Date ReportedTime ReportedDate OccurredTime OccurredCase NoOffenseLocationDescriptionDisposition
6/1/20036/1/200303C-0318VandalismCorbin HallBroken windowUnder Investgation
6/1/20036/1/200303C-0317VandalismLot #12Rock thrown through vehicle window, $150.00Under Investigation
6/3/20036/3/200303C-0319TheftLot #20Kansas License tagUnder Investigation
6/5/20036/5/200303S-0325Public AccidentFairmount TowersSubject hit wall with hand; hurt wristTransported to hospital by EMS
6/5/20036/5/200303S-0324Sick and Cared ForFairmount TowersSubject complained of heart problemsTransported to Hospital by EMS
6/5/20036/5/200303S-0323Sick and Cared ForFairmount Towers CommonsSubject felt nauseated from medication and lack of food.Refused treatment
6/5/20036/5/200303S-0322Sick and Cared ForFaimrount Towers NorthSubject suffered from a seizure.Transported to hospital by EMS
6/5/20036/5/200303S-0321Sick and Cared ForFairmount TowersSubject sick after eating chips; refused treatment after transported to hospital by EMSTransported to hospital by EMS
6/5/20036/5/200303M-0320Miscellaneous ReportFairmount TowersSubject entered room without knocking or permission.Under Investigation
6/6/20036/6/200303M-0330Miscellaneous ReportCessna StadiumSubject ate joint after being confronted by an off-duty police officer.Under Investigation
6/6/20036/6/200303A-0329Auto Accident21st and YaleVehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
6/6/20036/6/200303MA-0328Auto AccidentLot #4Vehicle damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
6/6/20036/6/200303M-0327Lost PropertyLot #15Wallet and contents lost somewhere in lot #15.Under Investiation
6/6/20036/6/200303S-0326Sick and Cared ForFairmount TowersSubject suffered a seizureTransported to hospital by EMS
6/8/20036/8/200303MA-0339Hit and Run AccidentLot #22Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
6/9/20036/9/200303M-0333Miscellaneous Damage21st and OliverPickup truck struck by golf ball, $300.00Under Investigation
6/9/20036/9/200303A-0332Auto-Pedstrian AccidentYale at Perimeter RoadPedestrian in crosswalk struck by vehicle.Pedestrian transported to hospital by EMS
6/9/20036/9/200303C-0331Burglary/Theft/Criminal Damage to PropertyHubbard HallDoor into Blimpies broken, and chips stolen, $304.00None
6/10/20036/10/200303M-0334Miscellaneous ReportUnknownUnknown - officer has not turned in a reportNone
6/11/20036/11/200303C-0337TheftRhatigan Student CenterUnsecured bicycle taken from from of building, $100.00Under Investigation
6/11/20036/11/200303C-0336TheftRhatigan Student Center BookstoreTwo juveniles attempted to steal candy.One juvenile released to parent; one juvenile taken to Wichita Children's Home
6/11/20036/11/200303C-0335TheftJabara HallData Projector stolen from storage room, $2,400.00Under Investigation
6/12/20036/12/200303MA-0338Auto AccidentUnknownUnknown - Officer has not turned in reportNone
6/13/20036/13/200303C-0340VandalismLot #27Vehicle scratched in parking lot, $300.00Under Investigation
6/16/20036/16/200303MA-0342Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
6/16/20036/16/200303C-0341TheftPhi Delta Theta FraternityBookbag and contents; $212.00Under Investigation
6/17/20036/17/200303M-0343Miscellaneous ReportWheatshocker ApartmentsPossible bloody paper towel left on door knob.Under Investigation
6/18/20036/18/200303C-0346VandalismIntensive English Annex, 21st and HillsideGraffitti on building, $25.00Under Investigation
6/18/20036/18/200303MA-0345MV-NIALot #4Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
6/18/20036/18/200303C-0344TheftLot #25Tools taken from construction site, $250.00Under Investigation
6/19/20036/19/200303C-0347No Proof of InsuranceLot #17Insurance not provided following an accidentCharges pending
6/20/20036/20/200303M-0350Miscellaneous ReportDelta Upsilon FraternityLoud music complaintTurned music down
6/20/20036/20/200303S-0349Sick and Cared ForAblah LibrarySuffered seizureTransported to family doctor
6/20/20036/20/200303C-0348Aggravated RobberyLot #10Vehicle taken at gunpointVehicle recovered; investigation ongoing.
6/22/20036/22/200303C-0352Attempt to Evade and Elude LEO2453 N. BelmontChase involving vehicle case # 03C-0351Ongoing investigation
6/22/20036/22/200303C-0351Aggravated RobberyLot #27Vehicle taken at gunpoint.Vehicle recovered; investigation ongoing.
6/23/20036/23/200303MA-0353Hit and RunLot #3 NorthVehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
6/23/20036/23/200303MA-0353Auto AccidentLot #3 NorthVehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
6/25/20036/25/200303M-0354Miscellaneous ReportLot #14Report of a threat of a citizen's arrest over a dispute of a parking stall.Under Investigation
6/26/20036/26/200303C-0355TheftJabara Hall, room 428Wallet and contents from office, $8.00Under Investigation
6/30/20036/30/200303C-0356TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterProduct dispenser broken into and cash removed, $4.00Under Investigation
7/1/20037/1/200303S-0359Sick and Cared ForHeskett Center Weight Room83 year old woman became disoriented while exersizing.Transported to hospital by EMS
7/1/20037/1/200303M-0358Miscellaneous ReportLot #7 and Fairmount TowersDriver and passengers in state vehicle yelling obscenities at pedestrianUnder Investigation
7/1/20037/1/200303C-0357TheftLot #7Kansas license tagUnder Investigation
7/2/20037/2/200303MA-0362Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Legally parked car hit by another, minor damage.Reported to KDOT
7/2/20037/2/200303C-0361VandalismNorth of Jardine HallBotero and Jimenez outdoor sculptures struck with pellet gun, damaging the pieces, $10,000Under Investgation
7/2/20037/2/200303A-0360Hit and Run AccidentLot #2Legally parked vehicle hit by another car.Reported to KDOT
7/3/20037/3/200303C-0367Burglary, Criminal Damage to Property, TheftColeman Tennis ComplexDoor forced open, cash and checks taken, $500.00Under Investigation
7/3/20037/3/200303C-0365TheftRSC BookstoreBillfold taken that was accidentally left at the bookstore, $25.00Billfold recovered, No loss. Case unfounded
7/3/20037/3/200303M-0364Miscellaneous Damage4000 E. 17thVehicle hit by golf ballGolfers not found, no further action
7/3/20037/3/200303C-0363Vandalism/TheftLindquist HallVending machine damaged and product taken, $100.00Under Investigation
7/6/20037/6/200303C-0369TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsTV from LoungeUnder Investigation
7/6/20037/6/200303C-0368AssaultHeskett CenterSubject threatened with bodily harm by suspect.Under Investigation
7/8/20037/8/200303MA-0372Hit and Run AccidentLot #27Parked vehicle struck by unknown vehicle, damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
7/8/20037/8/200303C-0370VandalismFairmount Towers NorthOutside window between third and fourth floors broken, $100.00Under Investigation
7/9/20037/9/200303M-0374Miscellaneous ReportUnknownPossible internet fraud, $1,900.00Under Investigation
7/9/20037/9/200303C-0371TheftBicycle rack by N.I.A.R.Bicycle; $50.00Under Investigation
7/11/20037/11/200303C-0373TheftFairmount Street Median30 pepper plants pulled up by roots and removed, $120.00Under Investigation
7/11/20037/11/200303C-0375BatteryHeskett CenterSubject stuck in face, minor damageUnder investigation
7/12/20037/12/200303S-0376Sick and Cared ForHeskett CenterSubject suffering from chest and abdominal painTransported to hopital by EMS
7/13/20037/13/200303M-0377Miscellaneous ReportHenrion HallPossible carbon monoxide leakReferred to Physical Plant
7/14/20037/14/200303C-0379BatteryCessna StadiumDaughter struck by fatherUnder investigation
7/14/20037/14/200303M-0378Miscellaneous ReportWheatshocker ApartmentsHarassing phone callsUnder Investigation
7/16/20037/16/200303S-0380Public AccidentElliot HallSubject tripped and fellTransported to hospital by EMS
7/17/20037/17/200303C-0383Sexual BatteryJabara HallUnwanted fondling Under investigation
7/17/20037/17/200303M-0382Miscellaneous InformationOff CampusSubject gave social security number to phone soliciter.No further action
7/17/20037/17/200303M-0381Lost PropertyJardine HallSubject lost passport and green cardNo Further Action
7/18/20037/18/200303M-0385Miscellaneous Lost PropertyLot #6Diatsu scooter misplacedVehicle recovered
7/18/20037/18/200302MA-0384Auto AccidentLot #4Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
7/19/20037/19/200303M-0387FireWheatshocker ApartmentsCooking fire.Fire put out and area cleaned up.
