim and then tried to hug/touch her as she left the room.Referred to Dean of Students
4/15/20044/15/200404M-0222Lost PropertyOn CampusVictim reports mislaying her wallet at some location on campus.Report Filed
4/15/20044/15/200404MA-0221Auto AccidentSouth Driveway at Henrion GymPhysical Plant vehicle had a pipe overhang which hit a Toyota 4 Runner.Reported to KDOT.
4/15/20044/15/200404C-0220VandalismBraeburn Golf CourseUnknown person(s) damaged two golf carts, $400.00Under Investigation
4/16/20044/16/200404M-0227Suspicous ActivityFairmount Towers SouthReport of residents smoking marijuana. Under Investigation
4/16/20044/16/200404C-0225TheftMcKnight Art CenterUnknown person(s) removed backpack from classroom. Backpack later recovered minus driver's license, credit cards and checkbook. Checks have since been forged.Under Investigation
4/17/20044/17/200404C-0226TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) removed unattended bookbag left near the Commerce Bank, $249.00Under Investigation
4/20/20044/20/200404C-0231TheftHazardous Materials CompoundUnknown person(s) entered the Hazardous Materials Compound and removed two (2) 55 gallon drums. One was taken and one left outside the compound, $100.00Under Investigation
4/21/20044/21/200404M-0234Lost PropertyJardine HallVictim reports losing his checkbook in Jardine Hall. Checkbook later recovered by victim.Report filed
4/21/20044/21/200404A-0232Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at Wheatshocker DriveTwo vehicles collided with each other, property damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
4/22/20044/22/200404M-0236Suspicious CharacterMcKinley HallReport of a subject asking for money outside of McKinley Hall.Escorted off campus
4/22/20044/22/200404C-0233TheftLot #7 Service ZoneUnknown person(s) removed a weedeater from back of a landscaping scooter, $220.00Under Investigation
4/23/20044/23/200404M-0235Vehicle Damage1717 N. VassarA large tree fell on a Toyota parked in an off-campus apartment parking lot. The tree allegedly belongs to W.S.U.Report Filed
4/24/20044/24/200404S-0239Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsVictim repoted suffering chest pains.Transported to hospital by EMS
4/24/20044/24/200404MA-0238Hit and Run AccidentLot #7Legally parked red volkswagen stuck by unknown vehicle.Report Filed
4/24/20044/24/200404S-0237Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsReport of a female passed out and nonresponsive in a residents kitchen.Treated at scene.
4/25/20044/25/200404M-0241Suspicious CharacterFairmount TowersUnderage resident found sleeping on the porch of the South Tower. A check of residents room recovered several alcohol bottles.Turned over to housing officials.
4/25/20044/25/200404C-240Outside Assist1414 N. OliverOfficer assisted Wichita officers with the arrest of a female for posssession of marijuana.WPD handled the arrest
4/26/20044/26/200404C-0248VandalismLot #9 WestVehicle keyed after a parking dispute, $200.00Under Investigation
4/26/20044/26/200404M-0245Suspicious CharacterLot #4Female panhandling approaching students asking for money.Escorted off campus
4/26/20044/26/200404M-0244Violation of PFALot #27Resident reports ex-boyfriend contacted her in violation of a protection from abuse order.Suspect gone on officers arrival; report filed
4/26/20044/26/200404M-0243FireLot #12A defective cigarette lighter in a Hyundai caused the car to catch fire, totalling the car.Towed away and report filed
4/26/20044/26/200404C-0242Sexual BatteryAblah LibraryFemale reports unknown male elbowing her several times in the breast then leaving a note wanting to meet her and have sex.Under Investigation
4/27/20044/27/200404M-0247VandalismRhatigan Student Center CopperfieldsReport of a female breaking a window in Copperfields.Female identified and released
4/27/20044/27/200404M-0246Lost PropertyClinton HallUnknown person(s) removed an unattended cell phone left in a classroom, $100.00Report filed.
4/28/20044/28/200404C-0253TheftJardine HallUnknown person(s) removed hand-held Panasonic tape recorder from a desk, $50.00Under Investigation
4/28/20044/28/200404M-0251Suspicious LetterJardine HallStaff member received a letter with various newspaper clippings.Under Investigation
4/28/20044/28/200404M-0249Property DamageLot #16Windshield of vehicle broken possibly by debris thrown by mower, $1,000Report filed
4/29/20044/29/200404MA-0250Motor Vehicle AccidentSoutheast sidewalk of the Rhatigan Student CenterA white Chevrolet PU was backing up on sidewalk and struck a concrete kiosk.Report filed
4/29/20044/29/200404MA-0252Hit and Run accidentLot #5Unknown vehicle backed into parked White ford 2dr. causing minor damage.Report filed
4/30/200411:58 PM4/30/200411:58 PM04C-0254Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at the Physical PlantOfficer stopped vehicle for defective headlights; driver had a suspended driver's license. Arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/56. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
5/2/20045/2/200404M-0255Suspicious CharacterLot #24Male questioned and released after a report of panhandling in the lot. Escorted off campus and told not to return
5/3/20045/3/200404A-0258Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Black Honda struck by a black Ford PU while attempting to park in stall. Driver of the PU reparked without reporting the damage.Reported to KDOT
5/3/20045/3/200404C-0257TheftUnknown campus lotUnknown person(s) removed handicap placard from vehicle.Under Investigation
5/3/20045/3/200404S-0256Sick CallHighway Patrol Pistol RangeOfficer received a tick bite while at pistol range.Report filed
5/5/20045/5/200404MA-0261Hit and Run AccidentLot #11A parked black Honda was struck by a green GMC pickup when it backed out of a stall. The driver left without reporting the damage.Reported to KDOT
5/5/20045/5/200404M-0260Pedestrian AccidentPerimeter Road at Wheatshocker LaneThree pedestrians report that a gold colored SUV nearly hit them as they crossed the street in the crosswalk.Under Investigation
5/6/20045/6/200404MA-0271Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Legally parked silver Honda struck by an unknown vehicle.Reported to KDOT
5/6/20045/6/200404M-0270Harassing Phone CallEngineering BuildingA professor received a rude phone call from an unknown caller.Under Investigation
5/6/20045/6/200404S-0269Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsOfficers asked to talk to a resident who was refusing medical treatment.Report Filed
5/6/20045/6/200404MA-0267Auto AccidentLot #1 SouthRed Toyota PU rolled out of it's stall and struck a Silver BMW, causing minor damage to both vehicles.Report Filed
5/6/20045/6/200404M-0266Property DamagePerimeter Road at the old Pizza HutVehicle damaged by rock thrown by a weedeater.Report Filed
5/6/20045/6/200404A-0265Auto AccidentLot #5Red Ford PU was backing out of a stall and struck a Black Mercury which was southbound in the aisle.Reported to KDOT
5/6/20045/6/200404M-0264Property DamageLot #2 WestTour bus window was damaged from a rock thrown from a weedeater.Report Filed
5/6/20045/6/200404C-0263TheftLot #27Unknown person(s) entered unlocked vehicle and removed several CD's and faculty parking permit.Under Investigation
5/6/20045/6/200404M-0262Suspicious ActivityFairmount Towers SouthSenior Staff smelled what appeared to be marijuana coming from a room. Officers found a bag containing a green botanical substance, which was sent for testing.Under Investigation
5/10/20045/10/200404M-0268HarassmentHubbard HallReport of unwanted attention.Under Investigation
5/10/20045/10/200404M-0272Suspicious CharacterBrennan IIComplaint of subject loitering in building who had a letter of trespass.Escorted out of building
5/11/20045/11/200404M-0273VandalismLot #27Unknown person(s) spray painted black paint on victim's license plate.Paint removed.
5/13/20045/13/200404C-0275Sick CallOn CampusVictim cut legTransported to hospital by EMS
5/13/20045/13/200404MA-0274Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Unknown vehicle struck legally parked Mazda Pickup.Report filed
5/16/20045/16/200404C-0277TheftFairmount Towers CafeteriaUnknown person(s) removed cashbox, cash and keys from the facitlity, $115.00Under Investigation
5/16/20045/16/200404C-0276TheftLot #15Unknown person(s) removed Nomex fire hood, fire gloves and coat from parked fire engine, $1,000.00Under Investigation
5/17/20045/17/200404M-0280FireAblah LibraryLight fixture caught on fire on the second floor.Fire put out and fixture turned off
5/17/20045/17/200404C-0279TheftRhatigan Student CenterVictims father reports theft of wallet occuring in 11/03.Under investigation
5/17/20045/17/200404C-0238VandalismMetropolitan Complex Soccer FieldsTwo subjects were detained for driving a pickup truck across the soccer fields and grass at the complex.Under Investigation
5/18/20045/18/200404C-0282TheftKoch ArenaStolen textbooks from study area were sold back at Books to Go.Under Investigation
5/18/20045/18/200404C-0281TheftWSU CampusUnknown person(s) using a credit card number to make unauthor ized purchases over the internet on a WSU computer, $641.00Under Investigation
5/20/20045/20/200404C0284TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person(s) removed unattended stereo from the 4th floor hallway, $55.00Under Investigation
5/20/20045/20/200404S-0283Sick CallCessna StadiumA runner became overheated and fell. Transported to hospital by EMS
5/21/20048:35 PM5/21/20048:35 PM04C-0285Drive While Suspended17th and FountainOfficer observed vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road. Driver had a suspended driver's license. Arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/34. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
5/22/20045/22/200404C-0286TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person(s) removed an unknown brand bicycle from the south side bike racks, $40.00Under Investigation
5/26/20045/26/200404S-0288Sick CallLot #15Victim reported shortness of breath and lower abdomen pain.Transported to hopital by friends
5/26/20045/26/200404M-0287Information ReportWheatshocker ApartmentsReport on resident receiving unsolicited credit cards.Report filed
5/27/20045/27/200404M-0289HarassmentLot #7Victim reports two males approaching her and making rude and sexual remarks.Under Investigation
5/28/20045/28/200404C-0295TheftCessna StadiumUnknown person(s) removed unattended vaulting poles, $735.00Under Investigation
5/28/20045/28/200404C-0294TheftCessna StadiumUnknown person(s) removed unattended IPod, $400.00Under Investigation
5/28/20045/28/200404S-0293Public AccidentCessna StadiumVictim fell and cut left shin and scraped right elbow. Transported to hospital by private vehicle.