7/19/20037/19/200303S-0386Public AccidentHeskett CenterSubject fell and hit headTransported to Hospital by EMS
7/20/20037/20/200303C-0389TheftWallace Hall bicycle rackBicycle and cable, $20.00Bicycle recovered
7/20/20037/20/200303C-0388VandalismRhatigan Student CenterDoor damaged, $600.00Unknown
7/21/20037/21/200303M-0390Miscellaneous InformationFairmount Towers SouthJuvenile student gave suicide threat.Handled by Upward Bound Staff
7/22/20037/22/200303M-0392Fire AlarmWheatshocker ApartmentsSmoke but no fire.Cause investigated, no futher action needed.
7/22/20037/22/200303A-0391Auto AccidentPermiter Road and Alumni DriveVehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
7/24/20037/24/200303C-0394Criminal Damage to PropertyEck Stadium/Tyler FieldConcrete steps damaged along with infield tarp, $500,00Under Investigation
7/24/20037/24/200303A-0393Auto AccidentLot #27Park car struck in parking lotReported to KDOT
7/25/20037/25/200303M-0395Outside CaseLot #21 SouthMortar mixer stolen from entrance to campus; report made with WPD, $2,300.00WPD Case #03C510672
7/26/20037/26/200303S-0396Sick CallCessna StadiumPossible heat strokeTransported to hospital by EMS
7/28/20037/28/200303C-0400VandalismLot #4Vehicle keyed, $1,500.00Investigated, no further action taken
7/28/20037/28/200303C-0399VandalismLot #4Vehicle keyed, $500.00Investigated; No further action taken.
7/28/20037/28/200303C-0398Burglary/TheftNIAR rooms 314, 316Loaptop and Monitor, $4,450.00Under Investigation
7/28/20037/28/200303M-0397Lost PropertyLot #26Wallet and contents lostNo further action taken
7/29/20037/29/200303C-0404Drive While SuspendedPerimeter road at new Perimeter roadDriver ran stop sign, driver found to have suspended driver's license.Arrested, W/M 22
7/29/20037/29/200303S-0403Public AccidentMcKinley Hall room 206Subject fainted and hurt ankleRefused treatment
7/29/20037/29/200303A-0402Auto AccidentGentry Drive at Perimeter RoadCar hit light poleInvestigated, reported to KDOT
7/29/20037/29/200303M-0401Counterfeit Check WSU Controller OfficeFradulent WSU check sent to Thailand company from a Nigerian subject.Turned over to the Secret Service
7/30/20037/30/200303M-0409Miscellaneous InformationLot #10Modped fell over causing damage, $1,000.00No further Action taken
7/30/20037/30/200303C-0405VandalismMetropolitan Complex parking lotThree windows broken out in parked car, $500.00Under investigation
7/31/20037/31/200303M-0409Miscellaneous InformationChild Development Center Parking LotPossible attempted abduction.Subject gone on officers arrival, no one abducted. Information only
7/31/20037/31/200303S-0408Sick CallCessna StadiumHeat stroke.Transported to hospital by EMS
7/31/20037/31/200303C-0407TheftLot #16Toro lawn mower taken from area, $400.00Entered into NCIC, Under investigation
8/1/20038/1/200303C-0414Drive While SuspendedLot #7Vehicle observed with expired tags, driver had suspended driver's license.Arrested, W/F 45
8/1/20038/1/200303M-0413InformationCity of WichitaReport of several incidents of identity theft.City case #03C053049
8/1/20038/1/200303M-0412InformationOff CampusInformation on custody issueNo further action taken.
8/1/20038/1/200303C-0411ForgeryCommerce Bank, Rhatigan Student CenterForged check presented for $1,209.00Under investigation
8/1/20038/1/200303C-0410ForgeryCommerce Bank, Rhatigan Student CenterForged check presented for $400.00Under investigation
8/4/20038/4/200303C-0417Theft, VandalismLindquist Hall loungeVending machine broken into and product taken, $90.00Under investigation
8/4/20038/4/200303MA-0415Auto AccidentLot #10Areator fell off truck and struck vehicle.Reported to KDOT
8/5/20038/5/200303C-0416Outside CaseSedgwick CountyReport of a rape that occurred in the county.Referred to Sedgwick County Sheriff Department
8/5/20038/5/200303M-0418Vehicle Damage4200 E. 17thWindshield hit by errant golf ball, $300.00No further action taken
8/6/20038/6/200303C-0419Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at HarvardVehicle observed with expired tags, driver had suspended driver's license.Arrested, H/M 26
8/7/20038/7/200303C-0420Drive While SuspendedWheatshocker Drive and Perimeter RoadVehicle ran stop sign, driver had suspended driver's license.Arrested, W/M 20
8/11/20038/11/200303C-0423Burglary/TheftEngineering BuildingComputer Equipment, $9,325,00Under Investigation
8/11/20038/11/200303M-0422VandalismDeurksen Fine Arts CenterFire extinguisher set offMess cleaned up and extinguisher recharged
8/11/20038/11/200303C-0421Burglary/TheftEngineering BuildingComputer monitors and master keys, $720.00Under Investigatin
8/14/20038/14/200303MA-0425Auto AccidentLot #7Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/14/20038/14/200303C-0424Drive Under the Influence21st and Perimeter RoadDriver had an open container as well as a suspended DL.Arrested, W/M 42
8/15/20038/15/200303S-0426Sick CallJabara HallHeat exhaustionRefused treatment
8/16/20038/16/200303M-0427Suspicious CharacterEngineering BuildingSubject carrying something suspicious.Gone on officer's arrival.
8/18/20038/18/200303M-0430Stray DogsElliot HallChow by Bulding barking and charging pedestriansOfficers tried to capture dog, but they got away.
8/18/20038/18/200303M-0428Counterfeit BillCampus Credit UnionCounterfiet billTurned over to the Secret Service.
8/19/20038/19/200303C-0434VandalismLot #16Car vandalized, $500.00Under Investigation
8/19/20038/19/200303M-0429Outside Case21st and YaleArrest reference a stolen auto WPD case
8/19/20038/19/200303C-0431VandalismNorth of Jardine HallBotero sculptures gouged with an unknown object, $20,500.00Under Investigation
8/19/20038/19/200303C-0431VandalismGeology BuildingArtifacts damaged, $4,000.00Under Investigation
8/20/20038/20/200303MA-0433Auto AccidentLot #8Vehicle damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/20/20038/20/200303MA-0436Hit and Run AccidentLot #22Parked car damaged by unknown vehicle.Under Investigation
8/20/20038/20/200303MA-0435Auto AccidentLot #4Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/21/20038/21/200303S-0437Public AccidentBetween Hubbard Hall and Heskett CenterTurned ankleTaken to Student Health
8/22/20038/22/200303C-0438TheftClinton HallVsnding Maching broken into with a rock, candy taken. $130.00Under Investigation
8/25/20038/25/200303M-0450Miscellaneous ThreatLot #4Threat over parking stallInformation report
8/25/20038/25/200303M-0444ArgumentWheatshocker ApartmentsArgument between boyfriend and girlfriend and girlfriend pushed down.Victim did not wish to press charges. No further action.
8/25/20038/25/200303C-0443TheftLindquist HallKeys from officeUnder Investigation
8/26/20038/26/200303C-0457Miscellaneous ThreatAblah LibraryProfanity and obcenities from juvenile suspectsUnder Investigation
8/26/20038/26/200303C-0447TheftHeskett CenterPurse and contents taken, $40.00Under Investigation
8/26/20038/26/200303MA-0446Auto AccidentLot #4Vehicle damagae under $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/26/20038/26/200303C-0445TheftRhatigan Student Center BookstoreBackpack and contents taken from unlocked locker, $540.00Under Investigation
8/27/20038/27/200303C-0449Drive While SuspendedLot #6Stopped for passing in no passing zone; vehicle had altered tag and driver had suspended license.Arrest, B/M 19
8/27/20038/27/200303MA-0448Auto AccidentLot #4Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/27/20038/27/200303C-0453Disorderly ConductPerimeter Road at NIARVictim and suspect exchanged obcenities and blowsUnder Investigation
8/28/20038/28/200303M-0452Property DamageLot #16Mirror taken off car and car scratched, $250.00Under Investigation
8/28/20038/28/200303C-0451TheftHeskett CenterGymbag and contents removed from secured locker, $30.00Under Investigation
8/28/20038/28/200303M-0458Miscellanous ThreatFairmount Towers SouthUnknown male making telephone threatsUnder Investigation
8/28/20038/28/200303MA-0456Auto AccidentLot #7Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/28/20038/28/200303MA-0455Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Property Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/28/20038/28/200303C-0454TheftAblah LibraryPropertyUnder Investigation
8/29/20038/29/200303MA-0494Hit and RunLot #2WParked vehicle struck by unknown vehicle. Property damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
8/29/20038/29/200303C-0460Rape1740 N. VassarReport of sexual assault committed on 8/23/2003Under Investigation
8/29/20038/29/200303C-0459TheftLindquist HallWallet and contents from office, $60.00Under Investigation
9/1/20039/1/200303C-0462TheftFairmount Towers North Bicycle RackBicycle and Lock, $272.00Under Investigation
9/1/20039/1/200303C-0461TheftFairmount Towers North Bicycle RackBicycle and lock from rack, $212.00Under Investigation
9/2/20039/2/200303M-0470Property Damage Lindquist Hall LoungeGlass on vending machine accidentaly broken out, $100.00Glass cleaned up and Sodexho repaired the machine.
9/2/20039/2/200303MA-0469Hit and Run AccidentLot #7Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/2/20039/2/200303S-0468Sick CallAhlberg HallVictim suffering from chest pains.Transported to Hospital by EMS
9/2/20039/2/200303C-0467TheftWSU Physical Plant CompoundState license plateUnder Investigation
9/2/20039/2/200303M-0466Threat ReportWSU Finanical AidStudent reporting being threatened by landlord.Under Investigation
9/2/20039/2/200303C-0464TheftFairmount Towers South Bicycle RackSilver Red and Silver Dyno bicycle and lock, $300.00Under Investigation
9/3/20039/3/200303C-0463TheftFairmount Towers South Bicycle RackChrome and Red Haro BMX and lock, $450.00Under Investigation
9/3/20039/3/200303C-0476Drive While SuspendedPermiter Road NorthVehicle stopped for expired tags, driver has suspended drivers license.Arrest, B/M 25
9/3/20039/3/200303MA-0475Hit and Run AccidentLot #16 SParked car struck by another, property damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/3/20039/3/200303C-0474Harassing Phone CallsWheatshocker ApartmentsAnnoying phone calls from known caller.Under Investigation
9/3/20039/3/200303C-0473TheftLot #25Kansas license tag from parked vehicle.Under Investigation
9/3/20039/3/200303M-0472FireWiner Auditorium Costume ShopFire started by ancient iron.Fire put out and area cleaned up
9/3/20039/3/200303M-0471Missing BookJardine Hall, PayrollGarnishment book missing from cabinet.Book reappeared
9/4/20039/4/200303C-0479VandalismLot #7Vehicle scratched and tire stems cut by ex-husband.Under Investigation
9/4/20039/4/200303A-0478Auto AccidentLot 2 WestVehicles collided at end of an aisle, vehicle damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/4/20039/4/200303C-0477Theft/VandalismJardine HallVending machine broken into and candy taken, $200.00Under Investigation
9/5/20039/5/200303C-0483TheftLot #16 SouthLicense tag taken from one vehicle, attempt to steal another.Under Investigation
9/5/20039/5/200303M-0482Property DamageLot #22Student reports damage to his vehicle that occurred either on or off campus.Under Investigation
9/5/20039/5/200303S-0480Sick CallMcKinley HallStudent fell and twisted ankle.Taken to Student Health
9/6/20039/6/200303C-0486No Proof Insurance17th and HillsideDriver stopped for expired tags, cited for the expired tags, no proof of insurance and no driver's license in possession.Cited and arrested for outstanding bench warrants.
9/6/20039/6/2003O3M-0485Disorderly conductAblah LibraryReport taken about an unidentified black male juvenile making inappropriate remarks to a library patron.Information report
9/6/20039/6/200303M-0484Outside Arrest17th and HillsideBlack Female 22 arrested for bench warrants through Wichita Police Department.Arrested and turned over to WPD
9/7/20039/7/200303MA-0487AccidentLot #22Parked vehicle struck by another parking. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/8/20039/8/200303M-0492Violation of PFABetween Jabara Hall and Lindquist HallEx violated order in Protection From Abuse order.Under Investigatin
9/8/20039/8/200303MA-0491AccidentLot #4Vehicle 1 stopped in traffic in aisle, vehicle 2 backed out of stall into vehicle 1. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT.
9/8/20039/8/200303A-0490AccidentAlumni Drive at Jardine HallMotorcyle driver laid down bike to avoid striking a jaywalking pedestrian. Driver bruised and shaken up, but not hurt. Bike damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/8/20039/8/200303M-0489Auto FireLot #9 WestHonda Accord engine caught on fire possibly by the battery. Car total loss; damage estimate at $2,50.00Fire put out and vehicle towed away.