5/28/20045/28/200404C-0292TheftUnknown locationUnknown person(s) removed a gas credit card assigned to a motor pool van and made unauthorized charges, $1434.00City arrested a B/F; case still under investigation
5/28/20045/28/200404M-0290Property DamageLot #5Weedeater threw a rock and broke a window in a parked school bus, $300.00Report Filed
5/28/20041:35 PM5/28/20041:35 PM04C-0291Traffic ViolationLot #11 and #3 SouthDriver drove through barricades and coned-off areas. When stopped, could not produce proof of insurance, the license tag was not registered to the vehicle, and driver had an outstanding Sedgwick County warrant. Arrested and booked into jailArrest, F/ 43. Summons issued for No Proof of insurance
5/29/20045/29/200404S-0298Sick CallDuerksen Fine Arts CenterVictim reported shortness of breath and a drop on blood pressure.EMS dispatched, victim refused treatment
5/29/20045/29/200404A-0297Motor Vehicle AccidentLot #4Bus driver was making a turn in the lot and hit a light pole. Reported to KDOT
6/1/20046/1/200404M-0299DisturbanceAhlberg HallReport of an angry student in a professor's office.Student gone at officers arrival
6/2/20046/2/200404C-0300TheftAblah Library 24 Hour Study LabAn unknown person took an unattended chicken dinner.Suspect identified; Prosecution declined
6/6/20046/6/200404C-0305TheftJabara HallUnknown person(s) removed unattended purse from office. Purse later recovered in men's restroom minus a debit card, cell phone and approx. $120.00 cash.Under Investigation
6/6/20046/6/200404C-0301Attempted SuicideLot #2Victim attending Special Olympics cut abdomen with a possible knife. Victim was found at the Northeast Sub Station.Transported to hospital by EMS
6/7/20046/7/200404M-0303Attempted SuicideMetropolitan ComplexVictim observed cutting his wrist with a knife. Transported to hospital for treatment and psychological evaluation
6/7/20046/7/200404M-0302Motor Vehicle AccidentSidewalk south of Jabara HallDriver reports taking a turn too sharp and turning Diahatsu Carryall over on its side. Driver sustained minor injuries.Transported to Wesley by private vehicle.
6/8/20046/8/200404MA-0304Motor Vehicle Accident21st and YaleA vehicle struck a pedistrian walking in the crosswalk on 21st at Yale Street.Minor Injuries; refused treatment
6/14/20046/14/200404C-0308TheftClinton HallUnknown person(s) removed scanner and monitor from desk while occupant was out of town, $780.00Under Investigation
6/14/20046/14/200404C-0307TheftBraeburn Golf CourseUnknown person(s) removed 18 flag poles and flags, $1,000.Under Investigation
6/14/20046/14/200404C-0306Sick CallFairmount TowersVictim suffering from seizures.Transported to hospital by EMS
6/15/20046/15/200404C-0309Outside CaseAblah LibraryReport of a patron viewing pornography on a public computer; patron arrested for outstanding city warrants. Arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/41
6/16/20046/16/200404C-0310TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed wallet from unattended backpack; $20.00Under Investigation
6/17/20046/17/200404C-0312TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) took unattended wallet while victim was playing badmitten, $20.00Under Investigation
6/17/20046/17/200404C-0311VandalismLot #20Unknown person(s) broke out passenger side front window and removed bag. Bag was recovered in the lot, $100.00 damage.Under Investigation
6/19/20046/19/200404M-0313Vehicle DamageLot #15Victim reports damage to his vehicle that was not there when he parked in the morning.Report Filed
6/20/20046/20/200404C-0321TheftBraeburn Golf CourseUnknown person attempted to steal golf flags from course. An employee interrupted the theft; suspect ran off.Under Investigation
6/20/20046/20/200404C-320TheftBraeburn Golf CourseReport of an unknown male taking the flags from the greens; suspect ran off before officers called.Under Investigation
6/21/20046/21/200404M-0315Suspicious CharacterPhsysical Plant LandscapingWSU student found in the landscaping department without permission. ID'd and released
6/21/20045:29 PM6/21/20055:29 PM04C-0314No Proof of InsuranceLot #4Officer stopped vehicle for expired tags; driver could not provide curent proof of insuranceSummons issued for No proof of insurance
6/23/20046/23/200404C-0318TheftFairmount Towers SouthUnknown person(s) entered room and took assorted medications and nebulizer, $540.00Under Investigation
6/23/20046/23/200404C-0317TheftEngineering BuildingKnown suspect stole several engineering textbooks from office storage and sold them back to Books to GoUnder Investigation
6/23/20046/23/200404M-0316HarassmentLot #5Victim reports that an ex-boyfriend is following her around campus.Under Investigation
6/24/20046/24/200404C-0320Telephone HarassmentGrace Wilke HallUnknown male leaving several harassing phone calls.Under Investigation
6/24/20046/24/200404S-0319Sick CallRhatigan Student Center TheaterVictim suffered from an asthma attack.Transported to hospital by EMS
6/25/20046/25/200404C-0322Drive While SuspendedPerimeter at Alumni DriveOfficer stopped vehicle with an altered 30 day tag. Driver had a suspended license. Arrested and booked into jailArrest, M/24. Summons issued for No proof of insurance
6/26/20046/26/200404M-0324Outside Assist1414 N. OliverOfficer approached by citizen complaining of a domestic violence battery. WPD called to take reportReport filed
6/26/20046/26/200404M-0323TheftFairmount TowersVictim reports two residents taking his Game Cube. Game cube returned.Referred to Housing
6/26/200411:37 PM6/26/200411:37 PM04C-0325Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Wheatshocker DriveOfficer stopped vehicle for running the stop sign. Driver had a suspended license. Arrested and booked into jailArrest, M/24. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
6/27/20046/27/200404M-0327Misc. Report1740 N. VassarOfficer stopped vehicle driving on the grass between two fraternitiesTurned over to Dean of Students
6/28/20046/28/200404S-0326Sick CallHubbard HallStudent's finger was burned when spilled ethanol ignited.Taken to Student Health
6/29/20046/29/200404M-0329DisturbanceAblah Library CourtyardOfficer saw two subjects arguing and fighting.Fight stopped; sent on thier way
6/29/20046/29/200404C-0328TheftLot #18Unknown person(s) removed a CD player/radio from an unlocked vehicle, $170.00.Under Investigation
6/30/20046/30/200404M-0333Suspicious CharacterLot #4Victim reports an unknown male following her off-campus.Under Investigation
6/30/20046/30/200404C-0331TheftLot #4Unknown person(s) removed center wheel caps with Cadillac emblem from parked car, $250.00Under Investigation
6/30/20046:40 PM6/30/20046:40 PM04C-0330No Proof of InsurancePerimeter Road at Yale StreetOfficer observed vehicle run a stop sign, driver did not have proof of insurance.Summons issued for No Proof of Insurance
6/30/200410:11 PM6/30/200410:11 PM04C-0332Minor in PossessionBrennan HallNon-resident male was intoxicated and trying to steal residents cigarettes. Arrested and booked into jail. Arrest, M/20. Prosecution declined 8/5/2004
7/1/20047/1/200404S-0334Sick CallCampus Credit UnionCustomer suffered from low blood sugarRefused treatment
7/2/20047/2/200404M-0336DisturbanceJardineSubject was unhappy with the way he was treated.Issues resolved
7/6/20047/6/200404C-0335Case number assigned but no case was madeVoided
7/6/20047/6/200404S-0339Sick CallBrennan HallResident reports having chest pains.Transported to hospital by EMS
7/6/20047/6/200404C-0337ThreatLindquist HallVictim received a threatening message on voice mail.Under Investigation
7/7/20047/7/200404C-0339VandalismLot #22Unknown person(s) damaged parked vehicle.Under Investigation
7/9/20047/9/200404C-0340Identity TheftWSU CampusVictim reports that someone used her personal information to get a credit card and changed the mailing address on a current card.Under Investigation
7/11/20047/11/200404S-03342Sick CallBrennan HallResident reports being bitten by a brown spider on right thigh.Transported to hospital by EMS
7/11/20047/11/200404MA-0341Case number assigned but report never filedVoid
7/12/20047/12/200404M-0347Found PropertyParking lot north of Printing ServicesA spent bullet was found in the lot; no building damage noted.Turned into evidence.
7/12/20047/12/200404C-0343TheftHubbard HallUnknown person(s) took money and a credit card from a locked file cabinet, $100.00Under Investigation
7/12/20048:30 PM7/12/20048:30 PM04C-0344Drive While Suspended1800 N. OliverOfficer stopped vehicle with an expired license tag. Driver had a suspended driver's license.Arrest, M/19. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
7/13/20047/13/200404A-0348Auto AccidentLot #7Driver of a Toyota Avalon struck the right rear corner of a legally parked Chevrolet pick-up truck. Reported to KDOT
7/13/200412:25 AM7/13/200412:25 AM04C-0345Criminal TrespassLot #2 EastMale on campus in violation of a no trespass order. Male also driving on a suspended driver's license, had no proof of insurance and an improper tag.Arrest, M/23. Summons issued for Criminal Trespass on 7/09/04
7/13/200412:25 PM7/13/200412:25 PM04C-0346No Proof of InsuranceLot #2 EastDriver of vehicle driving with an expired KS D.L., had no auto insurance, and no current tag on the vehicle.Arrest, M/41. Summons issued for No Proof of insurance
7/14/20047/14/200404MA-0350Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle damaged passengar door of a Pontiac Grand Prix.Report Filed
7/14/20047/14/200404MA-0349Auto AccidentIsley LaneDriver of a Pontiac van struck a parked Pontiac 4-dr.Report filed
7/15/20047/15/200404A-0351Injury Auto Accident/Fixed Object21st and BluffDriver ran stop sign and drove into post of the marquee sign at Eck Stadium.Reported to KDOT
7/15/20044:28 AM7/15/20044:28 AM04C-0352Drive Under the Influence21st and BluffDriver of injury accident was arrested for drunk driving and reckless driving.Arrest, M/41. Summons issued for Driving under the influence
7/16/20047/16/200404M-0355Misc. ReportWheatshocker ApartmentsReporting party wanted photographs to document child's well-being for a continuing legal matter with ex-husband.Report filed
7/16/20047/16/200404C-0354TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) removed cash and travelers checks from a secured locker, $560.00.Under Investigation
7/16/20047/16/200404M-0353DisturbanceJabara HallTwo subjects were having an argument on the north side of Jabara hall.Dispute mediated; both parties left the area
7/17/20048:13 PM7/17/20048:13 PM04C-0356Auto TheftWSU CampusThree juvenile males arrested after observing them driving a cushman around campus. All three arrested and taken to the Juvenile Intake Assesment Center.One M/15 charged
7/19/20047/19/200404C-0357TheftLot #19Unknown person(s) removed wallet from parked vehicle.Under Investigation
7/20/20047/20/200404C-0358ForgeryRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) passed counterfeit bills.Under Investigation
7/21/20047/21/200404M-0362HarassmentGeology Physical Plant employee reports harassment by an unknown male.Report filed
7/21/20047/21/200404S-0361Sick CallCessna StadiiumStudent fainted.Transported to hospital by EMS
7/21/20047/21/2004)4M-0360Miscellanous ReportVisual Communications BuildingA laser damaged because airconditioning was turned off.Report Filed
7/21/20047/21/200404S-0359Sick CallCorbin Education BuildingStudent felt nauseous and dizzy.Transported to hospital by EMS
7/22/20047/22/200404S-0364Sick CallJabara HallStudent complained of lower back pain.Transported to hospital by EMS
7/22/20047/22/200404MA-0363Auto AccidentLot #17Driver of a Tan Oldsmobile backed into tree stump, damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
7/22/20042:10 PM7/22/20047:10 PM04C-0365Lewd BehaviorSidewalk east of the Rhatigan Student CenterUnknown male exposed himself and masturbated in front of female after following her from the Geology Builing.Male left area on bicycle; Under Investigation
7/23/20047/23/200404C0368TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed a large manilla envelope containing a book and Alien ID card.Under Investigation
7/23/20047/23/200404M-0367DisturbanceRhatigan Student Center, NW patio areaOfficer had verbal confrontation with owner of a vehicle the officer had secured when found unattended.Under Investigation
7/23/20041:50 PM7/1/200412:01 AM04M-0366HarassmentJabara HallFemale receiving unwanted attention by known maleUnder Investigation
7/26/20049:00 AM7/26/20046:00 PM04C-0369TheftKoch ArenaSprint cell phone taken by known maleArrest, M/22. Summons issued for theft
7/26/20047:55 PM7/19/200412:01 AM04M-0372InformationJabara HallStudent's social security number used on-line without his permissionUnder Investigation
7/27/20047/27/200404MA-0370Auto AccidentLot #18Driver of an oldsmobile struck a parked Neon while attempting to park.Report filed
7/27/20047/27/200404M-0735Miscellanious Report1845 N. HillsideVictim reports that the rear windshield of his vehicle was damaged approximately two weeks ago, and possibly his checkbook was taken at that time.Under Investigation
7/27/20047/27/200404M-0374HarassmentBrennan HallFemale resident receiving unwanted attention from a known male.Under Investigation
7/27/20047/27/200404C-0373TheftKoch ArenaUnknown person(s) took a t-shirt, cash and university keys, $100.00Under Investigation
7/27/200411:33 AM7/27/200411:33 AM04C-0371Criminal TrespassCessna StadiumKnown male violated an order of no trespass.Arrest, M/22. Summons issued for Criminal Trespass
7/28/20047:30 PM7/28/20047:30 PM04C-0376Expired TagLot #6Officer stopped a vehicle with an expired license tag.Summons issued for expired tags
7/30/20049:00 AM7/29/20044:00 PM04C-0379TheftBrennan IUnknown person(s) removed items from a purse.Property returned, case is under ivestigation
7/31/20047/31/200404C-0378Criminal DamageLot #27Unknown person(s) broke out rear window of parked car.Under Investigation
7/31/20047/31/200404C-0377VandalismLot #27Unknown person(s) broke the rear window of parked car.Under Investigation
8/3/20048/3/200404C-0414No Proof of InsuranceLot #15Driver unable to provide proof of insurance after 20 days.Charges filed
8/3/20048/3/200404M-0381Inattentive Driving17th and BluffAn auto accident at 17th and Bluff caused one of the vehicles to crash into the Wheatshocker fence. Minimal damage to the fence.Report filed
8/3/20048/3/200404MA-0380Auto AccidentLot #8White Volvo hit in the side by a Brown Pontiac.Reported to KDOT
8/6/20048/6/200404S-0382Sick CallFairmount Towers NorthResident complained of chest pains.Transported to hospital by EMS
8/7/20048/7/200404MA-0383Auto AccidentLot #2 EastBlue Ford PU struck parked Red Grand Prix when backing out of stall.Reported to KDOT
8/8/20048/8/200404C-0384Expired Tag21st and OliverOfficer stopped vehicle with an expired tag; driver also cited for not proof of insurance.Clear Arrest
8/9/20048/9/200404C-0386TheftWilner AuditoriumPossible known suspect took victim's credit card.Under Investigation
8/9/20048/9/200404A-0385Auto AccidentLot #22Physical Plant forklift struck a vehicle travelling through the parking lot, damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/10/20048/10/200404M-0387Phone CallsWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown caller hangs up when victim answers phone.Under Investigation
8/12/20048/12/200403M-0389Lost PropertyRhatigan Student CenterVictim lost checkbook and debit cards somewhere in the RSC. Checking account and cards were cancelled by victim.Report Filed
8/13/20048/13/200404C-0388TheftFairmount Towers North bicycle rackUnknown person(s) removed locked bicycle from the bicycle rack.Under Investigation
8/13/20048/13/200404C-0390BatteryJabara HallVictim reports being repeatedly hugged and kissed in a rude manner by a student.Suspect referred to Dean of Students
8/14/20048/14/200404C-0392VandalismLot #4Members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity broke off a handicapped sign and took it to thier house; sign later recovered.Possible charges and/or disciplinary action pending
8/14/20048/14/200404C-0391Auto AccidentLot #4Driver ran into the fence surrounding Cessna Stadium.Report Filed
8/15/20048/15/200404C-0396BatteryWest side of Jabara HallUnknown male approached victim and kissed her without her permissionSuspect referred to Dean of Students
8/15/20048/15/200404C-0395BatteryNorth of the Rhatigan Student CenterUnknown male approached victim and kissed her without her permission.Suspect referred to Dean of Students
8/15/20048/15/200404M-0394Suspicious Characters1717 N. FairmountTwo individuals were loitering at an off-campus apartment complex. Subjects were asked to leave and escorted off the property.Report Filed
8/16/20048/16/200404C0397VandalismLot #8Unknown person(s) scratched the driver's and passendger side of parked vehicle.Under Investigation
8/17/20048/17/200404C-0401TheftAblah Library 24 hour study LabUnknown person(s) report the theft of his wallet and contents.Under Iinvestigation
8/17/20048/17/200404C-0399BatteryWest side of Jabara HallKnown suspect asked for directions and then kissed victim on the cheek without victim's permission.Suspect referred to the Dean of Students
8/17/20048/17/200404MA-0398Hit and Run AccidentLot #16Unknown vehicle struck parked vehicle and left the areaReport Filed
8/18/20048/18/200404S-0400Sick CallFairmount TowersReport of a resident ill from an overconsumption of alcohol; EMS called and treatment refused.Victim left with a friend.