9/8/20039/8/200303MA-0488AccidentLot #4Bicycle ran into side of vehicle when the vehicle turned into the lot. Damage to vehicle under $500.00; bicycle driver not hurt.Reported to KDOT
9/10/20039/10/200303MA-0494AccidentLot #2WestParked vehicle struck by unknown vehicle. Property damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/10/20039/10/200303S-0493Public AccidentHenrion HallStudent cut off tip of fingers while using a band saw.Transported to Hospital by EMS
9/11/20039/11/200303A-0495Accident/PedestrianLot #4Both pedestrian and vehicle northbound in lot, when vehicle turned in front of pedestrian and ran over their foot. Pedestrian refused treatment. Reported to KDOT
9/12/20039/12/200303MA-0499AccidentLot #19Vehicle 2 hit victims front bumper when parking thier vehicle. Combined damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/12/20039/12/200303C--0498Joy RidingWheatshocker ApartmentsRoommate borrowed victims car without permission and returned later that night.Under Investigation
9/13/20039/13/200303A-0496AccidentLot #4V-1 was southbound in lot, V-2 was west bound in lot. They collided in the aisle way intersection. Combined damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/15/20039/15/200303A-0481AccidentLot #4Two vehicles collided at end of an aisle. Vehicle damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/16/20039/16/200303MA-0500Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Unknown vehicle struck victim's parked vehicle. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/16/20039/16/200303M-0497Lost PropertyWilner AuditoriumPickpocketed checksUnder Investigation
9/18/20039/18/200303M-0508Suspicious Character17th and Fairmount3 males in a car followed a student from 17th & Fairmount until he was able to lose them.Information Report
9/18/20039/18/200303MA-0583AccidentLot #24Driver accidentaly hit accelerator instead of brakes and ran into fence, property damage over $500.00.Reported to KDOT
9/18/20039/18/200303M-0504ID TheftPolice StationBillfold found at McKnight had two ID's that did not belong to owner of wallet. Confessed to using the ID's to buy alcohol.Under Investigation
9/18/20039/18/200303MA-0503AccidentLot #16 SouthVictim's vehicle struck by another as they were parking. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/18/20039/18/200303M-0502ArgumentLot #13Disagreement over a parking stall.No further investigation needed
9/19/20039/19/200303M-0507Found PropertyAblah Library9mm bulletPlaced in evidence
9/19/20039/19/200303C-0506Vandalism/theftLindquist Hall loungeVending machine broken into and product removed.Under Investigation
9/19/20039/19/200303S-0505Sick CallHeskett CenterSubject fell ill while exercising and passed out.Transported to hospital by EMS
9/19/20039/19/200303A-0510Hit and Run AccidentLot #15Vehicle legally parked in lot, struck by unknown vehicle. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/19/20039/19/200303A-0509AccidentLot #3Vehicle 1 was southbound in lot when a northbound vehicle caused driver to move over and consequently sidewipe the trailer hitch of the northbound vehicle. Vehicle damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT.
9/20/20039/20/200303MA-0511AccidentLot #22Vehicle 1 was southbound in lot, when driver 2 accidently hit accelerator instead of brakes and hit vehicle 1. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/21/20039/21/200303M-0513Lost PropertyLot #13Victim accidently left bookbag in lot for about 30 minutes, and when he returned, it was gone.Under Investigation.
9/21/20039/21/200303M-0512FireWheatshocker ApartmentsRoom heater caught on fire. WFD put out fire; area cleaned up.
9/22/20039/22/200303MA-0516Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Witness observed a vehicle hit a parked truck. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/22/20039/22/200303C-0515Burglary/TheftLot #20Vehicle entered and AM/FM CD portable radio taken. Radio valued at $150.00Under Investigation
9/22/20039/22/200303MA-0514AccidentLot #1Vehicle 1 backed out of stall into side of vehicle 2. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT.
9/23/20039/23/200303A-0533AccidentLot #16 SouthWhile parking, vehicle struck the vehicle next to it. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/23/20039/23/200303MA-0519Hit and Run AccidentLot #3Vehicle 1 was legally parked in stall when an unknown vehicle backed into the side of vehicle. Damge under $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/23/20039/23/200303M-0518HarassmentFiske HallStudent became verbally abusive to a faculty member Information Report
9/23/20039/23/200303M-0517ThreatsOff CampusEx-boyfriend made threats against victim at father's job.Information Report.
9/24/20039/24/200303M-0521Suspicious Character16 & Yale to 17th & HarvardTwo males in a car and one on foot followed student demanding money.Under Investigation
9/24/20039/24/200303C-0520TheftHubbard HallWallet taken from purse; no cash or credit cards in purse.Under Investigation
9/25/20039/25/200303C-0527Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Old YaleDriver stopped for failure to yeild to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, driver had suspended DL. Arrest, A/M 35
9/25/20039/25/200303M-0526HarassmentSidewalk north of the Heskett CenterVictim badgered into giving magazine salesman $103.00 cash for subscriptions. Victim not given a receipt or phone number.Group found; told to leave.
9/25/20039/25/200303C-0525VandalismLot #24Tire of a vehicle was slashed in the sidewall. No known suspects at this time.Under Investigation
9/25/20039/25/200303C-0524Outside AssistDelta Gamma SororityVictim of a carjacking from 18th and Grove asked for help at the sorority house.Victim transported to hospital by EMS; case worked by WPD
9/25/20039/25/200303M-0523ComplaintSidewalk in front of Rhatigan Student CenterComplaint about students with a dollar bill on a fishing line and a video camera.Information Report
9/25/20039/25/200303A-0522AccidentLot #19Driver accidently hit accelerator instead of brakes and backed into and over fence into Eck Stadium. Vehicle damage over $500.00.Reported to KDOT
9/26/20039/26/200303M-0536Suspicious CharacterHubbard Hall BlimpiesUnknown W/M is taking food out of trashcans to eat.Under Investigation
9/26/20039/26/200303A-0351AccidentLot #27Vehicle 2 struck Vehicle 1 when attempting a left turn. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
9/26/20039/26/200303C-0530TheftJabara bicycle rackUnsecured red mountain bicycle, $100.00Under Investigation
9/26/20039/26/200303C-0529VandalismKoch ArenaTractor Windows broken with a rock.Under Investigation
9/27/20039/27/200303C-0532TheftLot #4Vehicle entered wallet and CD player taken, $354.00Under Investigation
9/30/20039/30/200303C-0540DisturbanceAblah LibraryJuvenile taken into custody after being involved in a distrubance.B/M taken into custordy then released
9/30/20039/30/200303C-0539Distrubance, Striking an officerAblah LibraryJuvenile arrested for creating a distrubance and hitting an officer.Arrest, B/M 15, taken to JIAC
9/30/20039/30/200303C-0537VandalismKoch ArenaUnknown person(s) damaged ceiling tile and cut into drywall in an attempt to reach an office. Under Investigation
9/30/20039/30/200303M-0538Car DingLot #3Car door accidentaly struck door of another, causing small scratch.No further investigatin needed
10/1/200310/1/200303c-0544TheftLot #4Bookbag and contents taken from locked car. Bookbag recovered minus wallet later same day.Under Investigation
10/1/200310/1/200303A-0543AccidentLot #24Parked vehicle struck on the side by another. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/1/200310/1/200303S-0000Sick CallHeskett CenterSubject riding exercise bicycle, became faint and passsed out.Refursed Treatment
10/1/200310/1/200303C-0541Outside AssistAblah LibraryReported runaway found in the 24 hour study lab.Released to Mother
10/1/200310/1/200303C-0542TheftFairmount TowersLaptop computer from unlocked room.Under Investigation
10/2/200310/2/200303A-0547AccidentLot #7Two vehicles collided due to inattention and failing to yield the right of way. Property damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/2/200310/2/200303S-0545Work AccidentBrennan HallVictim fell on her arm because her foot fell asleep.No further treatment
10/3/200310/3/200303A-0552AccidentAlumni Drive and Permiter RoadVehicle 1 was eastbound and Vehicle 2 westbound on Alumni Drive when V2 made a Uturn into V1.Reported to KDOT
10/3/200310/3/200303MA-0550Hit and Run AccidentLot #5Vehicle 2 hit parked car while attempting to park. Vehicle 2 left the scene and failed to report the accident. There was a witness to the accident.Reported ot KDOT
10/3/200310/3/200303C-0548TheftKoch Arena Media RoomA DVD player taken from media room. Later recovered.Under Investigation
10/4/200310/4/200303C-0551TheftIsley LaneWindow of Sodexho van broken out and product taken. $250.00Under Investigation.