8/18/20048/18/200404S-0402Sick CallRhatigan Student CenterVictim reports fainting while registering for classes. EMS called; treatment refused.Report filed
8/19/20048/19/200404C-0403Public AccidentHeskett CenterVictim fell from the climbing wall. Transported to hospital by EMS
8/20/20048/20/200404M-0411Suspicious CharacterJabara HallHousecleaning staff reports finding a male in one of the women's restrooms.Under Investigation
8/20/20048/20/200404M-0410Damaged VehiclePerimeter Road at NIARThe windshield of a state vehicle struck by a golf ball.Report Filed
8/20/20048/20/200404MA-0409Hit and Run AccidentLot #22Red Toyota struck by unknown vehicle while parked.Reported to KDOT
8/20/20048/20/200404MA-0408Auto AccidentLot #5Grey Pontiac struck by unkown vehicle while parked.Reported to KDOT
8/20/20048/20/200404MA-0407Auto AccidentLot #9 WestGrey Nissan struck a parked Blue Honda while parking.Reported ti KDOT
8/20/20048/20/200404MA-0406Hit and Run AccidentLot #16Red Honda struck by unknown vehicle while it was legally parked.Reported to KDOT
8/20/20048/20/200404A-0405Auto AccidentLot #7White Chevrolet and Brown GMC hit each other as they backed out of stalls.Reported to KDOT
8/20/20048/20/200404MA-0404Hit and Run AccidentLot #7Unknown vehicle struck a parked car and left the area, property damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/24/20048/24/200404C-0413VandalismLot #4Driver's side door keyed.Under Investigation
8/24/20048/24/200404M-0412Traffic Stop21st and OliverAfter stopping vehicle for a traffic violation, the driver insisted on being transported to the hospital.Transported to hospital by EMS
8/25/20048/25/200404C-0418TheftWilner AuditoriumUnknown person(s) entered unlocked office and removed $47.00 from victim's purse.Under Investigation
8/25/20048/25/200404C-0416Theft of Lost or Mislaid PropertyKoch ArenaUnknown person(s) removed unattenced cell phone, $100.00Under Investigation
8/25/20048/25/200404C-0415TheftLot #9 EastUnknown person(s) entered vehicle through a partially open front door and removed radio/CD player, $200.00Under Investigation
8/26/20048/26/200404M-0422Sick CallAhkberg HallVictim suffering from heart palpatationsChecked by EMS and refused treatment
8/26/20048/26/200404M-0421VandalismLot #9 EastVictim found car smeared with food after a dispute over a parking stall.Under Investigation
8/26/200410/5/200404C-0420Traffic ViolationPerimeter Road at Gentry DriveDriver stopped for running a stop sign; vehicle had an expired tag, driver had no drivers license or proof of insurance.Summons issued by the DA's Office
8/26/20048/26/200404S-0419Public AccidentLot 9 EastVictim twisted ankle.Transported to Student Heakth for treatment
8/27/20048/27/200404C-0424TheftLot #13Unknown person(s) entered parked vehicle and removed book bag and contents.Under Investigation
8/27/20048/27/200404S-0423Lost PropertyAblah LibraryVictim reports losing his cell phone somewhere in the libraryReport Filed
8/28/20048/28/200404C-0426TheftAblah LibraryAn unknown juvenile took cell phone and left builing.Under investigation
8/30/20048/30/200404S-0427Occupational AccidentRSC BookstoreVictim hit head on an open safe door.Transported to hospital by EMS
8/31/20048/31/200404S-0430Sick CallRhatigan Student CenterVictim reports difficulty breathing and faintness.Treatment refused
8/31/20048/31/200404MA-0429Hit and Run AccidentLot #1Legally parked Back Lexus struck by an unknown vehicle.Under Investigation
8/31/20048/31/200404C-0428TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) removed punching and stretching bag from the combatitives room, $375.00Unfounded; items returned to combative room
9/2/20049/2/200404C-0434TheftLot #25Unknown person(s) entered locked vehicle and removed several items, $485.00Under Investigation
9/2/20049/2/200404C-0433TheftLot #13Unknown person(s) removed parking decal from parked vehicle.Under Investigation
9/3/20049/3/200404C-0437Alcohol Violation1720 N. VassarNon-student arrested for minor in possession of a cereal malt beverage.Prosecution declined
9/3/20049/3/200404M-0436Outside Case2230 N. RooseveltOfficers investigation a report of a suspicious male at the Delta Gamma Sorority who was found to have an outstanding warrant from Sedgwick CountyArrest, M/20
9/3/20049/3/200404C-0435TheftDFACUnknown person(s) removed double bass bow from locked class roomUnder Investigation
9/5/20049/5/200404M-0438Attempted TheftFairmount TowersUnknown males were attempting to cut locks on bicycles when disturbedUnder Investigation
9/6/20049/6/200404S-0439Sick CallBeta Theta Pi FraternityResident reports having a seizure after consuming too much alcohol.Transported to hospitsal by EMS
9/7/20049/7/200404MA-0440Hit and Run AccidentLot #4 SouthUnknown vehicle struck another while legally parked in the lot.Reported to KDOT
9/9/20049/9/200404M-0441DisturbanceJardine HallTwo individuals became involved in an arugument that involved pushing.Report Filed
9/9/200411:45 PM9/9/200411:45 PM04C-0442Drive While Suspended1800 N. OliverOfficer stopped vehicle for failing to use turn signals; driver had a suspended driver's license. Driver arrested and booked into jai.Arrest, M/33. Summons issued ofr Drive while suspended
9/10/20049/10/200404MA-0446Auto AccidentGarvey Parking LotVehicle was backing up and scraped the side of the building.Reported to KDOt
9/10/20049/10/200404C-0444TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed bookbag and contents, $60.00Under Investigation
9/10/20049/10/200404MA-0443Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Parked gold Ford struck while parked in the lotReported to KDOT
9/11/20049/11/200404M-0448Suspicious PersonLot #7Report of a person carrying a shotgun. After investigation, the shotgun was nonfunctional and used in an art exhibit.Instructed on procedures for firearms on campus and released.
9/11/20049/11/200404C-0447BurglaryBeta Theta Pi FraternityThree unknown males forced entry into the house and took one roll of carpet, $383.00Under Investigation
9/12/20049/12/200404C-0451Treatening phone callsFairmount TowersUnknown person making threatening phone calls to victim.Under Investigation
9/12/20049/12/200404C-0450BatteryCessna StadiumTwo individuals involved in a argument during a football game, and one individual was hit in the head several times.Under Investigation
9/12/20049/12/200404M-0449Miscellaneous ReportDelta Delta Delta SororityUnknown person(s) left a dead cat by the main entrance.Under Investigation
9/13/20049/13/200404C-0436TheftBrennan HallUnknown person(s) removed secure bicycle from the bicycle rack.Under Investigation
9/13/20049/13/200404C-0454TheftLot #24Unknown person(s) broke out window and stole an in-dash radio/CD player, 3 CD's and cash, $957.00Under Investigation
9/13/20049/13/200404S-0453Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsResident inhaled toxic dustTransported to hospital by EMS
9/13/20049/13/200404C-0452TheftHenrion service zoneUnknown person(s) removed credit cards from unlocked vehicle.Under Investigation
9/14/20049/14/200404M-0455Theft17th and HillsideTwopeople caught taking ornamental pepper plants from flower bed.Peppers confiscated and people released
9/14/20049/14/200404M-0458MischiefDelta Gamma SororityUnknown person(s) left a dead opposum draped over the anchor.Under Investigation
9/14/20049/14/200404MA-0457Auto AccidentLot #13Driver of a Mercury Cougar hit Chrysler van parked in the adjacent stall.Reported to KDOT
9/15/20049/15/200404C-0462TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterUnknown person(s) removed several personal itmes from an office.Under Invesigaion
9/15/20049/15/200404MA -0461Auto AccidentLot #4A legally parked yellow Oldsmobile was struck in the right rear by a Ford Pickup.Report Filed
9/15/20049/15/200404C-0460TheftLindquist HallUnknown person(s) removed a backpack and contents from office, $20.00Under Investigation
9/15/20049/15/200404C-0459TheftPresident's ResidenceUnknown person removed two shrubs from the yard, $150.00Under Investigation
9/16/20049/16/200404C-0464Armed RobberyLot #16 SouthUnknown male put gun to victim's head and demanding money, but took cell phone instead, $100.00Under Investigation
9/16/20049/16/200404C-0463TheftFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) used bolt cutters to cut lock/chain and took bicycle.Under Investigation
9/17/20049/17/200404S-0467Public AccidentWallace HallMale smashed hand in the service elevator doors.Transported to hospital by officer.
9/17/20049/17/200404A-0466Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at Lot #7Dodge truck ran into light pole causing minor damage to the truck.Reported to KDOT
9/17/20049/17/200404C-0465TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsUnknown person(s) removed cell phone from room. Several unauthorized calls have been made on the phone, $186.00Under Investigation
9/18/20049/18/200404M-0470Miscellaneous ReportFairmount TowersReport of two males knocking a bicycle over.Under Investigation
9/18/20049/18/200404MA-0469Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Unknown person and vehicle struck the left side of parked vehicle.Reported to KDOT
9/18/20049/18/200404C-0468Theft3112 #. 21st Phi Delta Theta FraternityUnknown male broke into vehicle and took stereo face plate.Under Investigation
9/19/20049/19/200404M-0471Outside AssistField House Request by WPD to assist officers at the Field House Tavern, 17th and Gentry.WPD handled report
9/20/20049/20/200404S-0477Public AccidentHubbard HallStudent cut finger while in lab class.Report Filed
9/20/20049/20/200404MS-0476Auto AccidentLot #14Black SUV struck Maroon Mazda while parked in lot.Reported to KDOT
9/20/20049/20/200404MA-0475Hit and Run AccidentLot #3 NorthUnknown vehicle damaged a Black Honda while parking and left the area.Reported to KDOT
9/20/20049/20/200404M-0474Miscellaneous ReportAhlberg HallReport of a possible suicidal subject.Report Filed
9/20/20049/20/200404MA-0473Auto AccidentLot #4Green Lexus backed into White Honda while leaving stall.Reported to KDOT
9/20/200412:05 PM9/20/200412:05 PM04C-0472Disorderly ConductAblah LibraryDisturbance occurred over racist remarks.Prosection declined
9/21/20049/21/200404MA-0477Auto AccidentLot #21Two vehicles backed into each other.Reported to KDOT
9/22/20049/22/200404M-0479Suspicious CharacterHeskett Center SidewalkAn unknown male was seen leaving victim's vehicle when he came back to unload some more items.Under Investigation
9/22/20049/22/200404MA-0479Suspicious CharacterDevlin HallUnknown male was seen looking through offices in building.Male gone on officers arrival
9/24/20049/24/200404M-0486Suspicious AcitivityBrennan HallReport on suspicious activity for further investigationUnder Investigation
9/24/20049/24/200404C-0485TheftKoch ArenaUnknown person(s) took a cell phone from an office.Under Investigation
9/24/20049/24/200404M=0484Reckless DriverPlaza of HeroinesReport of a golf cart driver driving recklessly around the Plaza of Heroines.Driver contacted by officers
9/24/20049/24/200404S-0483Sick CallFairmount TowersResident found unresponsive from too much alcohol.Transported to hospital by EMS
9/24/20044:00 PM9/24/20044:00 PM04C-0482BatteryLot #25An unknown male in a car approached a female in a car claiming to know her. When shaking hands through passenger side window, male refused to let go of her hand.Under Investigation
9/26/20049/26/2004040-0491NoneNo CaseNo CaseNo Case
9/26/20049/26/200404M-0489Outside AssistOld Mission CemetaryAbandoned car left in cemetary; no owner to contact.Report Filed
9/26/20049/26/200404M-0488Outside Assist29th and Beacon HillOfficer came across an accident and stood by until Highway Patrol arrived.Report Filed
9/26/20049/26/200404C-0487Alcohol ViolationOn campusOfficer viewed student under 21 with beer on his person.Referred to Dean
9/27/20049/27/200404M-0490Suspicious ActivityLot #4Unknown driver in vehicle taking picturesReport Filed
9/29/20049/29/200404C-0494VandalismLot #4Unknown person(s) keyed both sides of vehicle parked in the lot.Under Investigation
9/29/20049/29/200404C-0493TheftLindquist HallUnknown person(s) took two credit cards from victims wallet.Under Investigation
9/29/20049/29/200404M-0492Suspicious CharacterFairmount TowersUnknown male was trying to cut a lock on a bicycle. Male chased off, left bag and contents at scene.Under Investigation
9/30/20049/30/200404M-0496Lost PropertyAblah LibraryA wallet was lost somewhere in the buildingReport Filed
9/30/20049/30/200404MA-0495Hit and Run AccidentLot #24Unknown vehicle struck White Ford while parked in the lot.Reported to KDOT
9/30/20047:48 PM9/30/20047:48 PM04C-0497Drive While SuspendedPerimeter at Fairmount DriveVehicle stopped for expired tags, driver had a suspended license. Arrested and booked into jailArrest, M/34. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
9/30/200411:15 PM9/30/200411:15 PM04C-0498Concealed Weapon1800 N. HillsideVehicle stopped for a cracked windshield. Driver had a suspended license and a concealed switch blade.Arrest, F/36. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
10/1/200410/1/200404M-0499Suspicious CharacterPresident's HouseMale stopped carrying a plant.Id'd and released
10/1/200410/1/200404MA-0506Auto AccidentLot #7White GMC and White Pontiac were backing out of stalls and struck each other.Reported to KDOT
10/1/200410/1/200404C-0505VandalismLot #5Unknown person(s) scratched the word racist" into the car paint under a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker."""Under Investigation
10/1/200410/1/200404S-0504Occupational AccidentRhatigan Student CenterVictim was helping move a coffee machine, when his grip slipped and he cut his fingers on a sharp edge.Taken to hospital by EMS
10/1/200410/1/200404M-0503Lost PropertyClinton HallA book and study guide left in classroom were missing upon victim's return.Report Filed
10/1/200410/1/200404M-0502Lost PropertyOn CampusVictim lost his wallet somewhere on campus.Report Filed
10/1/200410/1/200404C-0501Drive While Suspended17th and GentryOfficer saw a car being pushed that looked suspicious. Driver of car had a suspended license and was pushing a stolen car. City took the stolen auto case.Clear Arrest, B/M 34
10/1/20044:34 AM10/1/20044:34 AM04C-0500Drive While Suspended17th and GentryOfficer saw a car being pushed which looked suspicious. Driver had a suspended driver's license, and the pushed car was stolen. City took the stolen auto case.Arrest, M/24. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
10/2/200410/2/200404M-0508Phone CallsFaormount TowersUnwanted phone calls received from someone claiming to need financial information for a pre-approved credit card.Under Investigation
10/2/200410/2/200404M-0507Miscellaneous ReportAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed backpack from study room. Located in another room intact.Report Filed
10/3/200410/3/200404S-0513Public AccidentMetro soccer fieldsSubject injured ankle while playing flag football.Transported to hosptial by officer
10/3/200410/3/200404M-0512Fire3912 #. 21st #30 (Kappa Sigma Fraternity)Combustibales in dumpster started on fire. Fireman came and put it out.Report Filed
10/3/200410/3/200404C-0511Minor in PossessionLot #25Minor found in possession of beer. Taken into custody and released.Charges Pending
10/3/20041:13 AM10/3/20041:13 AM04C-0510Minor in possessionLot #25Male holding a bottle of vodka. Arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/19. Summons issued for Minor in possession 2/23/05
10/3/200411:23 PM10/3/200411:23 PM04C-0509Minor in PossessionLot #25Minor in possession of beer. Taken into custody and released.Prosecution declined
10/4/200410/4/200404C-0514TheftCessna StadiumMale left bookbag and contents at stadium. Later recovered with everything intact.Case Unfounded
10/4/20043:00 PM10/4/20045:40 PM04M-0515Information ReportFairmount TowersSugar seen around gas intake opening when fueling car.Under investigation
10/5/200410/5/200404C-0518TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterLocked bicycle removed from bicycle rack, $402.00Under Investigation
10/5/200410/5/200404MA-0516Auto AccidentLot #9 WestRed Honda backed into Teal Cavalier, minor damage.Report filed
10/6/200410/6/200404C-0521Theft/VandalismLot #24Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed CD player and CD from car dash, $680.00.Under Investigation
10/6/200410/6/200404M-0520Miscellaneous ReportEck Stadiumfemale locked in the woman's restroom.Report Filed
10/6/200410/6/200404C-0519TheftLot #4Unknown person(s) removed brown corduroy purse and jacket from parked vehicle.Under Investigation
10/6/20042:15 PM10/6/20042:10 PM04M-0522Lost PropertyLot #7Male reports losing his Gameboy Advance SP, carrying case and four games.Report Filed
10/7/200410/7/200404MA-0528Auto AccidentLot #3Legally parked Nissan hit by Hyundai while backing out of stall.Reported to KDOT
10/7/200410/7/200404MA-0527Auto AccidentLot #10Parked Dodge PU struck stuck by a Subaru.Report Filed
10/7/200410/7/200404M-0526Suspicious CharacterHenrion HallUnknown male entered an office and then left the area.Report Filed
10/7/200410/7/200404M-0525Suspicious ActivityOff CampusReport of a person acting in a suspicous manner.Report Filed
10/7/200410/7/200404MA-0524Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Legally parked silver Pontiac struck in left side.Reported to KDOT
10/7/200410/7/200404MA-0523Auto AccidentLot #15Toyota Corolla and Dodge Dakota struck each otherReported to KDOT