10/4/200310/4/200303C-0554Drive Under the InfluenceLot #25Driver failed to stop for traffic violations; driver had suspended DL and under the influence.Arrest, W/M 20
10/4/200310/4/200303C-0553Drive on Revoked Drivers License21st and YaleDriver stopped and discovered she had a revoked drivers license.Arrest, B/F 29
10/6/200310/6/200303c-0561TheftFairmount Towers Bicycle RackUnknown person(s) used bolt cutters to cut lock and took bicycle, $350.00Under Investigation
10/6/200310/6/200303MA-0557AccidentIsley LaneParked vehicle struck in the rear bumper by vehicle leaving parking space. Vehicle damage under $500.00.Reported to KDOT
10/6/200310/6/200303C-0556TheftMetropolitan ComplexToshiba laptop computer from storage closet, $1,600.00Under Investigation
10/6/200310/6/200303S-0555Public AccidentHeskett CenterVictim twisted ankle during step aerobics.Taken to Student Health for treatment
10/6/200310/6/200303C-0559TheftAblah Library, 24 hour study labBlack wallet and contents, $383.00Under Investigation
10/7/200310/7/200303C-0567Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at Wheatshocker DriveVehicle ran stop sign; driver had suspended DL.Arrest, A/M 31
10/7/200310/7/200303MA-0566Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Legally parked vehicle struck by unknown vehicle in adjacent stall. Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/7/200310/7/200303M-0565Broken WindowEndowment CenterWindow pane broken by an errant golf ball.Window repaired; unknown who the golfer was
10/7/200310/7/200303C-0564Drive While SuspendedPerimeter Road at NIARDriver stopped for a cracked windshield; driver's license was suspended.Arrest, B/M 29
10/7/200310/7/200303MA-0563Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Parked vehicle apparently backed into and over the hood by a vehicle that left the area.Reported to KDOT.
10/7/200310/7/200303MA-0560AccidentLot #19Parked vehicle struck in driver's side wheel while vehicle parking. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/8/200310/8/200303MA-0568AccidentLot #15Parked vehicle struck by vehicle backing out of stall. Property damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/9/200310/9/200303M-0562VandalismMcKnight Art CenterUnknown person(s) used a black crayon to draw over victim's oil painting. Under Investigation
10/9/200310/9/200303M-0569Vehicle DamagePizza Hut Parking LotVehicle damage possibly by tree stump removal. Vehicle damage estimated at $200.00Information report; no further action needed
10/10/200310/10/200303M-0575HarassmentFairmount Towers NorthResident complains of inappropriate behavior exhibited towards her by another resident.Referred to Housing
10/10/200310/10/200303M-0574Outside AssistOff-campus retail stores.Unknown person(s) removed social security card and visa card from room and subsequently making unauthorized charges at retail stores.Turned over to WPD
10/10/200310/10/200303M-0573ThreatLot #9 WestSuspect threatened to let air out of tires over question of who had the right to park in the stall.Information report.
10/10/200310/10/200303MA-0572Auto AccidentLot #3Vehicle 1 backed out of a stall and stopped, and was then backed into by vehicle 2. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT.
10/10/200310/10/200303M-0571Outside AssistDeurksen Fine Arts CenterStudent was wearing a Sedgwick County Sheriff Department uniform shirt with patches and not an officer. Shirt was taken away from student.
10/10/200310/10/200303M-0570Lost PropertyRhatigan Student CenterVerizon flip-top cellphone lost somewhere in building.No further action needed.
10/11/200310/11/200303S-0576Sick CallSidewalk South of Lindquist HallSubject slipped on muddy sidewalk and injured self.Parents transported to doctor
10/12/200310/12/200303C-0585TheftAblah LibraryVictim's bookbag was taken, later recovered minus the cell phone. Unauthorized calls had been made on the phone.Under Investigation
10/12/200310/12/200303M-0577HarassmentJabara HallStudent became very aggressive with grad student.Referred to Dean
10/13/200310/13/200303C-0581TheftLot #24Audio equipment taken from unlocked car, $500.00Under Investigation
10/13/200310/13/200303M-0580FireWheatshocker ApartmentsResident left grease unattended and started a fire. Sprinkler went off, dousing his own and others below, over $1500.00 damage.Cleaned up damage
10/13/200310/13/200303C-0589TheftNIARCommercial buffer was taken from building, $650.00Under Investigation
10/13/200310/13/200303C-0578Vandalism and TheftLindquist HallSoft drink vending machine was damaged.Under Investigtion
10/14/200310/14/200303C-0582Vandalism and TheftEliott HallVending machine glass broken out and product removed.Under Investigation
10/14/200310/14/200303M-0584HarassmentHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) leaving inappropriate remarks on office door.Under Investigation
10/15/200310/15/200303C-0587Drive While SuspendedLot #9 WestVehicle observed with a burned out headlight; driver had suspended driver's license.Arrest, B/F 22
10/15/200310/15/200303MA-0586Hit and Run AccidentLot #3 SouthUnknown vehicle struck parked vehicle in right rear bumper which in turn pushed the nose cone into a pole, causing a dent. Property damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/16/200310/16/200303MA-0501Hit and Run AccidentLot #16 SouthUnknown vehicle struck legally parked car. Property damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/16/200310/16/200303M-0590ArgumentLot #10Verbal argument between future father and son-in-law.No further action needed.
10/16/200310/16/200303MA-0589Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Legally parked vehicle struck in the right side by unknown vehicle. Reported to KDOT
10/16/200310/16/200303C-0588TrespassAll American Room, Eck StadiumTwo males were found in All-American room without permission.Under Investigation
10/17/200310/17/200303C-0594TheftRhatigan Student CenterStudent accidently left billfold in Copperfields, when he returned it was gone.Under Investigation
10/17/200310/17/200303C-0593Phone CallsWest Side CenterEmployee receiving harassing phone calls.Calling party warned and told to stop calling.
10/17/200310/17/200303MA-0592Lot #4Lot #4Vehicle backed into by another.Reported to KDOT
10/17/200310/17/200303M-0591Sexual MisconductAblah LibrarySubject was rubbing his crotch.SSubject was contacted
10/18/200310/18/200303A-0598Accident/Fixed ObjectLot #4Vehicle headed east through the parking lot and struck electrical box. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/18/200310/18/200303M-0597DisturbanceMetropolitan ComplexTwo juveniles refused to leave the building.Two taken into custody and returned to parents.