10/8/200410/8/200404C-0531TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took unattended purse.Under Investigation
10/8/200410/8/200404C-0530TheftWilner AuditoriumA commercial vacuum cleaner was removed from the building.Under Investigation
10/8/200410/8/200404C-0529TheftDFACA commercial vacuum cleaner was removed from the buildingUnder Investigation
10/9/200410/9/200404C-0532Traffic Offenses17th and BrainardDriver stopped for expired tag; driver had no drivers license or proof of insurance.Summons issued 10/3/04
10/10/200410/10/200404S-0533Sick CallDFACStudent had a seizure while playing the drums.Refused Trreatment
10/11/200410/11/200404C-0537Traffic ViolationOn campusVehicle stopped for defective headlight; vehicle had an expired tag.Case unfounded; driver produced current driver's license
10/11/200410/11/200404A-0536Auto AccidentWheatshocker DriveSuzuki sidekick struck on side by a forklift carrying a dumpster.Reported to KDOT
10/11/200410/11/200404S-0535Sick CallMcKinley HallStudent reports feeling sick and nearly passing out.Refused Treatment
10/11/200410/11/200404C-0534TheftLindquist HallUnknown person(s) removed cash and CD's from office, $350.00Under Investigation
10/12/200410/12/200404M-0540Lost PropertyOn CampusPassport lost somewhere on campus.Report Filed
10/12/200410/12/200404M-0538TheftFairmount TowersWitnesses saw an unknown male remove a bicycle from the racks. Under Investigation
10/13/200410/13/200404MA-0539Auto AccidentLot #4Two vehicles collided in the parking lot; property damage under $1,000.00.Reported to KDOT
10/13/200410/13/200404M-0543Harassing Phone CallsLindquist HallFemale receiving harassing phone messages left on voice mail.Under Investigation
10/13/200410/13/200404M-0542Lost PropertyHubbard HallFemale reports leaving her cell phone in the restroom of Hubbard Hall, and discovered it missing when she returned.Report Filed
10/13/200410/13/200404C-0541TheftCorbin Education BuildingUnknown person(s) entered office with a key and removed two laptop computers, $1,000.00Under Investigation
10/15/200410/15/200404MA-0546Auto AccidentLot #24Physical Plant vehicle struck parked car.Reported to KDOT
10/15/200410/15/200404C-0545TheftHenrionUnknown person(s) removed unattended property without permission.Under Investigation
10/15/200410/15/200404MA-0544Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle struck White Pontiac on right bumper while parked in the lot.Report Filed
10/15/200411:45 PM10/15/200411:45 PM04C-0547Drive Under the Influence1800 N. OliverOfficer observed a vehicle failing to maintain a lane, stopped and failed a field sobriety test. Driver arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/44. Summons issued 1/11/05 for Driving under the influence
10/16/200410/16/200404S-0548Sick CallBrennan HallResident complained of chest painsTaken to hospital by EMS
10/16/20048:24 PM10/16/20048:24 PM04C-0549Drive While Suspended5015 E. 29th St. N.Officer stopped vehicle with a cracked windshield. Driver had a suspended D.L and was arrested and booked into jail.Arrest, M/18. Summons issued for Drive while suspended
10/18/200410/18/200404C-0552Theft1740 N. HillsideUnkknown person(s) removed license tag from parked vehicle.Under Investigation
10/18/200410/18/200404S-0551Sick CallAblah LibraryStudent became dizzy and fainted.Transported to Student Health
10/18/200410/18/200404C-0550TheftLindquist HallUnknown person(s) removed credit cards and drivers lisence from unattended purse.Under Investigation
10/19/200410/19/200404C-0558VandalismLot #27Unknown person(s) sprayed white spray paint on the left side of victim's vehicle.Under Investigation
10/19/200410/19/200404MA-0557Auto AccidentLot #13Dodge Intrepid was struck by Silver Honda backing out of a stall.Reported to KDOT
10/19/200410/19/200404C-0555TheftKoch ArenaUnknown person(s) removed credit cards from office.Under Investigation
10/19/200410/19/200404M-0553Threatening NoteWheatshocker ApartmentsKnown person left threatening note in reference to a WPD case and PFA.Report Filed
10/19/200410:10 AM10/19/200410:10 AM04M-0554TheftAblah LibraryKnown person removed a purse from 24 hour study lab.Under investigation
10/19/20045:40 PM10/18/20045:10 PM04M-0556Suspicous ActivityLot #7Male tried to stop female student from leaving the lot.Under Investigation
10/20/200410/20/200404M-0560Lost PropertyLindquist HallDayplanner left in classroom; gone when owner returnedReport Filed
10/20/200410/20/200404M-0559Threat1845 N. HarvardEx-husband threatening to have ex-wife fired.Report Filed
10/21/200410/21/200404M-0564Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryA report of a male viewing child pornography and touching himself at a computer.Under Investigation
10/21/200410/21/200404C-0562BurglaryKoch ArenaUnknown person(s) went through unattended personal effects and stole cash and credit cards, $611.00Under Investigation
10/22/200410/22/200404M-0561Auto AccidentLot #16 SouthWhite chevy was attempting to park when struck a Blue Dodge.Reported to KDOT
10/22/200410/22/200404C-0563TheftHenrion HallUnknown person(s) took a credit card from unattended property.Under Investigation
10/23/200412:35 AM10/23/200412:35 AM04C-0565Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaFairmount Towers NorthA cigar box of drug paraphernalia was found in a room during a room check at a fire alarm.Prosecution declined
10/24/20041:52 AM10/24/20041:52 AM04C-0566Drive Under the Influence4000 E. 21st StreetDriver stopped for erratic driving. Driver failed field sobriety, arrested for drunk driving.Arrest, M/19. Summons issued for Driving under the influence
10/25/200410/25/200404S-0567Sick CallJabara HallStudent complained of chest pains.Transported to hospital by EMS
10/26/200410/26/200404M-0569Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryAn unknown male was observed leaving a woman's restroom after being in there about 30 minutes. Investigation found a moved ceiling tile with a mirror attached.Under Investigation
10/26/200410/26/200404M-0568Lost PropertyJabara HallUnknown person(s) removed unattended purse from restroom.Report Filed
10/27/200410/27/200404M-0575Suspicious CharacterLot #2Report of a identified person panhandling in the parking lot.Report Filed
10/27/200410/27/200404C-0574TheftWestside CenterUnknown person(s) removed a Toshiba Data Projector from a classroom,Under Investigation
10/27/200410/27/200404C-0573TheftFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) removed a bicycle from the racks.Under Investigation
10/27/200410/27/200404M-0572Outside CaseLindquist HallFemale arrested on felony warrants out of Lyons County.Arrest F/21
10/27/200410/27/200404MA-0571Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle struck a red ford while it was parked in the lot.Reported to KDOT
10/27/200410/27/200404MA-0570Hit and Run AccidentLot #13A Hyundai was hit by an unknown car while it was parked in the lot.Reported to KDOT
10/28/200410/28/200404MA-0578Hit and Run AccidentLot #13Chevy Malibu was hit by an unknown vehicle while it was parked in the lot.Reported to KDOT
10/28/200410/28/200404C-0577TheftWilner AuditoriumUnknown person(s) removed unattended property, $500.00Under Investigation
10/28/200410/28/200404M-0576Suspicious CharacterDeurksen Fine Arts CenterIdentified female reported asking for money and rides in the building.Taken into custody and released.
10/29/200410/29/200404M-0585Broken WindowWSU FoundationUnknown person(s) broke a window on the back side of the building with a golf ball.Report Filed
10/29/200410/29/200404M-0583Suspicious SignRhatigan Student CenterA call to the FBI prompted an investigation of a banner hanging at the RSC.Banner was harmless; report filed.
10/29/200410/29/200404M-0582VandalismOmega CourtUnknown person(s) deflated tires to seven cars and put mustard on two others.Under Investigation
10/29/200410/29/200404S-0581Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsResident called EMS because of faintness.EMS called but treatment refused.
10/30/200410/30/200404A-0587Auto AccidentLot #27A silver Oldsmobile and a Maroon Ford backed out of parking stalls, striking each other.Reported to KDOT.
10/30/200410/30/200404M-0586Broken GlassFairmount Towers Two residents were playing around in the hallway, when one accidently broke the fire hose door.Report Filed
11/1/200411/1/200404S-0589Sick CallJabara HallStudent complained of chest pains.Transported to Hospital by EMS
11/1/200411/1/200404C-0588TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) removed a camera bag containing a digital camera, two walkie talkies and co-axial cable from bowling office.Under Investigation
11/2/200411/2/200404M-0591Damaged Window17th and OliverWindshield shattred by an errant golfball.Report Filed
11/2/200411/2/200404M-0590Suspicious BehaviorJabara HallReport of a male in a restroom stall with another man.Under Investigation
11/3/200411/3/200404M-0596Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryKnown male drinking alcohol and viewing pornography on study lab computer. Refused to leave when asked by library personnel.Officers escorted subject out of library.
11/3/200411/3/200404MA-0595Hit and Run AccidentLot #5Unknown vehicle struck parked Taurus while in lot.Reported to KDOT
11/3/200411/3/200404M-0594Identity TheftOn CampusSomeone using personal information to obtain a parking permit.Unfounded
11/3/200411/3/200404C-0593BurglaryFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) entered room and removed food items and tampered with computer.Under Investigation
11/3/200411/3/200404C-0592TheftClinton HallUnknown person(s) took unattended book bag from student lounge area.Under Investigation
11/4/200411/4/200404C-0600TheftDuerksen Fine Arts CenterUnknown person(s) took bicycle from the west side of the buuilding.Under Investigation
11/4/200411/4/200404M-0597Suspicious CharactersAblah LibrarySeveral males were escorted out of the study lab when discovered they were not there for valid reasons.Report Filed
11/4/200412:05 PM10/26/200412:01 AM04M-0599InformationOn CampusKnown male following female and giving her unwanted attention.Under Investigation
11/5/200411/5/200404M-0598Suspicious PackageStudent Health CenterUnknown person(s) placed a package outside the check-in window which was later determined to be a prank.Report Filed
11/5/200411/5/200404C-0601TheftFairmount Towers Unknown person(s) removed bicycle from the racks by the North Tower, $90.00Under Investigation
11/7/200411/7/200404C-0603TheftJabara HallUnknown person(s) removed bicycle from rack by Jabara Hall, $125.00Under Investigation
11/7/200411/7/200404S-0602Sick CallBrennan HallResident reports suffering from chest pains.Transported to hospital by EMS
11/8/200411/8/200404M-0609Suspicious ActivityFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) opened door and left. Room not entered and nothing was taken.Under Investigation
11/8/200411/8/200404M-0608Fire21st and HillsideA car caught fire at intersection.Fire put out; report filed
11/8/200411/8/200404C-0610TheftBrennan HallUnknown person(s) removed bicycle from rack.Under Investigation
11/8/200411/8/200404M-0605FireWheatshocker ApartmentsResident left food cooking unattended which caught the grease on fire.Report filed
11/8/200411/8/200404C-0604TheftGarvey Internatioal CenterUnknown person(s) removed a bicycle by cutting the lock, $50.00Under Investigation
11/8/20043:30 PM11/8/20043:50 PM04C-0606TheftLot #21Unknown female asked for change for a twenty from a male student. The student offered eleven dollars, and the female took the money and left the areaUnder Investigation
11/9/200411/9/200404C-0614TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) removed $100 from a cash drawer.Under Investigation
11/9/200411/9/200404C-0613TheftAblah LibrarySuspect set off security alarm when trying to exit with a library book.Prosecution declined
11/9/200411/9/200404C-0611TheftFairmount TowersUnknown Person(s) removed bicycle by cutting lock.Under Investigation
11/9/200411:45 AM11/9/20047:04 AM04C-0612Auto TheftLot #5Unknown person(s) took victims vehicle and cell phone from lot.Arrest, M/21. Summons issued for Auto Theft
11/10/200411/10/200404C-0618Theft - attemptedGamma Phi Beta HouseVehicle had been entered and contents gone through. A juvenile detained and relaeased pending further charges.Under Investigation
11/10/200411/10/200404C-0617TheftFairmount Towers North Bick RackUnknown person(s) took a bicycle from the rack by cutting the cable.Under Investigation
11/10/200411/10/200404S-0616Sick CallHughes Metropolitan ComplexStudent complained of chest pains.Transported to hospital by EMS
11/10/200411/10/200404M-0615Outside CaseOff CampusUnknown person(s) stole a state procrument card.Under Investigation
11/11/200411/11/200404C-0621Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaFairmount TowersSuspect arrested for possession drug paraphernalia after a report of him loitering around the bicycle racks at the Towers.Arrest, B/M 54
11/11/200411/11/200404C-0620Theft Lot #8Unknown person(s) broke passenger side window and removed CD player, $150.00Under Investigation
11/11/200411/11/200404C-0619TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnknown person(s) took cash from a cash drawer, $81.00Under Investigation
11/12/200411/12/200404M-0625Suspicious CharactorKoch ArenaPerson was looking for employment.B-M Contacted and released
11/12/200411/12/200404M-0624Information ReportLot #4A female was seen swithching registration plates on a vehicle.Property seized, female released
11/12/200411/12/200404MA-0623Auto AccidentLot #18Driver was attempting to park and struck a parked vehicle.Reported to KDOT
11/12/200411/12/200404M-0622Damage to VehiclePolice DepartmentDamage noted and documented on a police vehicle.Under Investigation
11/13/200411/13/200404C-0626Criminal Damage to Property3912 E. 21st #40Rear window was damaged possibly with a pellet gun.Under Investigation
11/14/200411/14/200404M-0628Suspicious CharactorJabara HallPerson was viewing pornography on a study lab computer.B-M, 20, escorted off campus
11/14/200411/14/200404MA-0627Hit and Run accidentLot #22Unknown vehicle struck a Blue Toyota Corolla while parked in the lot.Reported ot KDOT
11/15/200411/15/200404M-0629Information ReportLot #4Person found a note on his vehicle indicating he hit another car.Report Filed
11/16/200411/16/200404MA-0630Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle struck a parked Honda Civic.Reported to KDOT
11/17/200411/17/200404M-0636Suspicious CharacterKoch ArenaUnknown female asking for money from employee. No money exchanged hands.Under Investigation
11/17/200411/17/200404M-0633Fire-VehicleLot #9EFire in the engine compartment. (Unknown cause)Report Filed
11/17/200411/17/200404C-0631Theft Lot #10Unknown person(s) removed a stereo and cell phone from an unsecured vehicle.Under Investigation
11/17/20043:57 PM11/17/20043:57 PM04C-0632No Proof of InsurancePerimeter Road at Wheatshocker DriveOfficer stopped vehicle for expired tags; driver did not have current proof of insuranceSummons issued 2/4/2005
11/18/200411/18/200404C-0635TheftCinton Hall, Duerksen Fine Arts Center and Wallace HallUnknown person(s) removed money from vending machines, $338.00Under Investigation
11/18/200411/18/200404C-0634VandalismLot #14Unknown person(s) scratched paint witha key on 2004 Ion.Under Investigation
11/19/200411/19/200404C-0638TheftElliot HallUnknnown person(s) removed cell phone from an unlocked office.Under Investigation
11/19/200411/19/200404S-0637Public AccidentLot #9 WestStudent tripped on the sidewalk and scratched right eye.Treated at the scene and released.
11/20/200411/20/200404M-0643Outside Case1760 N. GentrySupplemental report for Wichita Police Department case.Report Filed
11/20/200411/20/200404M-0642ArgumentKoch ArenaSubject who had been drinking and using foul language argued with other patrons.Subject escorted out of the arena
11/20/200411/20/200404S-0641Sick CallBrennan HallVictim reports having a headache that progressively got worse.Transported to hospital by EMS
11/20/200411/20/200404M-0640Suspicious CharacterLot #18Report of an unknown male looking in cars.Gone when officers arrived
11/20/200411/20/200404C-0639TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took unattended prescription pills, bible and book, $45.00Under Investigation
11/21/200411/21/200404M-0644Suspicioius Character1740 N. Vassar Sigma Alpha EpsilonUnknown maled opened a partially open window in an attempt to enter the houseMale ran away before officers arrived
11/22/200411/22/200404M-0645Suspicious CallMetropolitan ComplexUnknown caller wanted fax model numberReport filed
11/22/20043:25 PM11/22/20044:00 PM04C-0646Aggravated RobberyLot #5Female threatened with a knife; forced to drive male off campus and withdraw money from an ATM.Warrant issued
11/23/200411/23/200404A-0649Auto AccidentLot #6Vehicle collided with a light pole in the lot.Reported to KDOT
11/23/200411/23/200404C-0648TheftLot #4Unknown person(s) entered vehicle and removed a laptop computer, $2500.00Under Investigation
11/24/200411/24/200404M-0653ArgumentLot #27Report of a resident yelling at the apartment director.Report Filed
11/24/200411/24/200404M-0652Suspicious ActivityFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) printed material from the Anarchist Cook Book" on a restricted printer."""Report Filed
11/24/200411/24/200404M-0651Miscellaneous ReportCampusStudent reports giving a friend clothing and other items and is upeset that they moved with the items.Report Filed
11/24/200412:50 PM11/24/20041:00 PM04C-0650TheftAblah LibraryUnknown male picked up student's backpack but returned it when confronted.Under Investigation
11/25/200411/25/200404C-0654VandalismOn CampusThe plexiglass was broken in the map display cases on campus.Under Investigation
11/27/200411/27/200404M-0656Suspicious CharacterBlake Hall, KMUWOfficer observed subject who had been told to stay off campus.Report Filed
11/27/200411/27/200404M-0655Outside Case1739 N. HarvardOfficers assisted Wichita Police Department with a party that turned into a disturbance.WPD handled case
11/29/200411/29/200404C-0659Illegally parked vehicleLot #13Report of a car parked in a handicap stall with an illegal tag and no handicap indicators.Summons issued by DA's Office
11/29/200411/29/200404MA-0658Auto AccidentLot #7White Toyota backed into the side of a Ford SUV that was eastbound in the lot.Report Filed
11/29/200411/29/200404M-0657Suspicous CharacterAblah Loading DockReport of sighting suspect iin Robbery case.Under Investigation
11/30/200411/30/200404C-0665TheftWest Side CenterUnknown person(s) took a Hatachi Data projector valued at $2275.00Under Investigation
11/30/200411/30/200404C-0662TheftJabara HallKnown suspect took bookbag from computer labWarrant issued by DA's Office
11/30/200411/30/200404C-0661VandalismPermiter Road at Fairmount StreetUnknown person(s) damaged the housing and switch to the radar trailer.Under Investigation
11/30/200411/30/200404MA-0660Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at Yale AvenueWhite chevrolet stopped at stop sign and ran into the rear by Red Buick.Reported to KDOT
11/30/20044:30 PM11/30/20044:34 PM04C-0663TheftJabara HallStudent noticed wallet missing after leaving the computer lab.Under Investigation
12/1/200412/1/200604M-0666VandalismLot #2Unknown person(s) let air out of rear tires of victim's vehicle.Under Investigation
12/2/200412/2/200404M-0671Suspicious CharacterJardine HallReport of a h;ousekeeping personnel following and harassing student.Under Investigation
12/2/200412/2/200404S-0670Sick CallHeskett CenterStudent complained of dizziness and leg cramps.Transported to hospital by EMS
12/2/200412/2/200404S-0668Sick CallFairmount TowersResident reported constant right-sided pain.Transported to hospital by EMS.