10/18/200310/18/200303C-0596VandalismFairmount Towers NorthSomeone tried to enter the North Tower through the ceiling tiles in the south entrance, damaging tiles in the process.Under Investigation
10/18/200310/18/200303C-0595BatteryWheatshocker ApartmentsSuspect bit two people during an argument. Under Investigation
10/19/200310/19/200303M-0599Fire AlarmWheatshocker ApartmentsResidents practicing kicks accidentaly broke bar sensor to sprinkler system, soaking six rooms.Turned over to Housing
10/22/200310/22/200303C-0600TheftHubbard HallWallet and contents taken, $30.00Under Investigation
10/23/200310/23/200303M-0604Broken GlassMetropolitan ComplexDoor glass broken possibly by person shutting door too hard.No further action needed
10/23/200310/23/200303A-0603AccidentLot #16 SouthVehicle backed into another from parking stall. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/23/200310/23/200303C-0602TheftJabara Computer LabVictim lost billfold and contents, $30.00Under Investigation
10/23/200310/23/200303A-0601AccidentLot #2Vehicle backed out of stall into vehicle in aisle. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/24/200310/24/200303M-0610Damage ReportLot #22Window broken during an unlock attemptNo further action
10/24/200310/24/200303C-0609Disorderly ConductChild Development CenterJuvenile observed urinating on the building.Transported to JIAC
10/24/200310/24/200303M-0608Suspicious CharacterJardine HallIntoxicated subject looking for NIAR. Escorted off campus
10/24/200310/24/200303C-0607VandalismLot #10Vehicle keyed on the passenger side door. Under Investigation
10/24/200310/24/200303C-0606TheftLot #27Vehicle entered and the engine computer removed.Under Investigation
10/24/200310/24/200303C-0605TheftAhlberg HallWallet taken from a backpack left unattended in an office. Check card later used at a Wal-Mart.Under Investigation
10/25/200310/25/200303C-0611TheftAblah Library32 year old W/F suspect attempted to steal book.Supect arrested and then released
10/26/200310/26/200303M-0612Miscellaneous ReportAblah LibraryPhotos of juveniles flashing gang signs around campus found.Turned over to detectives
10/27/200310/27/200303M-0624Miscellaneous ReportUnknownA paper turned in by a student contained threatening comments toward the instuctor.Referred to Dean of Students
10/27/200310/27/200303C-0615TheftFairmount TowersMountain bicycle and lock removed from rack, $400.00Under Investigation
10/27/200310/27/200303MA-0614AccidentLot #4Vehicle struck by another while parking. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/27/200310/27/200303M-0613Disorderly ConductJabara Hall Computer LabsSuspect in the labs before opening hours. When asked to leave, he became abusive to attendent.Subject warned about behavior and told not to return
10/28/200310/28/200303C-0617Theft/VandalismMethodist Church LotVent window broken out and dash ripped apart in an effort to remove CD player. Suspects didn't get player, but did take 40 CD's.Under Investigation
10/28/200310/28/200303MA-0616AccidentUnknown LotUnknownReported to KDOT
10/28/200310/28/200303C-0620VandalismNeff HallGlass pane on door broken out, $50.00.Under Investigation
10/29/200310/29/200303C-0625TrespassJabara HallEx-boyfriend contacted ex-girlfriend in violation of PFA and threatened to kill her.Presecution denied; case closed
10/29/200310/29/200303C-0670Drive While SuspendedHughes Metropolitan Complex parking lotDriver involved in an accident was found to have a suspended driver's license.Arrested, W/F 27
10/29/200310/29/200303MA-0622AccidentMetropolitan Complex parking lotDriver from previous accident did the same thing to another vehicle.Reported to KDOT
10/29/200310/29/200303MA-0623AccidentMetropolitan Complex LotVehicle backed out of stall into a vehicle in the aisle. Vehicle damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/29/200310/29/200303C-0621VandalismLot #4Side window broken out on a car. Nothing missing from inside car, $80.00 damage.Under Investigation
10/29/200310/29/200303C-0619Theft/VandalismNIARA brick was used to break the glass on a vending machine and product was removed.Under Investigation
10/29/200310/29/200303C-0618VandalismDeurksen Fine Arts CenterBroken window.Under Investigation
10/30/200310/30/200303M-0631TrespassJabara HallKnown vagrant found sleeping in computer lab; escorted out of the building and off campus.Issued a letter of Criminal Trespass
10/30/200310/30/200303C-0630Auto TheftLot #9 WestSometime between 10-27-03 and 10-30-03, victim parked his car near Ahlberg Hall and discovered it missing. Recovered at Douglas & Hillside minus sparkplugs and battery and with steering column punched.Under Investigation
10/30/200310/30/200303S-0629Sick CallSidewalk north of Ablah LibraryVictim is pregnant and began to feel dizzy. Taken to Student Health
10/30/200310/30/200303MA-0628AccidentLot #9 WestTwo vehicles collided at the end of aisle in the parking lot. Minor damage.Reported to KDOT
10/30/200310/30/200303MA-0627AccidentLot #16 southVehicle sideswiped adjacent vehicle while parking. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
10/30/200310/30/200303C-0626TheftLot #4License plate stolen from auto.Under Investigation
10/31/200310/31/200303MA-0638Hit and Run AccidentLot #5Legally parked vehicle struck by unknown vehicle while in lot. Damage over $500.00.Reported to KDOT.
10/31/200310/31/200303C-0637TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterUnattended vest with keys and wallet inside taken from office, $210.00Under Investigation
10/31/200310/31/200303M-0636Attempted Dog BiteGolf Maintenance BuildingGolf maintenance crew claiming dog which runs loose in area and is aggressive.Taken by Animal Control.
10/31/200310/31/200303S-0635Dog Bite2110 E. 17thOfficer attacked by two dogs and bitten by one as he was investigating the dog bite of the jogger.Taken to doctor for treatment. Minor bite.
10/31/200310/31/200303S-0634Dog BiteEast 17th by WSU Golf Maintenance ShedJogger attacked by two dogs and bitten by one of them as she ran past the golf maintenance building on 17th street.Went to her physician for treatment
10/31/200310/31/200303C-0633Theft/VandalismLot #1 SouthUnknown person broke out auto window and removed stero from dash, $800.00Under Investigation
10/31/200310/31/200303C-0632Theft/VandalismLot #1 NorthUnknown suspect broke out window in car and took stereo from dash and speaker from the trunk, $1,000.00Under Investigation
11/1/200311/1/200303C-0640DUI17th and BelmontOfficer observed vehicle weaving, stopped and arrested driver for driving under the influence. Arrest, B/F 47
11/1/200311/1/200303MA-0639AccidentLot #2 WestFord F-150 backed into Suburban legally parked in a stall. Damage over $500.00.Reported to KDOT
11/2/200311/2/200303M-0641TrespassingJabara HallNon-student found sleeping in room in Jabara Hall.Warned and escorted off campus.
11/3/200311/3/200303C-0644Drive While Suspended17th and HillsideOfficer observed vehicle with defective brake lights. Driver discovered to have suspended driver's license.Arrest, B/M 29
11/3/200311/3/200303MA-NIAAccidentLot #22Physical Plant Cushman headed east in lot when it struck a parked Taurus. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT.
11/3/200311/3/200303S-0642Sick CallHeskett CenterStudent passed out and struck head when she hit the floor.Treated at the scene and taken home by a friend.
11/5/200311/5/200303MA-0648Hit and Run AccidentLot #24Legally parked Chevrolet hit in passenger side door by unknown vehicle. Property damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/5/200311/5/200303MA-0647Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Legally parked Honda hit in left bumper by unknown vehicle. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/5/200311/5/200303C-0646Drive While Suspended17th and OliverOfficer observed vehicle with defective headlights. Driver discovered to have suspended driver's license.Arrest, B/F 43
11/5/200311/5/200303C-0645TheftRhatigan Student Center Copperfield'sStudent reports her unattended purse stolen from Copperfields, $30.00Under Investigation
11/7/200311/7/200303C-0652BatteryElliot HallOne classmate struck and threatened by another.Under Investigation, charges pending.
11/7/200311/7/200303C-0651Driving While Revoked21st and HillsideOfficer observed vehicle with expired registration tags, driver found to have a revoked driver's license.Arrest, W/M 26
11/7/200311/7/200303M-0650Suspicious LetterRhatigan Student Center BookstoreEmployee received a letter from an inmate of the Norton Correctional Facility.Turned over to Norton Correctional Facility with possiblity of criminal charges
11/7/200311/7/200303S-0649Sick CallJabara HallStudent became faint and sick. Taken to hospital by EMS
11/8/200311/8/200303S-0653Sick CallHeskett CenterStudent passed out while using gym. Treatment refused.
11/9/200311/9/200303M-0654TrespassingAblah LibrarySeveral juveniles using computers without adult present in violation of library policy.Told to leave and escorted off campus.
11/10/200311/10/200303C-0655Burglary/TheftLot #4Backpack taken from trunk of car, $350.00Under Investigation
11/11/200311/11/200303MA-0660AccidentLot #7Chevrolet PU struck legally parked Acura Legend while parking. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/11/200311/11/200303MA-0659AccidentLot #4Chevrolet Cavalier slowed down at the end of an aisle when backed into by a green Dodge Intrepid. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT.
11/11/200311/11/200303C-0658Kidnapping/Armed RobberyLot #9 EastStudent forced at knife point to drive suspect off-campus and robbed of jewelry and $3 cash. Victim was not hurt.Under Investigation
11/11/200311/11/200303A-0657Hit and Run AccidentLot #4Legally parked Chevrolet PU struck by unknown vehicle. Reported to KDOT
11/12/200311/12/200303S-0664Sick CallLot #4Student suffered from a diabetic seizure.Treated at scene and transported to hospita by EMS
11/12/200311/12/200303C-0663TheftLindquist or Jabara HallUnattended wallet was taken from classroom. Wallet later turned in minus cash, $25.00Under Investigation
11/12/200311/12/200303M-0662Threatening NoteWheatshocker ApartmentsA typed note with threatening content was left on resident's door.Under Investigation
11/12/200311/12/200303M-0661Suspicious CharacterLot #6Unknown Hispanic male took photograph of juvenile while she sitting in a vehicle.Information Report
11/12/200311/12/200303M-0661Suspicious CharacterLot #6Unknown Hispanic male took photograph of juvenile while she sitting in a vehicle.Information Report
11/14/200311/14/200303M-0656DisturbanceLindquist HallArgument between unhappy student and faculty member.Student taken to Dean of Students for counseling
11/14/200311/14/200303C-0667TheftKoch ArenaTheft of two Gateway personal computers from a storeroom sometime prior to 10-13-03, $2,350.00Under Investigation
11/14/200311/14/200303C-0666Drive While SuspendedLot #27Driver of one of the vehicles in accident described above had a suspended DL.Arrested B/M 20
11/14/200311/14/200303A-0665Auto AccidentLot #27One vehicle making a left turn hit by vehicle making a right turn. Vehicle damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/15/200311/15/200303C-0669Driving while Revoked17th and GentryOfficer oberseved vehicle driving without headlights, driver had a revoked driver's license.Arrested. B/M 22
11/15/200311/15/200303C-0668TrespassPerimeter Road and Wheatshocker DriveSuspect with a criminal trespass order was arrested.Arrested and booked. B/M 21
11/17/200311/17/200303C-0672TheftJabara Bicycle rackGreen mountain bike stolen from rack, $80.00Under investigation
11/17/200311/17/200303A-0671Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at GentryHonda backed into by a Ford truck when the Honda was stopped in traffic. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/18/200311/18/200303C-0682TheftLot #27Vehicle entered and unknown type stereo and money order stolen, $2,000.00Under Investigation
11/18/200311/18/200303C-0675TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsRoom entered and personal items and cash stolen, $165.00 +Under Investigation
11/18/200311/18/200303S-0678Sick CallWSU Police StationOfficer became dizzy and had an irregular heart beat while on pattrol. Treated by EMS on scene and transported to hospital.
11/18/200311/18/200303C-0676TheftLot #27Vehicle broken into and Pioneer CD stero and cash stolen.Under Investigation
11/18/200311/18/200303C-0677TheftLot #16 SouthKansas license tag stolen from parked vehicle.Under Investigation
11/18/200311/18/200303C-0674TheftLot #3Vehicle broken into and stereo removed from dash.Under Investigation
11/18/200311/18/200303S-0673Sick CallLot #8Wind blew van door shut on victim's hand, causing a small cut and swelling to thumb.Taken to Student Health for treatment
11/19/200311/19/200303C-0681Drive While SuspendedPerimeter RoadDriver, known to have a suspended license was stopped and arrested.Arrest, B/M 62
11/19/200311/19/200303C-0680Drive While Suspended17th and OliverOfficer observed a vehicle with defective brake lights. Driver found to have a suspended driver's license.Arrested W/F 30
11/20/200311/20/200303A-0684Auto AccidentLot #22Driver of an Eagle Talon turned a corner, hit a Jeep which in turn hit Monte Carlo. The Talon continued across the traffic lane and struck a Mazda in the other traffic lane. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/20/200311/20/200303M-0683Suspicious CharacterIsley LaneReport of an unknown male in a armoured car making obscene acts. Driver and vehicle gone when officers arrived.Information Report
11/21/200311/21/200303MA-0697Auto AccidentLot #16Driver of Chevrolet Impala was headed north in a aisle when driver of a Geo tracker backed into the right rear of the Impala. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/21/200311/21/200303C-0688AssaultBrennan ICo-worker pushed victim.Under Investigation
11/21/200311/21/200303M-0687ArgumentGrace Wilke HallSuspect became upset over a transcript and yelled at office help.Information report
11/21/200311/21/200303M-0686TheftNIAR and Wallace HallVictim was confronted by three male juveniles who asked him if he had money. Victim gave them $12.00Under Investigation
11/21/200311/21/200303A-0685Auto AccidentLot 16 SouthDriver of Dodge Stratus was pulling out of lot when driver of a Dodge Sport backed into the Stratus. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/22/200311/22/200303C-0689Theft Lot #18Rear passenger window broken out and AM/FM CD player taken out of dash, $550.00Under Investigation
11/23/200311/23/200303C-0690Drive While Revoked3800 E. 21stOfficer observed vehicle with expired license tag. The driver had no insurance, a revoked Kansas driver's license, and had two outstanding warrants from the Wichita Police Department.Arrest, W/M 41
11/24/200311/24/200303C-0693TheftHeskett CenterVictim placed purse and another bag in an unlocked locker. When victim returned, the purse was gone, $36.00Under Investigation
11/24/200311/24/200303C-0692Phone HarassmentFairmount Towers NorthEx-boyfriend and his friends call victim and hang up at all times of the day and night.Under Investigation
11/24/200311/24/200303MA-0691Auto AccidentLot #27Driver of a Physical Plant Cushman didn't set the hand brake, and it rolled into a parked Honda Accord. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
11/25/200311/25/200303C-0694Theft Lot #21Right rear passenger wing window broken out and a pair of Nike tennis shoes taken, $300.00Under Investigation
11/26/200311/26/200303C-0696TheftJabara HallVictim left a computer bag containing a laptop, book, notebook and checkbook unattended in the lab. When victim returned the bag was gone, $221.00Under Investigation
11/28/200311/28/200303C-0695Theft Lot #27Vehicle entered and an AM/FM CD stereo and four (4) stuffed teddy bears removed, $320.00Under Investigation
12/1/200312/1/200303S-0698Public AccidentHenrion HallVictim was using a motorized sander and got too close to her thumb which removed some skin from the top of the thumb.Treated at the scene.