12/2/200412/2/200404C-0667TheftFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) removed cash from victim's vallet, $120.00Under Investigation
12/3/200412/3/200404M-0669Miscellanwous MischiefSigma Phi Epsilon FraternityUnknown person(s) threw eggs at the house.Under Investigation
12/3/200412/3/200404M-0674Suspicious CharacterRhatigan Student CenterReport of a suspicious character at the ATM machine.Subject contacted and released
12/3/200412/3/200404MA-0673Auto AccidentLot #4Blue Honda backed into Black Nissan as it traveled down an aisle in the lot.Reported to KDOT
12/3/200412/3/200404C-0472TheftGeology BuildingUnknown person(s) removed unattended bookbag from lower level lounge, $35.00Under Investigation
12/3/20045:49 PM12/3/20045:49 PM04C-0675No Proof of Insurance21st Street at Oatman DriveOfficer stopped vehicle for expired tags; driver did not have current proof of insurance.Tag renewed and insurance provided. No further action will be taken
12/5/20046:46 PM12/5/20046:46 PM04C-0676No Proof of InsuranceOatman Drive at Eck StadiumOfficer stopped vehicle for expired tags and defective headlights; driver could not provide current proof of insurance.Tag renewed and insurance provided. No further action will be taken
12/5/20048:59 PM12/5/20048:59 PM04C-0677Expired Tags22nd and HillsideOfficer stopped vehicle for expired tags; driver could not provide current proof of insuranceTag renewed and insurance provided. No further action will be taken.
12/6/200412/6/200404C-0680VandalismMetropolitan ComplexUnknown person(s) shattered outer pane of glass with a BB gun.Under Investigation
12/6/200412/6/200404S-0679Sick CallPerimeter Road at Mike Oatman DriveDriver suffered a seizure while driving. Transported to hospital by EMS
12/6/20043:00 PM12/6/20046:00 PM04M-0705Lost PropertyJabara HallPassport somewhere on campus.Report Filed
12/7/200412/7/200404M-0683Suspicious CharactersFairmount TowersInvestigated the roport of two juveniles at the bicycle racks.Under Investigation
12/7/200412/7/200404MA-0682Auto AccidentLot #1 NorthBlue Ford struck by Gold Toyota when backing out of a stall.Reported to KDOT
12/7/200412/7/200404C-0681TheftMcknight Art CenterUnknown person(s) removed victims camera and video recorder from office.Under Investigation
12/7/20047:28 AM12/6/200411:00 PM04C-0678VandalismMetropolitan ComplexUnknown person(s) shot at and broke the window of a vehicleUnder Investigation
12/7/200412:15 PM12/7/200412:15 PM04C-0684Theft - AttemptedFairmount TowersJuvenile from previous report attempted to cut chain on bicycle.Male charged with Attempted Theft
12/8/200412/8/200404M-0686Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryReport of male viewing pornography on computer.Subject asked to leave.
12/8/200412/8/200404C-0685Theft - AttemptedMedia Resource CenterUnknown person(s) attempted to pry open file cabinet containing employee records.Under Investigation
12/9/200412/9/200404M-0692Suspicous Phone CallsFairmount TowersReport of an unknown female calling and asking for personal informationUnder Investigation
12/9/200412/9/200404C-0691VandalismAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) broke a window outside the 24 hour study lab, $400.00Under Investigation
12/9/200412/9/200404C-0690InformationWheatshocker ApartmentsReport of an acquaintance rape.Determined there was no sexual assault
12/9/200412/9/200404MA-0689Auto AccidentLot #7White GMC hit as White Ford backed out of stall.Reported to KDOT
12/9/200412/9/200404C-0688TheftLot 16Unknown person(s) removed magnetic ribbon from vehicle.Under Investigation
12/9/20047:30 PM12/9/20047:35 PM04M-0687Suspicious Phone CallUnknownPhone call received from an unknown person who wanted personal information.Under Investigation
12/11/200412/11/200404C-0696TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took cell phone.Under Investigation
12/11/200412/11/200404MA-0694Auto AccidentLot 2Maroon Pontiac struck a Silver Mustang in the rear while the Pontiac was stopped at a stop sign.Reported to KDOT
12/11/200412/11/200404M-0693Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryMale sleeping in 24 hour study lab.Asked to leave.
12/11/200411:52 AM12/11/200411:58 PM04C-0695VandalismAblah LibraryFemale damaged book in an effort to keep the alarm from going offProsecution declined
12/12/200412/12/200404S-0697Attempted SuicideWheatshocker ApartmentsResident made several cuts to her left forearm.Transported to hospital by EMS
12/13/200412/13/200404MA-0701Hit and Run AccidentLot #7Unknown driver/vehicle struck Green ChryslerReported to KDOT
12/13/200412/13/200404C-0700TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) removed two unatteded textbooks.Under Investigation
12/13/200412/13/200404MA-0699Auto AccidentLot #4Red Ford backed into Silver HondaReported to KDOT
12/13/200412/13/200404C-0698TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took unattended textbook from study room.Under Investigation
12/14/200412/14/200404MA-0703Auto AccidentLot #27Grey Probe turned into White Ford.Reported to KDOT
12/14/200412/14/200404MA-0707Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Unknown vehicle struck parked Gold Ford.Reported to KDOT
12/14/200412/14/200404M-0706Unwanted AttentionOff CampusStudent reports subject making unwanted sexual advances.Report Filed
12/14/200412/14/200404M-0704Suspicious CharacterFairmount TowersSuspect approached resident asking for gas money.Report Filed
12/14/20047:40 AM12/14/20047:38 AM04M-0702Suspicious CharacterLot #9 EastMale approaching vehicles asking for rides.Asked to leave campus
12/15/200412/15/200404M-0710Suspicious CharacterMckinley HallReport of an unknown person walking the halls after hours.Gone on officers arrival
12/15/200412/15/200404C-0809VandalismLot #22Unknown person(s) scraped the passenger side door of a Ford Pickup Truck, $100.00Under Investigation
12/15/200412/15/200404M-0708Suspicious CharacterAblah LibraryReport of unauthorized use of library computers.Subjects asked to leave library
12/16/200412/16/200404M-0718Suspicious CharacterPresident's ResidenceReport of a suspicious character at the front door.Report Filed
12/16/200412/16/200404M-0717VandalismFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) poured a water based paint in the stairwell to represent blood.Area cleaned up; referrred to Housing
12/16/200412/16/200404S-0715Sick CallGrace Wilke HallOfficers transported depressed student to hospital for assessment.Report Filed
12/16/200412/16/200404C-0714TheftWilner AuditoriumUnknown person(s) removed unattended purse from office.Under Investigation
12/16/200412/16/200404C-0713ForgeryAblah LibraryA counterfeit bill was passed at a concession stand.Under Investigation
12/16/200412/16/200404C-0712TheftAblah LibraryUnknown person(s) took three unattended text books, $200.00Under Investigation
12/16/200412/16/200404M-0711TheftFairmount TowersUnknown person(s) removed the dry erase board from victim's door.Under Investigation
12/16/20048:32 PM12/16/20048:32 PM04C-0716No Proof of insuranceLot #27Vehicle stopped for expired tags, driver unable to provide proof of insurance.Summons issued 2/3/05
12/17/20047:00 PM12/17/20047:00 PM04C-0719Criminal TrespassWSU Police StationMale arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct.Arrest, M/42. Summons issued for Criminal Trespassing
12/21/200412/21/200404S-0723Sick CallKoch ArenaSpectator suffered from a mild seizureTransported to hospital by EMS
12/21/200412/21/200404M-0722Outside Case1714 N. YaleOfficers assisted with an armed robbery at 1714 N. Yale.WPD handled case
12/21/200412/21/200404C-0721Case deletedCase deletedCase deleted
12/21/200412/21/200404C-0720TheftWheatshocker apartmentsUnknown person(s) took digital video camera from room.Under Investigation
12/25/200412/25/200404M-0724Sick CallLot #19Report from 911 about a sick person.Transported by EMS
12/28/200412/28/200404C-0725Auto TheftLot #2Vehicle stolen from lot. Vehicle recovered
12/31/200412/31/200404MA-0728Auto AccidentLot #16Car hit another while parking.Reported to KDOT
12/31/200412/31/200404C-0727VandalismYale at Devlin HallUnknown person(s) damaged glass and map on display case.Under Investigation
12/31/200412/31/200404S-0726Sick CallWheatshocker ApartmentsOfficer stopped car for erratic driving and found to be mentally unstable.Released to parents.