12/2/200312/2/200303MA-0700Auto AccidentLot #9 EastDriver of an unknown type car left note on victim's car stating it had been hit, but didn't leave any information. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
12/2/200312/2/200303S-0699Sick CallHubbard HallVictim was giving a speech during class, fainted and suffered a seizure when she hit her head.Transported to the hospital by EMS
12/4/200312/4/200303C-0702Theft from RoomWheatshocker ApartmentsTwo shirts removed from victim's closet while she was at class, $100.00Under Investigation
12/4/200312/4/200303M-0701Suspicious CharacterGrace Wilke HallVictim reports an unknown B/M confronted her and told her personal information that she did not tell him.Under Investigation
12/5/200312/5/200303C-0709TheftMetropolitan ComplexUnknown person(s) entered office and removed an unknown amount of personal checks and about $170.00 in cash.Under Investigation
12/5/200312/5/200303C-0704Phone HarassmentWheatshocker ApartmentsVictim receiving repeated phone calls from ex-boyfriend after asked not to call again.Under Investigation
12/5/200312/5/200303MA-0703Auto AccidentLot #16 SouthUnknownReported to KDOT
12/6/200312/6/200303C-0705Phone HarassmentWheatshocker ApartmentsAnother case on repeat phone calls from ex-boyfriend.Under Investigation
12/8/200312/8/200303A-0708Auto AccidentMetropolitan ComplexDriver of a black GMC pickup ran into side of building. Damage over $500.00Reported to KDOT
12/8/200312/8/200303S-0706Sick CallJabara HallVicitm suffering from flu-like symptoms.Transported to hospital by EMS
12/10/200312/10/200303C-0711Drive While Suspended21st and BelmontOfficer stopped vehicle with no tail lights and discoverd driver had a suspended driver's license.Arrested, B/M 20
12/10/200312/10/200303A-0710Auto AccidentPerimeter at PerimeterDriver of Isuzu slid on ice into legally parked Toyota. Damage under $500.00Reported to KDOT
12/10/200312/10/200303A-0707Auto AccidentPerimeter Road at Gentry DriveDriver of GEO tracker made a left turn, hit a patch of ice and spun into the rear of Ford van which was making a right turn.Reported to KDOT
12/11/200312/11/200303C-0713Auto TheftLot #7Black Honda CRX stolen from lot between 0930 and 10:30pm.Under Investigation
12/11/200312/11/200303M-0712Miscellaneous ReportSidewalk east of Rhatigan Student CenterElderly female drove car onto sidewalk and struck concrete bench moving it a few feet and leaving the side rocker panel of her car.Information report. She did more damage to her car than to the bench.
12/12/200312/12/200303C-0716TheftHeskett CenterUnknown person(s) removed leather coat from inside the men's locker room, $50.00Under Investigation
12/12/200312/12/200303M-0715Miscellaneous ServiceWheatshocker ApartmentsResident requested an escort to her room because she was afraid of upset boyfriend in room.No further action needed.
12/12/200312/12/200303MA-0714Auto AccidentPhysical Plant CompoundDriver of Diahatsu was westbound through the lot when driver of Jeep driving southbound broadsided the Diahatsu. No one was hurt, minor damage to vehicles.Reported to KDOT
12/13/200312/13/200303C-0720TheftHenrion HallVictim left eighteen (18) sculptured hands and feet for a project in a bucket and left. When she returned, they were gone, $100.00Under Investigation
12/13/200312/13/200303C-0718Drive Under the Influence17th and OliverOfficer observed vehicle run a red light, and subsequently found driver to have a revoked driver's license, an open container in the vehicle as well as driving drunk.Arrest, B/M 23
12/13/200312/13/200303M-0717Suspicious CharacterLot #22Unknown male approached resident in lot and asked for help.Information Report
12/14/200312/14/200303S-0719Public AccidentHubbard HallVictim walking down ramp, slipped on ice and fell.Transported to Student Health
12/15/200312/15/200303C-0721VandalismLot #22Victim's vehicle possibly vandalized by known suspect.Under Investigation
12/17/200312/17/200303C-0724TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterLocker vandalized, lock removed and mouthpieces and case taken, $300.00Under Investigation
12/17/200312/17/200303C-0723TheftDeurksen Fine Arts CenterLocker entered and metronome and tuner taken.Under Investigation
12/18/200312/18/200303A-0726Hit and Run AccidentLot 16 SouthRun vehicle hit a legally parked Prism in the back end, which then hit another vehicle damaging the lift rear tail light and quarter panel.Reported to KDOT
12/18/200312/18/200303A-0725Auto AccidentPerimeter at HarvardJeep was stopped in traffic when hit from behind by a Volvo.Reported by KDOT
12/19/200312/19/200303C-0730TheftWheatshocker ApartmentsPager taken from room.Under Investigation
12/19/200312/19/200303C-0730TheftLot #2 SouthKansas license tag taken from parked car.Under Investigation
12/19/200312/19/200303C-0728TheftHeskett Center Weight RoomVictim reports his card holder and Shocker Card taken from open locker in the weight room.Under Investigation
12/19/200312/19/200303C-0727TheftRhatigan Student Center BookstoreVicitm reports missing her wallet from purse after being bumped into by an unknown male.Under Investigation
12/21/200312/21/200303M-0735Outside Assist17th and YaleOfficer recovered a vehicle at 16th and Hydraulic which was involved in a carjacking.Information Report
12/21/200312/21/200303A-0734Auto AccidentLot #3 SouthVW failed to yield right-of-way to a Honda Civic, damaging the driver's side door.Reported to KDOT
12/21/200312/21/200303M-0733Work OrderRhatigan Student CenterReport of water leaking from ceiling west of the candy counterLeak repaired
12/23/200312/23/200303S-0736Public AccidentUniversity Police DepartmentVictim fell down front steps of Police Station, spraining her ankle.Transported to hospital by officer
12/29/200312/29/200303C-0738Drive While Suspended1800 N. HillsideOfficer observed vehicle with a illegal tag. Driver had a suspended Kansas driver's license and a WPD bench warrant.Arrest, B/M 24
12/30/200312/30/200303C-0741TheftMcKinley HallMicroscopes taken from Chemistry stock room, $2,900.00Under Investigation
12/30/200312/30/200303C-0739Theft Lot #1 NorthUnknown person(s) took checkbook from car and forged checks on the account.Under Investigation
12/30/200312/30/200303C-0740Harassing Phone CallJardine HallVictim received phone calls from an ex-boyfriend.Under Investigation